Entry One - "I am so excited, despite what happened in the war against the sith in the city we have managed to push them back. The cost of doing so was dangerous but we should be able to work with some of the things. My injuries are compared to many of the others not as dangerous or as important. I am a jedi and they say that I will be able to heal myself with the force possibly. So with the different researchers that we will be able to work with. They have been developing a lot of new technologies that the jedi might need or that could be used to help the galaxy. Anyways the doctor said that I should record my thoughts to not get depressed about the damage to my spine but it is okay. The force will guide me."
Entry Two - "hey so I have good news and I have some bad news... the good news is that my transfer to the research facility has been approved by the council. They seemed saddened when I asked them what I would be able to do before they broke the bad news to me. My spine is broken, more so then they had initially thought because of the swelling and the force even with a healing crystal of fire will not be able to repair it. So that has become a bummer but my master always said you need to stay positive and send that energy out into the galaxy. It worked to combat the sith and resist their words. I fought and battled them and if that building hadn't been dropped on me from the one having a temper tantrum then I would be alright."
Entry Three - "So my first day here at the facility, the trip inside was strange, at first it was this snow covered desolate place and then the hangers opened and you could see all of these people around. Some of the people said that there is a lot more around here but I don't have the ability to travel far, the hover chair they gave me is good but there is a lot of work and restricted areas on the facility that people don't go to for safety and the chain of command. So I have been working with the medical division itself to provide a few more interesting ways that they will be able to help others with damage to their spines across the galaxy. We have also been looking at some is cool, a blip on the edge of the galaxy beyond the breakwater that only has a few gaps."
Entry Four - "I don't know what it is that we have found but we followed the signal, strange script as a language to the edge of the galaxy and then we went beyond it. I have been invited because I worked as a linguist within the jedi order for my knighthood after I managed to pass my trials. I had been able to pick up learning new languages and translating them easier then most so it could prove invaluable as the one man said. He was looking at me like I was the will of the force before we arrived and it was amazing. Out there in the void we found this massive blob of something that latched onto and absorbed the ship for a time. it was mostly still there providing some problems but once we got inside.... Well that is a whole other entry."
Entry Five - "The ship was amazing, we didn't know what to expect at first, we wanted to learn all we could and seeing the languages I went to work to try and figure it out.... but I didn't have to. The on board computer had tapped into our ships computers and was speaking basic for us when we got to it... or whatever it was. There was a body there, one of the pilots called him a space jockey given how he was positioned and had merged with the ship now. We learned a lot and the ship wanted to play games with us... well me specifically. Even in my hover chair it was still having fun as we played some of the games while discussing it. They dind't know their name anymore, having spent so long in the blackness between the galaxies."
Entry Six - "I was surprised by what was happening on the ship, after we played and discussed things we were needing to depart. As much as it would have been fun to bring him around I am uncertain what might have happened. We were at a research facility but ship understood that we studied things and didn't want to harm them. They would have to go and find someone else to play with that would take time but they gave us something special. A sample of themselves that we could research and see what it is able to do. The mechno-organic substance was with me and we started heading back as Ship went to playing its own games but we left them with a couple things of their own."
Entry Seven - "The return trip tot he facility was kind of a drag, though but the sample was getting bigger. As we exposed it in initial tests to different technologies around it started to absorb them to grow and make itself larger. The jedi stopped and I worked to keep it contained so that we would be able to see what it could do in a more controlled situation at the facility. Arriving back and getting the sample in a stone chamber I was able to work with it and we gave it a computer so that it would be able to communicate with us eventually. Showing it what would be and what could be if it worked with us but also I had a friend here who liked being around me. So that is a plus I think and we will be able to do a whole lot more."
Entry Eight - "A few weeks have passed and with the computer growing it has begun to learn about us and understanding. We have started giving it a super structure to grow and absorb of a larger ship. Something it can shape for itself instead of being a massive blob in space and the jedi are working with the computer to use some of the newest things they have been working on. Crystalline cirsuits that work with organic material and is infused with the force specifically the lightside of the force so that they will be able to deter and avoid darksiders. The ship doesn't seem to like the idea of them being around or within it. They want to become stronger and larger to help the jedi."
Entry Nine - "So we managed to give him a frame and structure which the ship has been taking to better then we thought. The hull is quite nice and can still incorporate technology to make itself better. As he grows up as a ship in the hanger he has been adding rooms and areas of the ship for us to be able to walk through or interface with. Using the different technologies that we have been working on. The other jedi want to see what he can do but the ship refuses to do things without a pilot to interface with them. That is where I come in, they offered me the chance to interface with the ship and it is considered something different that will be working on a lot of it."
Entry Ten - "Interfacing with the ship is strange as a sensation, all of my nerves are on fire when I am there and I can feel my legs. More then that I can feel and hear everything across the ship with the different ones. My mind was ablaze with information about each moment when we first went out and as the times went on thing have changed. Slowly it has managed to get easier and easier but i am not going to lie. I am excited to continue working with the other jedi and keep trying out to see what i will be able to do with it."
Entry Eleven - "This will be the final log entry for Jedi Knight Ramsey, sadly there was an incident near Ossus and we are not certain yet. A supernova did occur but it is not a natural phenomena. The resulting loss of life could be felt in the force and she while interfaced with the ship felt it amplified. The interface was damaged and she was left as part of the ship, her body slowly dying in its area we are guessing but the ship itself is still alive and appears to be holding her spirit. We do not know if she will ever be able to become one with the force or if we have condemned her to some cursed life. Signing off for her and with this the facility will likely abandon the nexus project."