"Service to the Republic and to Peace within the Galaxy is our Pride
We serve with Honor and are Beacons of Hope
Here we sware to protect the citizens of the Galaxy and Remain Loyal to the Republic"

The words of the Republic Troopers who serve as the Guardians and Front Line Soldiers to spread the protection of his Blaster and the safety behind their armor. The Republic Army is a Garrison, Security, and Front Line Trooper that serves the Republic Citizens and the Government that protects them. The Organization of this Army is as follows:
The Army of the Republic serves at the will of the Republic Senate and the Chancellor who heads the Senate.
The Grand General of the Republic organizes and command the oversight of the combined Sector Armies. Current serving Grand General is Jaster Awaud currently training and building up the current Republic Army to an actual Standing Army.
Current Active Armies:
  • 12th Expeditionary Force: Serving under the 91st Expeditionary Fleet as both a Securtiy and Marine for, the 12 EF is a small Division of 2,500 troopers and 1,000 Droids that act as Blockade Runners and Beach Head Clearing Team that was specialy trained by Mereel Vaun in becoming Shock Troopers of the Galaxy.
  • Equipment:
Land Vehicles
  • 1st Republic Sector Army: Being the first of the Republic Troopers that are to defend the Central Worlds of the Republic, they are to assist the Grand General of the Republic with public order and increasing the size of the boarders. This Armies mission is to always push the bounds of the Republic and Garrison the new member planets as well as train local Volunteer Militias to police the planet so the troopers could move on to the next planet. This Army was personally trained by Jaster and his Clan in traditional combat training of the Mandalorian Culture.
  • Equipment:
Armor:Weapons:DroidsLand VehiclesAir Support
  • Dead Man Legion: Sometimes criminals want a second chance when captured by the Republic, sometimes mercenaries want to be employed long term with the Republic as well. This is where those second chancres and mercenaries end up. Dead Man's Legion is a unit made up criminals conscripted into Republic Army, instead of becoming prisoners. They can request to be placed a Dead Man during trial, and should the court deem them fit for duty.
  • Equipment:
Armor:Weapons:DroidsLand VehiclesAir Support