Image Credit: Novus Aeterno :: Fortress-Class :: Taitale Studios
Intent: I owed someone a favor for losing their old ship.
Development Threads:
Manufacturer: Ri'ess Regal Drives, Subach Innes, Baktoid Industrial Systems
Model: Cursebreaker-Class Star Destroyer
Affiliation: The Order of Sith Lords - Darth Pandeima
Modularity: None
Production: Unique (One)
Material: Adamithium Spaceframe, Carbonite-Forged Titanium Nose, Titanium Alloy Chassis

Title: The White Witch
Classification: Standard Heavy Cruiser
Role: Elite Cruiser
Height: 321 m.
Width: 402 m.
Length: 997 m.
Power Core Generator/Reactor:
Hyperdrive Rating:
  • 0.5 - ??? Hyperdrive Reactor
  • 10.0 - Backup Hyperdrive Reactor
Minimum Crew: 2,400
Optimal Crew: 9,800
  • [ 1 ] Spinal VIORA Cannon (160)
  • [ 1 ] Port W-165 Turbolaser Turret (40)
  • ​[ 1 ] Starboard W-165 Turbolaser Turret (40)
  • [ 5 ] Port Fast-Mount Ion Cannon Turrets (5)
  • [ 5 ] Starboard Fast-Mount Ion Cannon Turrets (5)
  • [ 10 ] Beam Flak Cannons (5)
  • [ 54 ] Interceptors (1.5x Starfighters)
  • [ 2 ] Gunships
  • [ 8 ] Dropships/Shuttles
Non-Combative Attachments:Passenger Capacity: 600
Cargo Capacity: 4,000 mt.
Consumables: 5 gsm.
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability (Fac2.0):
  • 13.0 Standard Speed
  • 12.0 Passive Scan Mode
  • 16.0 Reverse Thrust Speed
Description: A ludicrous ship costing a vast fortune, the Cursebreaker-Class was only made once and fit for only one purpose; to replace a lost ship once lost by its owner. The Cursebreaker, as it was intently named, is a heavy cruiser capable of a considerably amount of firepower against the Black Hex. In theatres of naval warfare, it is virtually useless in comparison to a heavy cruiser of its class. However, poised against a single other ship of similar size, it can be devastating; exactly what it was designed to do. It was made long and thin, making it a harder target to strike and penetrate at odd angles. Its low profile also makes it more difficult to register head-on with conventional sensor arrays, slightly improving its first-strike capability. The bow was fashioned and shaped almost like a bayonet, structurally strong enough (thanks to its shape and that of the rest of the ship) to pierce an entry hole through an enemy ship's armor while its shields are down, with minimal or no damage to the Cursebreaker. Sacrificing quantity for quality, the Cursebreaker mounts a heavy-barreled Turbolaser (consolidated from a heavy long-range quad turbolaser) on each flank, just before the thrusters, able to aim forward or wayward within a roughly ninety degree cone.
The Cursebreaker can enter a Passive Scan Mode, where the weapons and targeting systems (tractors included) go offline in exchange for near-maximum capacity powerdrive output. This allows the vessel to go fractionally faster at the cost of having no weapons primed and aimed at the turn of an engagement, with a thirty second cycling and charge-up period to re-arm.
Construction: 238,000,000 Standard Credits

  • Effective at bull-rush tactics against other capital ships
  • Excellent one-to-one combat strength
  • Expensive high-output reactor can maintain all systems and boasts quicker shutdown recovery
  • Armed for anti-starship combat, thus vulnerable to attack craft swarm engagements
  • Suffers lack of effectivity in fleet engagements
  • Hull expensive and difficult to repair due to Adamithium production
  • Backup-reactor insufficient for VIORA or Overdrive use