Sample of the Zerek Strain
Sample of the Vongspawn Virus
Sample of Bando Gora Reaver DNA
Sample of the Dark Harvest Strain
Sample of the Technovirus
Bottle of Whyren's Reserve Batch NN182
Ke-Ni Snuggle Buddy Droid, Custom Ruferalahuin Model, Male Ruksenmih
Datacron of Faux Fire
"A live, indexed account of the staple technique of 'Ashe the Reaper' which utilizes Pyrokinesis, Illusionism and minor Sorcery to conjure and control vast, illusive flames that feel but do no harm." (High Knight level)
Datacron: A Comprehensive Report on the Sorcerers of Tund after the Four Hundred Years of Darkness
"Holographic documentation of Tablets from Tund copied by Circe Savan; recorded documentation of Queen Alachei Mnemenos' findings and studies of the Sorcerers of Tund during the Galactic Republic dominion, as well as the techniques observed to create purple Force Lightning; reports of the interrogation of one Tund Sorcerer and indigenous plants allegedly used in the curing of conjured poisons as well as data collected on the poison used against the Galactic Republic."
Original Limited Edition Circe Savan Datacron
"The Datacron has the silent security footage of the death of Circe Savan. Includes her stabbing herself and then being stabbed over fifteen times by Alli Wren with her own lightsaber, then being hauled off by Omega Protectorate forces. It also contains the funeral where Alli Wren ejected the body of Circe Savan towards the Sun in the Dathomir System."
Matsu Ike's Datacron of Lightsaber Combat
"Datacron complied on Matsu's study and utilization of lightsaber forms I-VII and notes on Lus-Ma, Trakata, Sokan, Telekinetic and exotic saber combat."
Datacron of Alter Environment
"Datacron and lessons on the highest levels of Alter Environment, the Jedi Masters' most skilled technique (Matsu Ike)."
Denon Holocron
"A minor holocron containing medical-grade reports and analysis on the non-Blackwing, non-Mnggal-Mnggal, non-Dark Harvest strain of undead virus found in the Denon outbreak, producing highly intelligent zombies. Also, the holocron contains significant, though not complete, data on Rakghouls. This data obtained via Rave's sampling expedition to Denon with Moira Skaldi and Maelion Liates, and from ensuing analysis by Rave and her biotech/alchemy staff."
Datacron of Force Drain and the Droch Connection
"Contains advanced teachings in the art of Force Drain, compiled from recorded sessions of the original Holocron. Further research may reveal new possibilities involving the Nam Chorios." (Requires basic knowledge in Force Drain to reap benefits)
Aurora Datacron
"Contains the basics of Rainbow Storm techniques for using the Force to bend and refract light into the color spectrum."
Datacron Copies of the Holocron of Velok
Apocrypha of the Horde
"Allegedly blessed by the New Gods themselves and predestined by Yun-Yuuzhan, the Apocrypha contains a vast plethora of information concerning almost every conceivable topic concerning the Horde. It is one of the most valuable possessions that the Horde had and is thus trusted to only a very few select hands."
Aura of Uneasiness Scroll
"Contains the technique for the spell Aura of Uneasiness." (Must be one of the 3% of Force Users who is capable of utilizing Sith Magic, Knight/Master prerequisite)
Knotters of Entrails Scroll
"Contains an advanced technique for creating Sithspawn."
Copy of Reanimated Dead Scroll
"A copy of the original, copper scroll. Contains a Sith spell for re animating the dead." (Requires Master sorcerer)
Complete Taurannik Codex (Copy)
The complete and translated Taurannik Codex.
History of the Sith Empire
Abridged history of the Sith Empire from Adas to Vulcanis (abridged history of the Lords of the Sith and their empires' rise and falls) Contains all 32 volumes, maps of the Valley of the Dark Lords and recovered lists of collected items.
Secrets of the Caries Water
"Secrets of the Caries Water for Alchemy."
Sithspawn Hybrid Cloning
"Collected Data on how to use Genetic Engineering and Sith Alchemy to make exact Hybrid clones of any two humanoid beings regardless of gender or procreativity." (Vinferalathi data NOT included)
5.0% of Ri'ess-Emeritus
2.2% of Tarascii Explosives
4 Custom Weapon Orders from Noah Corek
2 Year Open Contract with Cinthran Cybernetics
1 Year Minor Contract with Mara TibX & Fuels for TibX Gas
1 Holocron from Circe Savan
1 Personal Favor from Nickolas Imura