Affiliation: First Order
Model: Coercer-class
Manufacturer: First Order
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass
Material: Alusteel, durasteel, transparisteel, and other ship construction materials
Classification: Light Star Destroyer
Length: 1,200m
Width: 600m
Height: 350m
8 Despoiler-class Turbolaser batteries
15 Enforcer-class turbolaser batteries
20 heavy warhead launchers
14 pursuit-class defensive missile systems
1-2 Shuttles
2-4 scout craft
Special Features:
  • All firepower capable of firing forward
  • Half of all firepower capable of firing in a broadside
  • Highly durable and resilient design and construction
Maneuverability: 17
Speed Rating: 18
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
  • Heavy armor
  • Heavy shields
  • Reinforced internal structure
  • Heavy armament
  • Little to no hangar space
  • Slow
  • Sluggish
The first star destroyer to roll off the production lines, the Coercer is the first of it's class. Designed in line with new fleet doctrines, the Coercer features the heavy armor and weaponry inherent in the design of its role in the fleet.
Technically considered a light star destroyer, the ship is anything but. Bristling with weaponry and warheads, the Coercer is what it was designed to do: a blunt weapon. Capable of ripping through enemy vessels and taking as much as it gives out, the star destroyer is a potent thread on the field.
The internal structure of the vessel is honeycombed to add increased strength and durability, making the ship resistant to crippling and devastating blows. The spine is reinforced and armored, ensuring that only the most devastating blows can threaten the structural integrity of the vessel. The Coercer's hide is thick and armored, shrugging off the worst of enemy fire while allowing the ship to lash out as it desires.
The uniqueness of the ship, however, comes not from armor and weapons, but from layout. The weapons are designed to all aim forward and, by staggering the turrets just so, the ship can bring all guns to bear in the forward arc. Likewise, the ship is able to bring half of its firepower on either broadside and on the ventral and dorsal sections. In this way, the Coercer can rip deep into the enemy on either side and brutalize anything forward of it.
The ship is not without its faults, however. The vessel is slow and easily outpaced by many vessels. The heavy mass of the ship means that maneuverability is also impaired, making fast maneuvers difficult at best. In addition, as all weapons are geared to face forward, few can face the stern meaning the vessel's firepower is weakest there.
All serious flaws of the design, but deemed acceptable in the face of new doctrines and fleet plans.
Development Thread: The First Step
Intent: to create a star destroyer that fits with the First Order's fleet doctrine