Name: Astrapix (plural: Astrāpix or Astrāpiī)
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Unknown
Language: Astrāpum
Average height of adults: 2.1 m.
Skin color: Frost Blue, Light Blue, Sapphire; Maroon, Brown
Hair color: Silver, White; Platinum
Breathes: Type I N/O2
Strengths: [2 minimum]
Weaknesses: [2 minimum]
Astrapix are an avii-mammalian sapient species originating from a now lost planet in the Fringe of the Unknown. They are tall, lean, well-toned beings of a stature comparable to humanoids. Their hands and feet are leathery talons with sharply hooked claws made of a lightsaber-resistant chitin, legs digitigrade and avian. Their arms, outer thighs and tail are covered in a dense plumage of feathers and they have wings capable of glides. Their bones are hollow, though their considerable mass and comparably small wingspan only allow them to glide from heights, and they risk injury on worlds with very high gravity. Astrapix feathers are believed to contain a unique pheromone-like compound which, when ground, creates an anesthetic hemotoxin that in high quantities can thin ferrous blood to lethal levels and acts as a mild aphrodisiac.
Force sensitives are rare within the species, numbering roughly one in every one and a half million Astrapix. Though this rate is strong compared to some other species in the known galaxy, their longevity and low population mean that Force users are both rare and revered. It is the same phenomena that masks their home system that keeps their presence in the Force detected by the likes of Jedi and Sith, and protects their Force-attuned youth from being stolen away by either.
There are the [name1] who bear blue toned skin and white or silver hair, and the much less common [name2] who bear reddish brown skin and platinum hair. Cross-breeds are extremely rare and socially rejected.
Estimated Population: 360,000,000 (interstellar population: <10,000)
Average Lifespan: 210 GSY
Diet: Fruits, Seeds, Carrion
Communication: Standard verbal
A species of avii-mammals, the Astrapix have an obviously simple society. There is over a third again as many females as males, leaving many males to be mated to more than one female. As their planetary population numbers in the hundreds of millions and its interstellar population is practically mythical, the Astrapix follow a meritocratic matriarchy, where towns, cities and groups are divided into clan-states lead by a Matriarch. These figures act as governors and commanders, and are generally the smartest and strongest members of their clans. On the planetary level, all Astrapix are united by an Autarch. The title and position of Autarch is seldom a long-held one as one's authority and power can be disputed by the simple taking of their life by another's hands, making their slayer the new leader of the species. However, if a non-Astrapix were to slay the former Autarch, they would be ritualistically tortured and slain, and the position would fall to that Autarch's next of kin.
The rest of Astrapix society follows a pack mentality, with alphas having first pick (and first say) and each subsequent member falling in line based on their strengths and merit. It is thus that Astrapix highly value deeds and even keep trophies or mementos as proof of their worth.
Technology level:
The Astrapix are a relatively simple species who are very resourceful with nature and have limited need for technology. Despite this, they are capable of hyperspatial travel and have a knack for repulse and anti-gravity technology. As they cannot naturally fly, they use this technology to enhance their gliding capability and keep them airborne. Since this also works in space near gravity wells, it also enables them to use this natural motion in extra-vehicular activities.
Astrapix ships are very thin and light, much like their creators. Most of the modern technologies used within have been borrowed from other species over millennia, though the species have become masters of sleek aesthetics and agile designs. Thanks to an ancient technology discovered long ago, they can produce virtually intelligent sentries akin to primitive forms of the modern droid fighter.
General behavior:
Astrapix are bold, cunning beings with a pack mentality. They are seemingly dull on the exterior, though this is due to their disinterests, social customs and minimal technological necessities. An Astrapix would rather act than talk and can be fiercely dedicated to their goals, however complex or shortsighted they may be. Loyalty is difficult to earn and almost never bought, though when acquired can be fierce and unwavering.
The amalgamation of traits that make up the Astrapix psyche makes them very proficient warriors and laborers. It is in fact true that some Astrapix clans keep slaves, even of their own people; slaves frequently repose this status as their lack of merit leads to a short sense of self-worth. It is not unheard of for an errant Astrapix to sell one of their enslaved kin.
The Astrapix do not have a long, storied history. They are as old as most sapient species alive After the Battle of Yavin. As hyperspace technology exists to the Astrapix, it is evident that the Rakata must've had some form of contact with the species before its world disappeared behind deadspace, though few other lasting remnants would indicate that interactions between the two societies were minimal. During the Old Republic era, the Astrapix began interacting with nearby societies and borrowing modern technologies, though much like Iego, their world remained a tall tale. As only the few space-faring Astrapix knew where - and how - to find their hidden world, it remained isolated from the conflicts of the greater galaxy throughout the millennia.
Intent: Space Harpies (upcoming homeworld system will be a $20 DLC / included in season pass)