Entry One: "We have been working on more, after the events of Omega there was a chance for some special things to be constructed now that Sasori has been expanding to become a larger company in the galaxy. Some might not like it but even with all of my skill there is a need to organize and understand everything that has been working for the jedi. Not all will likely use it or want to use it. In fact given what I know some will call it an abomination because they didn't do it but no matter can't please everyone so not really interested in trying to anymore. I shall work on many of the things."
Entry Two: "We have been workign on something big, bigger then even I think we will be able to handle. So we are developing an AI based on Quiet that will be working to handle the large amount of information that wil be within it. Developing more droids, biots and systems to handle it shall be a very important prospect for us to be able to use. I have been wanting to see that this new AI we are naming Rosewood so that we wil have a welcoming and very interesting Ai to provide information about the jedi order. She might not know the major things of the galaxy but where the jedi are concerned she is going to know a lot."
Entry Three: "We have continued to work on the AI, modifying the base of Quiet's systems and program has been great. She is made to hold and process large quantities of knowledge and while Quiet could process enough to span the galaxies Rosewoood is doing it considerably less which benefits her. It allows the AI to have more power for their own processing power. The work on keepign track of the different jedi and using historical information to cross reference and create the ultimate databnk that can be accessed by the jedi will be an important thing. I am looking forward to see what is able to be worked on and worked with for it. She will also be in charge of the systems of the station along with the droids that are going into it."
Entry Four: "We have continued the work with the AI and the station itself. It has been a massive undertaking to fully flesh it out and make it a jedi temple that could be controlled with biocubes that will house reconstructed jedi temples to provide their own little sections. A lake that has been built into the station and while small and fairly shallow it is a massive undertaking allowing the majority of jedi there to go and enjoy a meditation or practice session on the lake. Rosewoood would be maintaining them as well as the information recovered from the font as well as several sources for jedi knowledge. The AI's first testing phase is coming up and we will be able to see what they are able to do when all is ready."
Entry Five: "The first initial tests of the AI working have gone up for us to work with. Rosewood as an AI work very well at providing information for the padawans that are asking about the information. They have been working with her the last three hours going over information and details that will be able to work with it and thanks to Quiet connecting and talking with her they can provide more information. Quiets navigational seeder ships and automated ships that can rediscover and find all of the sites where jedi or force users might have been. Information on different sects using the force can prove something to see when the jedi have been working around the galaxy."
Entry Six: "The continued work with the others and with Quiet itself have been proving most useful. Aside from the information on various sites across the galaxy and input from a number of jedi including my own family. I have started feeding information to Rosewood about the various holocrons I have managed to see, use and access over the years. A lifetime of experiences with jedi artifacts and my own collection that have been refound such as the eye of the sun, heart of the universe, the fell star and robes of the qel-droma family. My experiences with holocrons like the Sunrider and Halcyon holocrons or the codex of tython and the jedi archives themselves."
Entry Seven: "We have been making real headway with the construction and programming of the AI, the mind set that has been going over with some of it and the information for maintaining the station is an important thing. We have been working on more of it to give ourselves a more interactive personality. Rosewood is friendly towards the padawans, able to teach many of us and even as masters you are still learning the ins and the outs of being a jedi. We shall be able to learn a whole lot more in this case as individual jedi have been given a place here. With information the Ai has been managing to get and load up around them from records and whatever can be found via galactic census data. Their displays in different halls that can be accessed is important so that the order feels the power of this place."
Entry Eight: "We have spent the last few weeks working with Rosewood more to bug test and ensure that all of the problems were properly taken care of. I am not going to lie this might be one of the finest that Sasori has managed to produce. An AI for a dedicated area that will be able to work and interface with Quiet, Rebirth, Hellcat and other computer systems but still serve a primary purpose of operating this station. The automated nature of it and the mobile design so that it will go from site to site where it is needed to deploy and gather information proves that she has a good grasp of what we are looking for her to do. Quiet has been explaining many of the things and the different beacons themselves as we have been working to recover whatever we can and bring it to the massive central location.