Greetings mortals! And welcome to my sacred texts known as Brent rambles on about X wing, the blog where I ramble on about what I am addicted to buying, Ships for Fantasy Flight's miniatures game. Not too long ago, I wrote a fantastic bit about the QuadJumper, a ship that is really cool, but my main descry for it was its lack of shields. Today we are going to talk about a ship that also has zero shields. I promised myself after the QuadJumper I wouldn't go for any more of these sheildless bois. But, Barnes and Noble was having a 50% off sale and $7.50 plus shipping for two ships was too good for me to pass up. With that, let's introduce our player, the Protectorate Fighter.
Once again, Fantasy Flight has outdone themselves with looks. I say this a lot, but really, this one is gorgeous. The angular design is really unlike anything else we have seen so far. she is flat as a pancake, and has this really cool angular design that I just find so appealing. The Protectorate fighter is like this cool fighter that just embodies the interceptor for me in its look. But more than just the look, we will find the P fighter does the same thing for its mechanics. Interceptors are designed to get up in your business, fight fast, and deal moderate damage. This make them great for fighting small ships of their size, but honestly it makes them suck against bigger ships since they are fragile. The P fighter really has that going on. Let's look at her stats:
Like I said, no shields and quite the glass cannon because of that. The 3 attack dice is pretty good, measuring equal with an X wing. There isn't much room for ugrades on the P fighter, but it actually works pretty great that way.