Matsu's family has a natural talent aside from bein around the galaxy. Their memory is strong able to be eidetic and with the aid of the force enhanced. Her ability to watch and retain long term as well as enhance short term memory to speed up her neural processes to have perfect recall of what she has read, heard or learned. It has created a few problems as she doesn't fully dedicate herself to one thing instead preferring to learn everything she can. Her recent severing from the force has damaged her connection to the force but not her mind.

Matsu's greatest strength is also her biggest weakness. Curiosity but where herrs is in the aspects of the force and its application. She doesn't seek power for her own sake but to ensure such knowledge is not lost or horded by others. She doesn't like the idea of a single person knowing how to phase through a wall or fight superior to others. She has taken the time to learn the basics of the saber forms with more knowledge of the advanced techniques but these are not done in practice. She is wise in them and can explain the finer points of juyo but she has not actually done it.

Her self training also leads in many ways to things she has not known about herself. She believes in the jedi code, she believes in the lightside but she doesn't believe the force has a side. The intent of the person using it and for good or for ill is something she has tried to prove. Albeit in smaller ways such as studying ancient arts of the cult of Vahl or Dathormir nightsisters. Her research has led her to several discoveries but nothing huge.

Matsu does not master saber forms, she has learned them and she has practiced them but onlyto give her students the true breathe of choice. They may choose their path and when they reach knight level she will show them who to go to. This has brought friction but also some understanding as the more dangerous forms such as Vaapad which she knows in text and theory never in practice. She can describe the moves and the mental state of the user but she doesn't actually know the form.

Her use of exotic and often times dangerous force powers has wrecked her body, her normal constitution is weaker then most. She catches a cold easily and takes longer to recover without aid of the force. Using certain abilities for prolonged periods of time has made her fall unconscious and bleed from her eyes and nose. A hibernation trace until she is recovered is usually placed upon her.

Matsu's size and physical condition is such that she isn't very strong. She has muscle but not as much as most with injuries and damage from fights done. Her exposure to the blu shadow virus on Cyrillia has made her immune system less helpful. Her body can be augmented with the force to make up for the damage she has suffered and as a memory of who inflicted it. She can't physically lift her own body weight without the aid of the force.

Matsu is easily influenced when under inebriation from alcohol and it causes her mental shields to drop. Chora had worked with her but the petite jedi's constitution wasn't ever up for hard drinking or really any drinking of the sort.

Matsu is skilled is other martial forms, Zeison Shal and Jal Shey texts have led her to develop sabers to match as well as conditions and ideas to modify her teachings. Her brief time with several mandalorians has taught her strong hand to hand combat and how to think at times like a soldier instead of just a jedi. Her learning of Teräs Käsi has made her one of the few jedi in the order who knows the techniques.

Teräs Käsi:
A form of hand to hand combat Matsu has begun to learn. She was taught the basics by jedi knight Cat and practices when she gets the chance.


Charging Wampa: IIIIIIIIII
Dancing Dragonsnake: IIIIIIIIII
Gronda Stomp: IIIIIIIIII
Gundark Slap: IIIIIIIIII
Leaping Veermok: IIIIIIIIII
Rancor Rising: IIIIIIIIII
Riding Bantha: IIIIIIIIII
Shenbit Bonecrusher Blow: IIIIIIIIII
Slashing Wampa: IIIIIIIIII
Spitting Rawl: IIIIIIIIII
Sleeping Krayt: IIIIIIIIII
Striking Sarlacc: IIIIIIIIII