Clan Awaud Nomadic Fleet
Created after the Civil War Jaster Awaud, newly named Alor of Clan Awaud flew to Mandalore to retrieve the bodies of his father and grandfather who died in the Siege of Mandalore. While there, he saw several Death Watch members targeting and killing a fellow Mandalorian worrier who was defending a small child and mother. The Death Watch Troopers played with the child and attempted to kill them. He intervened and killed the DW members and took in the Clanless Mandalorians. From there more members of Force Using Families and those who had families who served on the loosing side of the Civil War who were without protection took to him for aid. It was against Awaud Code to turn away Mandalorians who needed aid, and as such offered them a protected space to lay their head. He took his massive resources from the United Trade Conglomerate and build a massive Nomadic Fleet to provide them a place to feel safe as well as a staging ground for future Raid or Hunts. They are manned by the Dar'Manda Clanless, a group of worriers who renounce their clans to serve at the call of Clan Awaud and protection of the Nomadic Fleet. They fulfill all codes of the Resol'nare, except to answer the call of Mand'alor and abandon the fleet.
Civilain Core of the Fleet: Military Escorts