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big tasty violence in Lum Rouge
CorpSec ALMOST caught up with the Mando vigilante who took down those high-class murderers in that Baker's Row penthouse
you see a shot-up Mando in green, buy that vod a meal

exclusive footage from The Depths
a whole other Mando slaloming behind a getaway speeder that he's trying to shoot down

why all those Wann Tsir goods got dumped on local markets
and how Darkwire sabotaged a financial relay satellite


wheelbike rampage through the Ward of Steel
we ask this mensch just how many disruptors he snagged from the GethTech factory

got a tip that the controversial Hapan Lady Rowan Vale was spotted at the Obsidian Star Megacomplex
after her Battle Dragon showed up in orbit
the feth is Hapes doing on Denon?
and why's it called a battle dragon? are there non-battle dragons?

we got footage of the whole New karking Jedi Order playing heavy isotope at the Thrash Pit
about themselves

brutal autopsy results from that factory explosion
Darkwire and some Mando mercs really did a number on each other
i'm hearing a Wookiee disassembled a human replica droid the hard way

back to the music
thanks to sorjan12000 for the tip
this is
the way

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