Image Source: Call of Duty, Trophy System
Intent: To create the third piece of gear in Smith and Westworld's line of Tactical gear for the board
Development Thread: If needed
Manufacturer: Smith and Westworld
Model: Sonic Point
Affiliation: The First Order, select Buyers, and closed markets
Modularity: Minor; this can be controlled through a slave circuit or linked to a HUD
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Durasteel, Magnetic seal, electronic parts, Faraday cage
>>Durable: This hearty little bit of machinery is meant to be carried into combat. As a result, it is able to take a fair amount of abuse.
>>Universal: Most all species have evolved a sense of hearing as an early warning system to approaching predators. For those with excessively sensitive hearing or those that rely on hearing as a primary sense (like for echolocation) they will find themselves severely disabled by this device.
>>Non-lethal: This makes the Sonic Point an ideal device for bounty hunters, police officers, or anyone looking to take a captive without a chance of killing their target.
>>Earplugs: Those wearing adequate hearing protection will not be affected by this device--or they will suffer minimal effects.
>>The Deaf: If someone is already deaf, it will not have any affect on them.
>>Atmosphere: The basic idea of sound requires you to have an atmosphere for the waves to propagate in. This thing doesn't work in the void of space or Type 4 (no atmos) atmosphere.
>>Universal: the Sonic point affects both friendly and unfriendly targets if they are not wearing ear protection. Wisdom should be used.
>>Not stealthy: You can hide this thing before you use it, but it is loud. After all, it uses sound itself to work its magic. Its pretty much impossible to not know this thing went off even for quite a distance away.

Battery life: 3 minutes
Recharge duration: 2 hours
Effective radius: 10 meters
Height: 1 ft (.3 meters)
Weight: 2 lbs (.9 kg)
Sound is a tool for those who know how to use it well. SONAR, Echolocation, sonic rifles, sonic grenades, and some forms of stun grenades all rely on sound as tools. With the Sonic Point, Smith and Westworld intend to take the use of sound as a tactical tool to the next level.
Deploying the Sonic Point is as easy as tossing it out and letting it work. True to the main idea of their First Gen Tactical Gear set, the Sonic Point can be controlled through a HUD or slave circuit. The Sonic point has a magnetic seal on the bottom that activates when thrown, and deactivates on cue. There is also a series of holes along the base for the user to bolt the Sonic Point down if they so desire to. Lastly, the Sonic Point can be linked to a sensor (such as a proximity sensor, a sensor to doors/windows, a laser sensor or so on) to be activated when triggered. The limit is only the user's imagination and their available tools at the time. If the Sonic Point is going to be used for a prolonged duration (perhaps to disable someone for a very long time) it can be hooked up to an external power source.
The Principle of the Sonic point is very basic, almost dangerously so. When activated, the Sonic Point emits a horrible, terrible shrieking sound at a frequency that assaults the ears of the users. The frequency, combined with the volume of the sound has a terrible effect on most all species across the galaxy. As all things loud goes, prolonged exposure will result in hearing damage and hearing loss. However, initially the results vary but a stunned/staggered/impaired state is usually the case. The sound that the Sonic point makes is very painful, it is to be expected that suffering ensues for everyone within its effect radius in some form or fashion.
The great part is, the non-lethal status of the Sonic Point. The maximum damage this tool can effect on anyone is permanent hearing loss. However, most of the time the Sonic Point only gives temporal hearing loss or hearing impairment.
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