Affiliation: First Order
Manufacturer: First Order
Model: Relentless-class
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass
Material: Alusteel, Durasteel, and other starship construction components.
Classification: Heavy Cruiser, Ship of the Line/Wall
Length: 900
Width: 350
Height: 150
8 Annihilator-class Turbolaser batteries
4 Despoiler-class Turbolaser batteries
15 warhead launcher batteries
8 Pursuit-class Defensive Missile Systems
1-2 shuttles
2-4 interceptor/scout craft
Special Features:
Maneuverability Rating: 13
Speed Rating: 14
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
Heavy armor
Heavy shields
Reinforced internal structure
Heavy armament
Very little hangar space
One of the first ships to roll off of First Order assembly lines featuring new technology, the Relentless-class Cruiser embodies the new doctrines of the Order's fleet.
Armed with a withering and brutal array of weaponry, the Relentless is a brutally effective brawler capable of pounding through armor and shields alike in combat. The Relentless is covered in thick, heavy armor plates designed to shrug off as much damage as possible and covered in a tough shield powered by a reinforced shield generator. Internally, the ship sports a honeycombed design, lending the vessel added strength all along its length, allowing it to resist all but the worst of critical or crippling damage. The spine itself is also thickened and armored, allowing the vessel to avoid most damage that would warp or break the spine of the ship and see it removed from the field entirely.
This comes with a cost, however. The ship is heavily armed and armored, reinforced throughout, but because of this the ship is slow and sluggish. It keeps pace with its brethren and appears sleek and agile, but in reality if forced to make rapid maneuvers or evasive action, the ship wallows where others glide. In addition, hangar space was deemed unneeded and unnecessary. The majority of all hangar space was removed entirely to allow more space for bulky internal reinforcement or weapon component space. Because of this, the Relentless sports only a utilitarian hangar capable of one or two shuttles and a meager handful of scout ships designed to aid the ship in search missions or to locate the enemy fleet.
Development Thread: N/A
Intent: To create a sturdy and resilient cruiser for the First Order fleet that follows the intended fleet doctrine