Image Source: Quadropolis
Intent: To create the first piece in a unique set of tactical gear to be used on the board
Development Thread: If needed
Manufacturer: Smith and Westworld
Model: TracLoc
Affiliation: The First Order—Select buyers and closed markets
Modularity: Minor; able to be controlled through a slave circuit or tethered to a HUD
Production: Mass
Material: Durasteel, Micro tractor beam unit, battery, Faraday cage, various technology parts
>>Easy to use: Using this bit of Tactical gear is literally as easy as pressing a button
>>Durable: Made of durasteel and components that are able to take a healthy dose of abuse, the TracLock will not break down quickly.
>>Weight: Each tracLoc is able to hold 500 lbs (226 kg) before it overloads and breaks. This is a fair amount.
>>Expensive: Making a micro tractor beam is not cheap, and as such these things cost a pretty penny
>>Overload: even though these tools are not quick to break down, if they carry more than their weight limit, they will break and are virtually impossible to fix.
>>Not a weapon: This thing make a bad weapon, in a fight it’d just be a durasteel bar—a very expensive bludgeoning weapon.
>>Solid surfaces required: the nature of the tracLock requires it to touch a solid surface before the tractor beam is activated. It must be touching the object and the object has to be a solid.
>>3 Hour recharge: when the 6 hours of the battery are used up, it is unable to be used again without recharging at a power source for 3 hours.
Battery life: 6 hours
Recharge time: 3 hours
Activation time: .15 seconds
Weight capacity: 500 lbs (226 kg)
The TracLock is a piece of equipment unlike most others. This 1.5 ft long bar (.45 meters) has a small red activation button on it, a lateral grip design to help prevent slippage, and an odd looking sort of crystal matrix on one end covered by a protective metal mesh. The only other distinguishing mark it has is a small charging port on the opposite end.
Using it is pretty simple, in fact most people only have to be show once. Hold the crystal matrix end to any solid object and press the red button. A small humming sound will emit and—boom—the TracLock is stuck fast to the object, almost like it was a part of it to begin with. To deactivate it all the person has to do is press the button again.
How it works is a more interesting feature: within the durasteel handle, a micronized tractor beam generator is powered by a lithium battery. When activated, it activates a very close range beam that holds it fast to the object it is pressed against. This will not work if you press any other end to it. Due to the small size of this tractor beam, it is unable to connect to anything it is not directly touching. You won’t be hauling any YT-1300’s in with this, in fact you couldn’t even use it to move a piece of paper unless it is directly touching the TracLock.
The uses for this is only limited to the user’s imagination. Need to climb a sheer faced mountain or the side of a ship? This is your tool. Need help moving a wounded comrade? We got you fam. Want to make a pulley to move some ordinance? This is the way. Looking to help unload a ship without getting your fingerprints all over it? The TracLock activates at the push of a button! Any situation where this tool can press against a solid surface for a tenth of a second will do you justice!
Each TracLock battery has been tested for assurance—six hours of activation time is guaranteed between batteries with a 3 hour recharge time.
Essentially, this is just a “universal handle” that people can use at the switch of a button.
Primary Source: Tractor Beam