"First Entry: It wasn't always easy, exploring and keeping track of the things we had created or seen but then someone made a datapad and recorded it. Now there is a computer sitting on the Will of the Force able to navigate and map out the area's of space the silver jedi control and monitor and it is barely ever used. Not that I am complaining or it, as the computer said without wasting processes on them it has been able to help me plan with projects. From aboard the Harlequin and in the holodeck suites we have been working on substantial growth for its program in mapping with a future project simply titled the Outrigger."
"Second Entry: We had some initial successes with the proto AI, the BAC is wonderful when it comes to looking over and area for tactical advantage but flipping its programs to idenity and search out things for other reasons is taking a little more work. We are going to continue to work on it and I know we will meet with success. The AI on the droid planet helped us understand but it can't be moved and reaching its housing core could instigate a war we don't have the resources to fight. Instead we are trying to turn something made for war into something for not peace but exploration. To see the stars and explore new worlds."
"Third Entry: There has been more initial success with the AI refinement. THe BAC has proven useful but more and more we have been able to convert it into Quiet. Help from the Cryptuim AI in designing her has given us useful insight for it. Quiet herself has been helpful organizing the data from the monitoring stations that we put into the astrometrics labs. It has all become very exciting giving myself and the researchers here plenty of attention to work with on the main things. We have been developing the housing for her with a proxy projector droid she will be able to use to travel around."
"Fourth Entry: We have been more successful now with the AI, Quiet is working with us to construct a proper housing for her on the design of the Saratai where she will be able to navigate the stars relaying data from all of the cartographer probes we have sent out. The seeder ships will be able to link up with her and provide navigational data when they fail to detect a system to travel to and map. Access ports before she continues to travel with the other ones and seek out the worlds set up for checkpoints and restocking. Additional things built into the Ai has been to give us a stronger coordinator."
"Entry Five: Another success within the project, Quiet has been able to go through the relays of the monitoring stations and probes to work in the logistical suites and our astrometrics labs. The Will of the Force and Rhen Var's maps room proven as a skilled place to be. Quiet activated and reorganized the maps using charts from records she has access to as well as maps purchased from the astrogation guild. Her work on reorganizing them to new models for the students to learn have proven far more effective. We will work on having her there for interfacing with it to teach younglings and help others."
"Entry Six: We have been doing more work with Quiet to organize the astrogation records and history to try and reconstruct what was lost during the dark times. They could put what pieces were there and history from places looking to organize where the gaps were and fill them in from additional sources. I have been trying to make a comprehensive index so exploration vessels using the logistical suite can have all the information available within the system. Quiet helping on that as well as the expanding companies we have working for Sasori. Within our umbrella there is a great deal they can all offer."
"Entry Seven: It has been several weeks of worth and we have done it, with all the work we have done for helping Quiet she has been able to now pilot the ships. Automated systems and her holodisplay droid all able to work in conjuction as she brings thing up to us. I am rather getting excited now at the prospect of all our hard work being done and finished instead of it being just another pipedream. Other notes for adding into the records is that we have been working on upgrading the astrometrics lab to get them in temples."
"Entry Eight: The upgrades to the astrometrics lab has benefited Quiet in her ability to teach th jedi younglings about the galaxy and all the different planets. Histories and the species on them as well but we are finding her systems when it comes to things like combat are rather lacking. We have no reason to change that but if it comes down to protecting her we will be able to find something that can help like a brother or sister designed for combat and protecting the ships. For now we'll just enjoy the nice teachings the AI can offer in the maps and planets within silver jedi space as we add more information from incident reports."
"Entry Nine: The final parts of the Ai's development have gone ahead with things. Thanks to the work with Phenex making some new ship upgrades we have increased our time table for getting Quiets main purpose finished. Project Saratai are impressive mapping and navigational ship will hopefully be able to be deployed into the galaxy to explore the companions and use what records the vong have for exploring the black to find their original home. The silentium and admonitor robots something we risk seeing but finding what might have made them could also be a big thing."
"Entry Ten: The project is finished, Quiet is fully operational and being used in most of the logistical suites we have managed to build up and send out. Astrometrics labs to teach students like the one we made on Rhen Var or in the Aoi temple under the lake. Looking over the data we have been working on to organize from scouts in the remains of sith and primeval space we should be able to have things set up and scouted for the Silver Sanctum to move in eventually while bringing relief towards the world through use of Wey'ln and Satochi creating supplies. In a few weeks the main ship should be done with the seeder ships being sent out."