Name: Asobi System
Rotational Period: (The length of a "day" on the astronomical object)
Orbital Period: (The number of local days of each complete orbit)
Diameter: (Optional. Diameter at the equator. For reference, Earth is 12,756 km in diameter.)
Atmosphere: (Optional. Your astronomical object may not have an atmosphere. Atmosphere type number)
Climate: (Optional. Temperate is Earth-like. Make notes of anything substantially different yet similar to Temperate. Add Controlled for when most of the climate is controlled by technology. Use words such as Arid or Frozen to describe single biome worlds. This only applies to astronomical objects that have an atmosphere.)
Gravity: Varies from world to world
Primary Terrain: Varies from world to world
Native Species:
Asobi System:

Immigrated Species:
Sith Pureblood
The Xarix
Gwaii Cat

Primary Languages: Basic
Government: Varies from world to world
Population: 1 Trillion (all planets combined)
Demonym: Several different from each world but for the whole of the system they are the Aoi
Major Imports: Fun time
Major Exports: Tourism
Affiliation: Silver Jedi
Major Locations:
  • Ni Uki: The bright sun at the center of the Asobi system
  • Ura-Hata: First planet in system and containing an asteroid belt, the surface of the world is desolate but contains an atmosphere able to breathe.... Just little to nothing can survive on the surface.
    • Jurichi Debris Field:
  • Dariya: The second planet in system and just outside the habital zone, there is a massive honeycomb of caves and tunnels throughout the planet.
    • Miner's Guild City:
  • Shri-Tal: Third planet and first in the habital zone.
  • Cazador: The fourth planet in the system and in the middle of the habital zone obscured by its many moons.
    • Nakara Academy:
      • Academy Underground:
    • Nagai Temple:
    • Savage Land:
    • Ni-Gan-No-Zo:
    • Miner's Guild Outpost:
  • Sekirei: Fifth planet in habital zone
  • Kazahana Asteroid Field: Separating the habital zone from the outer system and planets
  • Una-Hana: Sixth planet in system and outside the habital zone. The surface it colder and more mountainous but there is the possibility of life.
    • Saeko Valley:
  • Cha-Lish: Seventh Planet in system and littered with scattered military and research bases for conducting experiments in the poisoned atmosphere
    • Miner's Guild Headquarters:
    • Somarith Belt: A large asteroid belt around the planet giving it a ring that has exogorths jumping between the rocks
    • Kiha Asteroid:
  • Cryptium: Eight planet in system with a massive honeycomb of tunnels and cities built under the frozen surface
    • The Core:
  • Kal-Shi: Ninth Planet in system and covered with biodomes to regulate temperature.
    • Chintara Dome:
  • Asobi Nebula: The uzemi nebula that surrounds the system and isloates it from much of the galaxy providing a buffer for the unique and diverse life to flourish here.
  • Haven: Tenth planet located within the nebula and heated by solar winds
    • Kal-Shi-Rok:
    • Hev-An:
    • Rosenthal Academy:
      • Rosenthal Underground:
    • Kala Moor:
      • Goranger:
      • Dora-Sewers:
      • Helziki Caverns:
      • Sleg Tower:
    • Gokeiger:
      • Old City:
      • Wu Trinity Towers:
      • Goe Walls:
    • GoSeiger:
      • Gosai City:
      • Kalo's Gates:
      • Nera Canyon:
The Miner's Guild:
Royal Family:
  • Emperor:
  • Empress:
  • Heir:
  • Dal: Royal Guard
  • Vassels:
Noble Houses:
  • Melbourne House:
    • Ulfric Melbourne:
    • Matilda Melbourne:
    • Osa Melbourne:
    • Vassels:
  • Metsuka House:
    • Oba Metsuka:
    • Selene Metsuka:
    • Alena Metsuka:
    • Vassels:
  • Akhibara House:
    • Lucas Akhibara:
    • Jennifer Akhibara:
    • Jessica Akhibara:
    • Vassels:
  • Yoshiwara House:
    • Yanto Yoshiwara:
    • Juri Yoshiwara:
    • Atton Yoshiwara:
    • Vassels:
Technology: Galactic Standard

History: (Abridged history of the astronomical object.)
Notable PCs: None
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