Journal Entry Number 1
I have finally completed the last task given to me by the Great Lord Mephirium. I have created an army that can stand against the Sith, as well as waited out the defeat of the Galactic Alliance. It has been a long journey and an arduous task laid before me with years of sacrifice, and even more will lay before me.
It was 20 years ago that I found that Jedi Treasure, my first kill as a Force Hunter after I was expelled from the Mandalorian Clans.
Now that I think about it, I was so worked up about finding a Shattered Jedi Holocron that I did not even realize it was broken. That temptation of knowledge was at arms length, and I craved that which I could not have. Most Mandalorians seek power, honor, or a glorious death that would allow them to join the Halls with Manda. Not little old me, I fought, paid, and even traded for any knowledge of Force Knowledge. I craved that more then life itself in many parts of my life, and in some cases it nearly did.
I traveled this galaxy six times over, navigated the Unknown Region more then I was willing to count. All in search of artifacts and scrolls I could read. When I found Holocrons, I traded them off to Force Users, all so I could take a look inside. I collect information you see, so once a relic or scroll or even Holocron's became useless to me after I learned its secretes. So I sold them off.
Anyways, this journey will be a lonely one so I am just gonna ramble on in these journals until I get tired. You see, after I completed that last task for Mephirium, he gave me what I wanted, and him being a Force Ghost, or God, he could give me that information.
Yours truly is off to travel to the Wellspring of Life.
The place where it all started.