Intent: to create a dual heavy turbolaser for the First Order
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: The First Order
Model: Enforcer-class
Affiliation: The First Order
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass
Material: Durasteel, Alusteel, and other weapon construction materials.
Classification: Turbolaser
Size: Ship-mounted
Length: 9m
Weight: 22 tonnes
Ammunition Type: Turbolaser
Ammunition Capacity: Turbolaser
Effective Range: Standard naval engagement ranges
Rate of Fire: Turbolaser
Special Features:
  • Hard hitting
  • Powerful
  • Resilient

Yet another design from First Order engineers, the Enforcer-class turbolaser is the latest in weapon design issued to the Order's fleets.
The weapon is a powerful, dual barrel design capable of bashing its way through shields and armor alike. The design features powerful internal systems capable of increasing the strength of the fired 'bolt', though this does tend to threaten to damage the weapon itself. Much like the despoiler-class turbolaser, the design was reworked to funnel the blast down two barrels, removing the threat of damaging the weapon while firing while still maintaining the weapon's devastating offensive power.
In addition, the weapon features various failsafes in the design, preventing energy feedback that could damage the weapon in the event control components are jeopardized in combat.
(Gun math is for a dual, heavy turbolaser - 1x2x2=4)