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The First Order

Protection. Support. Security; We are are the First Order, and we bring these to the sectors under our banner.

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Protection. Support. Security; the First Order.
For too long, the galaxy has threatened sentients, cultures and even entire planets with persistent danger and threat. Chaos has become the new standard, with strife and instability rampant, and it is a lack of order that allows it to continue to intensify; species are exterminated, cultures are demolished, entire worlds are destroyed.

The cycle continues, as sure as the galaxy moves, and enough lives - enough worlds - have been lost to this galactic chaos.

Now, it ends; the First Order will do that.

ᐉ We will bring protection, by being a shield against the chaos of the galaxy, to keep your world safe under our banner.​
ᐉ We will bring support, by being educators and trainers to your world, improving and advancing your lives and technology.​
ᐉ We will bring security, by being a spear that strikes at the dark heart of those who dare commit atrocities against the galaxy.​

How can you help?

Join the First Order and help us continue to protect, support and secure better lives for millions in the galaxy.


    • Governmental Structure: Unitary State
    • Government Forms: Constitutional Monarchy, Technocracy, Meritocracy
    • Founding Document: The Avalonian Charter of Rights
    • Constitution: Articles of the First Order
    • Head of State: Supreme Leader Natasi Fortan
    • Head of Government: The Moff Council
    • Commander-in-Chief: First Order Central Command, Supreme Leader
    • Executive Branch: The Moff Council
    • Legislative Branch: Parliament
    • Judicial Branch: Supreme Court
    • Military Branch: The First Order Military

    • Capital: Avalonia, Dosuun
    • Official Language: Galactic Basic
    • Common Language(s): Galactic Basic, Cheunh, Echani, Si Bisti, Zelosian, etc
    • State Religious Bodies: Secular; Enlightened Cosmic Balance [Dominate]
    • Primary Currency: Sovereigns
    • Secondary Currency: Various Currencies

    • War Philosophy: Restricted - Defensive Only
    • War Doctrine: Defense in Depth
    • Orbital Bombardment Stance: Selective
    • Native Interference: Passive Studies
    • Native Enlightenment: Prohibited
    • Resettlement: Prohibited
    • Land Appropriation: Prohibited
    • Genetic Enhancement(s): Limited
    • First Contact Protocol: Peaceful
    • Initial Border Status: Closed
    • Foodstuff Policy: Dietary Balance
    • Economic Policy: Mixed Economy
    • Trade Policy: Wealth Creation
    • Production Policy: Balanced; Manufacturing & Extraction Focus
    • Artificial Intelligence: Servitude
    • Droid Workers: Allowed
    • Pre-Sapients: Tolerated
    • Refugee Policy: Refugees Welcome
    • Population Control(s): Prohibited
    • Slavery: Prohibited
    • Purge: Prohibited

    The ConfederacyNeutralCordial
    Eternal EmpireNeutralUnfriendly
    Galactic AllianceNeutralCordial
    Silver Jedi ConcordNeutralNeutral
    Sith EmpireNeutralUnfriendly
    New Imperial OrderNeutralCordial
    Brotherhood of the MawAggressiveUnfriendly
    Warlords of the SithNeutralNeutral
    Diplomatic Statuses:
    Allied | Friendly | Cordial | Neutral | Unfriendly | Hostile


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