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  1. Die Shize

    LFG  1x1 Plot Hook

    Howdy! Looking for a 1x1 thread. Figured I'd toss a plot hook for it. I didn't come up with it but it caught my eye. As a hook, we can always alter and expand on them IC/OOC. Any takers? Feel free to post below, site DM me or hit me up on Discord ('dieshize'). A Clone Wars ship that went...
  2. Die Shize

    Looking for 1x1

    Hi guys! I'm gradually looking for activity if anyone wants to write with me. Keeping threads to just one other person seems like my safest bet. My writing can be a bit of a mess, like my brown-haired head, but I'm fixing what I can and considering dying my hair pink (not really, just...
  3. Kadann

    LFG  A dark path of vengeance

    A jedi should never seek revenge... I've started off this character to do a lone retired Jedi on a mission of vengeance. Kadann has a back story as a Jedi Master who fought for the Republic through to the height of the One Sith war. After the destruction of Csilla he's been mercilessly...
  4. Darth Bellum

    A Dangerous Game

    Test your might... As the end of the year approaches and the next one comes, I have decided once more to offer myself as an antagonistic figure in someone's story. If you are a Jedi looking to perhaps be tempted by the Dark Side or a Sith seeking greater power, perhaps we can arrange for...
  5. Darth Bellum

    The Lion's Den The Pit - As it was more eloquently known as, was large room divided into smaller sparring rings, its function serving as a training ground for Sith of all experience levels, though it was often a beating ground of Acolytes and Sith Knights alike...
  6. Anton Nadramie

    Lightsaber Training Needed

    Anton is now known by a few to own a lightsaber, and while he has VERY minimal training in the dark side of the force he has no knowledge in lightsaber combat. Yes it's extremely effective in general but if he hones it he will be that much better for it. So he's willing to pay quite a bit of...
  7. MoonZombie

    Looking for partner/s ^^

    So I finally put up my first character on here and am very excited to scratch the rp itch. Please say if any of the below things sounds like something you would like to do! - Private - 1x1 or very small group - Literate to Novella style - Co-creating a plot Character...
  8. Kyrinov

    Threads Galore

    Right, well, new Sith character. I'm open to just about any idea and working with anyone. I'm looking to branch out and interact with a lot of different people. [I'm also open to character development, *winkwink nudgenudge*] If you'd like to have a one on one thread with Kyrinov, let me know...
  9. R

    Making a ship

    [Ignore this]
  10. A

    I need a teacher, and a partner. (Jedi)

    Dear Jedi Knight, So the temple is getting totes boring and I am ready to be a padawan! I want to get out there and see the galaxy! Help people, learn from a good teacher. Get a cool older sister-type or a dashing older brother type, because who are we kidding, all male jedi are super dash-...
  11. Jacob Crawford

    Looking for some threads to tread

    So, now that Jacob is Sith and out and about in the galaxy finally, I figured why not throw out another LFG thread to see if there's folks out there that would like to roleplay with ol' Jacob. I'm basically looking for well anything I guess, though within reason of course. ;) Could be with...
  12. Marcus Itera

    Looking for Client

    About time I finally dust off some characters and jump back into roleplaying. That being said, Marcus has always been my favorite and I'm wanting to open up some new avenues of storylines for him. He's a mercenary, first and foremost, and has lots of ties with the old Galactic Republic and has a...
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