Journal Entry Number 2
I exited Hyperspace this morning to find not the planet of legends, or at least not what I came to understand of this planet. The story I hear of this mystical place were from the Jedi Archive on Voss when I visited them many years ago. Back when the Silver Jedi were a force to be reckoned with and were feared in all aspects of the word. I was given access due to a mission I completed for their order and though the Jedi Holocron Vault was off limits to me, I was given permission to study their legends and unproven historical finding through their lifetime.
On my journey to find my obsession, I found life to be unexpected. I lived in the day to day aspect of living, and found jobs as a mercenary, trader, and explorer where I could find them. It made life living and funded my hobbies.
But finding the Wellspring of Life in a Dark Nebula was something I did not expect.
Though preliminary scans and data I gathered from probes and the ships scanner is..... Well Scanners do not work here, Probes go missing, and by all accounts of my Ships navigational data, there is no planet here. I have tried everything and yet nothing is working and all things point to me loosing my mind.
There is a legend from which I recall that I discovered in the Ancient Ruins of the Jedi Temple. It considered with a Journal Entry I found on Dagobah from a previous exploratory group that was killed. It stated that the "Wellspring of Life" was the center point of the Force, it did not play favorites and was the wellspring of all aspects of the Force. When I first read it I did not understand it, but looking outside I can only assume that though the Planet does not choose favorites. The planet may act as a catalysts for force that is drawn from it. Since the fall of the Galactic Alliance and several of the Jedi Force Orders have gone into hiding or converted. It is hypothesized that the Dark Side of the Force has drowned the Wellspring in darkness and forcing the planet to send out dark energy into the Nebula that protects it.
I wont know for real, until I go to the planets surface. I will be taking a shuttle down to the planets surface in a few hours after I load some artifacts in hopes of helping this planet recover from its sickness. In truth, I doubt I will be coming back, and this may be my last Journal Entry.
If it is I want all my friends and family to know, I hate you all and your the bane of my existence, also Kay get my Holo-Box.
In all honesty, I hope I go out the way my ancestors did. Fighting and battling the largest scariest creature in the whole galaxy. This is Jaster Awaud Logging off the the day. Hope to see some of you again.