Data Journal Entry 3
I.... I don't know how to properly understand what has happened to me? It was 5 years I was stuck on that planet, and yet when I was finally free to come back to my ship, it was only 3 Days. The weirdest part is the nebula outside, it is no longer black but glows a blinding light that is nearly blinding to look at. I have so much I could explain, and yet I truly down know what really happened to me. All I can say is in the time that I was gone, I will be spending the rest of my life trying to wrap my head around it all. However, I will do my best to explain it in these recording to come back to and analyze the Hypothesis and Data while it was fresh.
After descending into the Planets Surface, it was a Rancor's Rear End to properly pilot that damn skiff. It landed none the less and even with my veteran piloting skills, I could tell I was not the reason for the landing itself. It was as if I was controlled and directed by another the whole time. Either way, I landed in a flouting island of sorts. I tried to run scans, but they were as useful as Kaine's Advice on Dating. When I attempted to use a Force Detection Device by measuring the so called "Living Force", the damn thing went haywire and broke. It was not till later that I realized it was not broken, but the whole damn planet was overflowing with those damn little buggers.
It was not till that night when I realized that my shuttle I traveled down there with was missing. Not like it was blown up, ground caved in, or even ground disturbances to suggest it took off. It was literally just missing.
It was at this time that some weird man in armor like those of the Historical Accounts of the Army of Light. It was some time later when I realized this was a Jedi who Acceded to become one with the force. We exchanged thoughts and ideas, to be honest that time flew by after he learned I was also Mandalorian. It was at this point I figured I lost my mind, as the ghost brought out weapons and engaged in a duel nearly every day. After a few weeks of this, he no longer showed up and instead six beings in long black cloaks that said they judged me worthy.
I have little idea what they were talking about, but I was there to find things out. Or at least risk my own life in pursuit of my goal. They sent me on some journey, told me that their was a dark tumor that grew at the heart of the planet. I was to enter its heart, overcome my fears, and destroy that tumor. I am completely honest in this next statement. I walked towards a dark cave, and closed my eyes, to open them on my shuttle heading back to my ship. I also had this note left on my data pad.
Uploading Uplink Now.
.... Loading Complete.
-- Jaster do not be concerned about what happened. What has happened on the planet now is irrelevant. There are only three things you need to be aware of.
-First, well we have done it. After I did their little journey and risked my Non-Force User Rear End for them and succeeded, they allowed my one granted request. We are finally a Force User. Don't Dwell on it for now, because it is an extended contract with a lot of fine print so read the rest.
-Second, head to Ruusan and find the last burial ground of the Army of Light. A force ghost asked that the ground he and his brothers died to protect be placed at the foot of their resting place. It was a regret of his after his spirit was freed, and will not pass till his brothers are put to final rest. The names of them are Newar Forrth, Gale, Saleeh, and Teepo. Then travel to Kaal and lay the last container of dirt at the foot of the Tomb of Lord Hoth.
-And lastly, we are to travel to the core of the galaxy, find a planet of myth and lore. There we must retrieve a Holocron and their words, "Restore Balance in the Force."
-- I know we just wanted to research the Force, but this was their requirement. If you wish to continue to be a Force User, then we must do these mission.
-- Just another Contract.
So here I am, sitting in my ship setting a course for the Core of the Galaxy. Running a milk run for some kind of mystical being in funeral attire, and emotional mask. All so I can lift the Holo-Controler because I am too lazy. Who knew this whole, "With great power comes great...." I don't know, Balance in the Force?
Anyways, this is Jaster Awaud signing off to figure this damn thing out and go lift Nutrient Cans with this power also need to read up on those Data-Journals I have accumulated over the years.