Well with April 5th passing Super Sentai turned 40, not something many shows can say. Hell I don't know a series that has as much influence as this. There is the big ones but five multi-colored fighters has gone to be in different things. THen a spin-off in America that made it even more money, one of the few franchises and that is what it is that was sold to Disney and able to be bought back. Not something places can claim but for good or ill there were some great moments, the characters usually always had someone you could relate to and with the newest series getting the largest amount of ranger's without a sixth. (Dino charge starts with ten right off the bat they tell you, there is no waiting for some mysterious sixth ranger) The Sentai itself having multiple spin off series, like Kaman Rider, Beetleborgs, Mystic Knights, VR Troopers. I am just glad to enjoy it as much as I do, I hope it stays around for another 40 years and beyond because there is always something good within it. Or the promises of a good season that it does right even the most hated like Operation Overdrive did something cool with its Pinocchio storyline as well as the serial nature of the show with traveling around the globe. They were not in one location compared to others who just happened to have all the special things buried in their city.