• Emotion, yet peace.
  • Ignorance, yet knowledge.
  • Passion, yet serenity.
  • Chaos, yet harmony.
  • Death, yet the Force.

  • Guard society with justice.
  • Do not act selfishly or seek the pursuit of power.
  • Respect all life, in all forms as it is the life-line of the Force.
  • Community before individuals, the greater good before the needs of the few.
  • Help those who cannot help themselves, provide service to those in need.
  • Do not harm those who cannot harm you, do not seek violence where are alternatives.
  • Use the Force to serve the Force.
  • Above all else, is the will of the Force

  • Use the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack unless in the aid of yourself or another. A lightsaber should never be your first resort. Seek peaceful solutions to all hostile situations in that you might deter the suffering of another.
  • Do not fight in the pursuit of personal gain, but rather for the sake of better serving the Force. To fight for ones self is not the Jedi way and such pride and selfishness can ultimately lead to the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Be mindful of your feelings, though you are not a droid, meditate often and learn to have self control. Ensure that in all acts, you think first with your mind and let your heart come second, ensure that all you do in active duty, you do for the betterment of others and through the will of the Force.
  • Meditate always on the Light side of the Force, gain knowledge and understanding of it through clarity and peace of mind. Use these moments to center yourself and loose all trivial matters only to commune with the living Force.
  • Beware the lure of the Dark Side of the Force, it is a dangerous and terrible path that will tempt you through your utmost desires and your most prominent feelings. This is said to be the easier path in that you serve only yourself, but only from the light will you find true peace.
  • The Light Side is a long and arduous path, a path of servitude to the Force, of service to the people of the Galaxy of all nations and races. It is the way that puts others before yourself and above all, it is the true path to finding peace in life and in the Force.
  • Seek knowledge through the training of the spirit and of the mind. Do not cease in pursueing the active and regular exercises of the Jedi way, the exertion of the physical body will give strength and promise to ones affinity in the Force, and always ensure that you are ready and able to meet the requirements of the Jedi Path.
  • Harmony, peace, and compassion; these are core principles in every Jedi's personal being and will aid you in your unison with the force, to be at peace of yourself through all that you do.
  • No matter the reason, to take a life is always to wound the natural veil of the Force. Do not resort to this where there may be an alternative; to kill is a Jedi's absolute last resort and will not only disturb the flow of life in the world, but so too will it take from you; whether mental or physical, no Jedi is above the loss of life.
  • The Force is present in all life, binding all and unifying all. Learn that you are of it, that you came from it, and that you will one day return to it.

  • Courage
When met with a situation of life and death, to risk ones health for the greater good is to show courage in the Jedi way. A Jedi Knight does not allow fear to cripple him or her, it does not deter the path but one must simply see through it, turn away your doubts and act knowing the Force is your ally and will strengthen you in the times you feel at your weakest.
  • Faith
The Force. It always was, always is, and always will be. It has been present in the galaxy since the beginning of time and will continue to be far longer than you or I. It's mysteries are too great for the Sentient mind to truly fathom and understand in all it's entirety. It is why we are here, and what we spend our lives dedicating to serve; never lose hope and keep faith that it has a will for all; only through the force will we find true peace.
  • Discipline
Training is what makes you who you are. Just as a wheel sharpens a sword, training sharpens the Jedi, solidifying them as a Knight of the Force. Your training will never end; you must be disciplined enough to remain on the path of the Light.
  • Integrity
Stand by your given word and all that you hold true, the image that you portray of the Order to the public can be a detriment to our ability to aid the galaxy if tarnished so but also keep these practices for your self as well. Remember that you do not only serve others who only see you when you are near them, but that you serve the Force, which is always aware of your existence.
  • Humility
Always remember that while you are able to use the Force, this does not give you any entitlement to stand above those who cannot. You are only a Jedi because you have been trained as a Jedi, not because you are superior to others. Also, do not take the use of the Force for granted, do not flourish or use it needlessly as it is not a tool to be exploited, it is life, that it might be respected.
  • Self-Awareness
While the Force has no limits, you do. Consider all possibilities, even those that may not end in victory for you. Always know that you are capable of failure, and that your successes are a gift from the Force and that your failures will come and go. Do not dwell on your short comings but in every instance that you do not meet the demands of yourself or that of the path set before you, recognize where you fell short and build on these lessons so that you might avoid doing so again.
  • Confidence
A cause is not lost until you accept that it is lost. Within sound reason, strive for success, in hopes that you will overcome whatever boundaries may lie in your path to fulfill the needs of the people and the will of the Force. Failure is a possibility, yet life goes on and so must you if you are to serve galactic society through the Jedi Order.
  • Wisdom
A Jedi does not believe in absolutes, nothing is black and white. Though there will be times when it will be difficult to discern the right course of action. You should always attempt to look at the situation before you through different perspectives, calling upon the Force for Guidance. Be sure that your actions are just and you have done all that you can to seek the best possible outcome in your objectives or trials, for your actions will always come with consequences; good or bad.
  • Cautiousness
Always be conscious of your environment, rarely is the Jedi path one without hidden dangers. Know that rushing into things is never the answer, and that it is always best to keep ones senses high, alert and focused. Be wary of what may appear to be easy, for it may be your undoing. Do not follow blindly the words of others who might have want to decieve you. Know your situation and your limits. Know yourself.
  • Honesty
Always strive to carry the truth. It permits a clean conscience, and allows you to avoid falling into a web of deception. If you cannot be honest with those you serve, you cannot be honest with yourself, and therefore can never be sure of your place in the Force.
  • Dependability
Tied closely to honesty is dependability. When you speak the truth, always maintaine that your actions represent your word and your intentions. Always carry out what you promise, and honor those whom you’ve offered service to.