Welcome to Second Chance, the Motel in the Upcity region of Denon. Second chance is a small motel for the more seedier people life brings into the Upcity. Gaining a reputation as a No-tell Motel many people come here for a cheap thrill after touring the red light district. The rooms take credit chips and no account data, so it is perfect for the discerning scum of the galaxy. And when you are done? You can ‘relax’ in the dimly lit club setting. A bar where many edgerunners and hackers find themselves because it is off the radar, its new proprietor has ensured no cameras are in the establishment as she says she has ‘other ways’ to monitor her guests.

Too close to a proper neighborhood for the police to pay attention, Second Chance allows many people to speak freely about their jobs and goals. Food and drink are provided for credit, but the real allure of Second Chance is the knowledge of what others find here. A literal second chance at life.

Found in the alley behind the establishment is a small garage, allowing for a few speeders to be worked on, not a chop-shop per se, but a place to effect repairs, and put out want ads for equipment for your vehicle and weapons.

While the rooms of the notell are upstairs, downstairs is where the real magic happens. Everyone gets a free pass to check out the wares once, but if they cross the proprietor, then that is revoked until you can work your way into the good graces.

In the basement is where stolen corporate cybertech is repurposed for the general public, jailbroken, and modified. They can be purchased here, and if needed, installed. But the shining achievement is the owner’s extra offerings.

Jennifer Blanchard, formerly of the Techno Union, is the proprietor of this little establishment, and while she is known to hand out jobs to young runners, she also provides Force enhanced tools to get a job done. Not necessarily creative, but able to fool scanners and the like, the enchanted items are able to boost any runner’s arsenal.

And if you impress her? You may even pick up a Force lesson or two.