Affiliation: First Order
Manufacturer: Santhe
Modularity: (Can you add components to this submission? If so, link to all Approved Factory Submissions applicable. For most submissions, put 'No'.)
Production: (The scale is Unique (Only One Character), Semi-Unique (Only A Handful of Characters), Limited (Only A Select Group Of NPCs/PCs), Minor (Any Character, Only Select Groups Of NPCs), Mass-Produced. (Anyone.))
Material: (What is your submission made out of? Certain materials are more resistant, or vulnerable, to certain weapons. Example: 'Durasteel.' Link: Manufacturing Compounds, Metals, Compounds)
Classification: (Starfighter, Bomber, Scout, Atmospheric Fighter, Atmospheric Bomber, Atmospheric Scout, Gunship, Dropship, Interceptor.)
Length: (Via Metric System. Max: 50 meters. Examples: X-wing: 12.5 meters, Y-wing: 16 meters, Millenium Falcon: 34.7 meters, Slave I: 21.5 meters)
Height: (Via Metric System. Max: 50 meters. Examples: Y-wing: 7.9 meters, Millenium Falcon: 8.27 meters, Slave I: 7.8 meters)
Width: (Via Metric System. Max: 50 meters. Examples: Y-wing: 2.9 meters, Millenium Falcon: 25.61 meters, Slave I: 21.3 meters)
Armament: (You may provide your armament in list format and/or provide your vessel an Armament Rating on a scale of 0-20, where 0 is no weapons, 1 is very light weapons, 5 is light weapons/light defense, 10 is medium weapons/medium defense, and 20 is heaviest weapons/heaviest defense. Armament Ratings are scaled in relation to the type of ship, meaning a Starfighter will not equate to a Destroyer. Armament Ratings provide only basic weaponry and cannot be written as anything other than it, unless the ship also has special weapons. Please link to all Factory Submissions used. Links: Armament Rating, Starship Weapons, Approved Technology, Standardized Load Outs)
Squadron Count: (Optional. Please provide the amount of fighters this submission would have in a squadron. If it is unique, remove this portion from the template. The average squadron for any starfighter is 12, at lengths averaging 12.5 meters. The bigger the fighter, the smaller your Squadron Count should be. The smaller the fighter, the bigger your Squadron count can be.)
Special Features: (Provide all of your submission's special features, including non-combat items and special weapons, here in a list. Please link to all Factory Submissions used. Links: Starship Weapons, Approved Technology, Shields, Engines)
Maneuverability Rating: (The lower the number, the more agile the ship. How agile is your ship? Can it take tight turns? Please provide your vessel a Maneuverability Rating on a scale 0-20, with 0 being infinite agility, 1 being crazy agile like a TIE Interceptor, and 20 being slower to turn than a bantha.)
Speed Rating: (The lower the number, the faster the ship. How fast is your ship in normal space? How fast can it take off, how fast can it speed through a planet's atmosphere? Please provide your vessel a Speed Rating on a scale 0-20, with 0 being infinite speed, 1 being crazy fast like the Millenium Falcon and 20 being slower than the Dewback.)
Hyperdrive Class: (The lower the number, the faster the ship. You may use decimals. (Minimum: .5 | Max: 10.) Average Corvette Hyperdrive Class: 2 ) Links: Hyperdrive, Hyperdrive Comparisons)
Strengths: (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)
Weaknesses: (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)
Description: (Describing your submission's history is optional. Please provide a detailed account or link of each special feature that is listed in this submission. All miscellaneous descriptive elements go here, such as Cargo Capacity, Passengers, Consumables, Crew, etc.. There is no requirement for amount of words here so long as you meet the minimum requirements for your special features.)
Development Thread: (Restricted Items require specific development threads. The more posts, the more powerful the submission can be. Links: Banned & Restricted Items)
Intent: (Please describe your reason for submitting this. It may be simple or complicated. The Factory Judge will take this into consideration.)
Who Can Use This: (Optional. If you chose Limited, Semi-Unique, or Unique in Productivity above please list what groups/characters can use this submission in role-plays.)
Primary Source: (Please link the source of another writer's submission that you are modifying for your use; only necessary for "Chaos Canon" submissions)