• Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering
  • Model: Jedi Scout Fighter
  • Affiliation: Aynea Savan-Xhyn
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Titanium-Alloy, Transparisteel, Aurodium, misc.
  • Crew: Pilot (1), Gunner (1), Astromech Droid (1)
  • Consumables: 7 Days
  • Life Support: Equipped (10 hours of Air in reserve)
  • Gutted Storage: Aynea's JSF has had its internal cargo container removed and retrofitted with two Class-4T3 generators for its rotary blasters. This allows these blasters to operate independently from the main generator and thus prevent overheating or power fluctuations. However, intense, prolonged firing may lead to the Class-4T3s themselves overheating and requiring a cooldown period, temporarily rendering these blasters inoperable.
  • Shield Overcharge: The installed HU-OC is able to overcharge its output for a short time, slightly increasing shield strength. Doing this will reduce power flow to navigation and propulsion subsystems, reducing speed and manoeuvrability, as well as further reducing shield recharge rate. (From Moderate to Average)
  • SLAM: The ion engine analogue to the turbojet afterburner, the SLAM system allows a brief boost of speed/thrust at the cost of manoeuvrability. Prolonged use may lead to fuel cell shortages.
  • This particular scout fighter has been upgraded to have an immense armament in line with elite starfighters.
  • Though larger than the typical Jedi starfighter models, its stripped, compact frame leaves something to be desired in terms of durability.
  • Its rotary blasters, while independent from the main system, run on two infantry blaster generators that are prone to overheating during heavy use and must cool down individually. This takes roughly 30 minutes through regular use and can be as little as twenty seconds through uninterrupted fire. They have a shorter range than the traditional laser cannon (100-1,000 metres fully powered), a wider spread, and do significantly less damage per round (each bolt being roughly equivalent to that of a standard-issue blaster pistol).
  • External launcher systems from the Old Republic era such as the RK-77 are susceptible to damage, potentially causing loss of function or accidental detonation of the warheads loaded within.
Description[background=rgb(30,30,30)]: [background=rgb(30,30,30)]Aynea's[background=rgb(30,30,30)] Scout Fighter was purchased from a remote salvage yard somewhere far off, as old war ships often are, and refurbished using parts from a donor T-65B X-Wing. Numerous systems that were in disorder or were not desired, such as the broken cloaking generator found within hers, were also stripped to make room for aftermarket upgrades. Despite its age, its reliable donor components and a slew of modern upgrades have made it a formidable force.