The Three Pillars of the Jedi
For generations the Jedi Order stood for their ideals, pursuing peace through service and protection unto others where needed and/or possible. The Jedi we know today are the Jedi we see outside of the walls of their enclaves, their temples; but what many fail to understand are the teachings they receive, the knowledge they are given and the first half of their lives spent training to be granted the rank of Jedi Knight.
This was always one of my more favored teachings to the younger students of the Order, back upon Svivren. These are the Three Pillars of the Jedi Order, those pillars that would hopefully keep our future Knights from falling too far from grace and the light of the Force. Like most Pillars, these are made to uphold something, to reaffirm our dedication to the will of the Force and to ourselves, that we might restrain ourselves from distraction and pursue our path with the clarity of mind and the peace of spirit; Only through years of training and dedication can one truly find peace within themselves.
The Three Pillars of the Jedi are:

The Force
Truly, the Force is a subject far to vast to grasp completely. All kinds of people, Force Users and Non-Force Users alike have attempted to study the Force, to understand it's limitations and it's purpose, it's will that we as Jedi believe it harbors, whether of cognitive and purposeful intentions or simply as the circle of life, that which begins and eventually ends.
To learn to listen to the Force and not be mislead by ones emotions and the pressure of company or impressions of those around us can be a true gift though not easily achieved. As Jedi we spend many hours meditating, centering ourselves and learning to grow upon our connection to the Force, to draw it in and push all external issues or concerns out.
Where many in life seek to act for their own gain or for others based upon their own desires, the Jedi would seek guidance. We know of what we call, 'balance in the Force', that without the light there cannot be darkness and vice versa. We understand that life follows its own cycle and that our purpose whether big or small, is driven by a calling, natural or spiritual.
Our theories differ from person to person, regarding the true nature of the Force much the same as those Force Practitioners outside of the Jedi Order. It is simply to great for us to conquer; focus not only on what you might do once trained in the Force but how the Force can work as your guide. There is no greater calling to the Jedi than to serve the will of the Force.
And as the Force lives and breathes through all life, as your experience grows, your purpose will become clear.

To deny the prospect of further education is to allow for Ignorance to blind you.
In one's initial years under the Jedi Order, a youngling or youthful prospect to the Jedi will be highly encouraged to dedicate a portion of their day to day to the Archives of their branch. Without the expansion of ones learning, we cease to improve, cease to benefit from our path and in doing so limit our ability to aid those in need or wanting of us.
There are many paths for the Jedi, not simply in swinging a sword or throwing objects with your mind. Through dedication to good study, many great Jedi have served their Order and the citizens of the Galaxy through such careers.
  • Jedi Ace - A specialist pilot or member of a fleet who's knowledge and ability in the Force can make a tremendous difference whether combatant, medical or search and rescue.
  • Jedi Artisan - Those of the Jedi Order who specialize in the procurement and maintenance of relevant technologies such as the power to fuel the archives, the facilities of ones enclave or temple.
  • The Jedi Scholar - A Master of the books, one of great insight or a keen understanding of theories, cultures and linguistics.
These are but three of the examples of a Jedi's future, one who's path has not been allowed to linger due to ignorance or lack of a strong mind. Always remember that beside the Force, your keen intellect and healthy mind is your greatest tool.

What can be said for a Jedi who seeks to master the Force and the Sword Arts but never themselves?
The Order does not seek to control others, this is not an original statement, it has been told to all new entrance members that come into our ranks; Instead our years are spent focusing inward on ourselves until we are of age and skill to step out and endure the trials of apprenticeship, something that must first be earned through the proof self discipline. A Jedi does not walk the path for long at all without first learning to restrain themselves.
We are not droids, all Jedi have emotions, all Jedi feel and love like all else. What we strive for is again balance, this time within. Part of Self-Discipline is personal responsibility, you are in control of yourselves. We can guide and advise but in the end, no one controls your hand but you, you are accountable for all things decided upon in your path. You must learn to know what is acceptable and what is not, a Jedi does not shirk blame to avoid accountability, if we make mistakes we own our place and accept the consequences for that is our integrity, our virtue of self. Where we fall, we learn to pick ourselves up and where we succeed, we learn to take all things in stride and not get ahead of ourselves or become arrogant in our accomplishments.
Mastery of self is incredibly difficult and many Jedi Knights still struggle with this. It is a daily resource, something that will never cease to be your focus as a Jedi but will aid you in your future path as you seek to help others along the way.
Trust in the Force and trust in yourselves, these Pillars of the Jedi will act as your strength in times of weakness and doubt.
~ Veiere Arenais.