I've long considered my home to be a world forever lost to me, along with my family and the memories I locked away to shield myself from the pain. I joined the New Imperial Order to see the Zambrano's and their Empire reduced to crumbling ashes, much like they've done to worlds long subjugated by their conquests, or lost to the New Imperials over the course of the Third-Imperial Civil War. I understood that the same fate could have befallen the planet of Serenno when my brother and I authorized the reclamation of Serenno. By luck, the Sith did not follow the same doctrine that burned worlds across the Braxant, but it is was a foolish notion to believe that no harm would befall the planet at all.

Carannia burned before the eyes of myself and my allies.

It pains me to think of the city that I grew up seeing from the palace being exposed to the destruction that's all too prevalent within the confines of our war against the Sith. But so many lives could've been lost instead, which in essence makes the burning of Carannia a small price to pay. I hate to think of things that way. It almost makes me feel like a bit of a hypocrite, but with so many lives that could've been lost instead, perhaps It was best that Carannia be turned into cinders, rather than dozens of cities, or even the entire world.

A silver lining, I suppose.

But... Sereno has been reclaimed, and that much is enough for me to be happy. To rejoice, given my childish desire to see the planet free being made into reality. Carannia can be rebuilt, and it shall be rebuilt into a city far greater than it has ever been in the past. The influence of the Sith will be stomped out and rooted from every crevice of the planet, and the people of Serenno will never again be subject to the tyranny of my grandfather, and by extension the Zambrano Empire from which he derived his power. This is a promise to the people of Serenno, to the people of the galaxy who stand against injustice and tyranny alike, and to those within the New Imperial Order who still believe in the ideals of freedom and justice that can exist within our shared ideology of Imperialism.

With the authority granted to me by the Sovereign Imperator, I, Prince Lucien of House Serenno-Dooku, will cast aside my title of Prince, and my status of exile from the House and planet of my birth.

Though the line of succession would dictate that my father be next in line, his involvement in my grandfather's machinations makes him just as complicit in the numerous deaths and injustices that the citizens of Serenno have been forced to accept since the creation of our dynasty. As such, I will no longer accept the title that was given to me as a boy, alongside my brothers. House Serenno-Dooku will never again be led by any individual who seeks to enact evil upon those they were sworn to protect.

This much, I will personally ensure, as the new King of Serenno, the beloved home that I once had lost.

To my grandfather, wherever you have escaped, it is with absolute irony that I decree you formally exiled from Serenno, and forever banished from our House. Your bones will not disgrace our ancestors' mausoleum upon Mantero when you die. The only sliver of mercy I will allow is for your ashes to be spread through the stars of our system, and even that is more than you deserve. I hope you can find a sliver of your honor and turn yourself in for the crimes you have committed. I doubt that'll happen, but nonetheless, you now understand what fate awaits you in the afterlife.

And for those families and individuals who've been wronged by my kin, I implore you to reach out to me so that the wrongs committed can be made right. For those who suffered as a result of the Sith occupation, know that the same can be said for yourselves as well.

No more will the sons and daughters of Serenno ever have to face exile at the hands of an unjust liege or the empire whose bidding is done at their behalf. To my cousin, Adron, know that I have not forgotten the kindness and loyalty that you've shown me since our meeting. House Malvern will have its assets and ancestral home returned to them effective immediately upon the ratification of this decree. Your blood is my blood, and together our houses shall see Carannia rebuilt anew, and Serenno the same.

To Dorin of House Nalju, your fealty during our shared exile has not been forgotten, my friend. I consider you a brother as much as my own, and hereby proclaim you as Lord Regent of Serenno, to rule in my name when I am not present, and to balance out the absolute authority that my grandfather had previously held. Together we shall oversee the prosperity of our homeworld, and I have the utmost trust that you will do well by the people.

And lastly but not least, it is with honor that I call upon Silas Sunfyre of the Myrmidons, a Lieutenant within the Fourth Company of my Legion. Your skill-at-arms and loyalty is unquestionable, and word of your accolades upon the surface of Serenno had indeed reached my ears by the time the world had been taken. It is with great pleasure that I extend to you the highest honor that I can give to one of my companions, one that I hope you will accept. Moving forwards, the Myrmidons will be composed of five companies, and not four.

I intend to give this company to you, as the newly-promoted Fifth Captain of the Myrmidons, the elite of the elite within the New Imperial Order. This company will be given the honor of being the wardens of Serenno, to defend the planet at the vanguard of any attempt to bring harm upon its people. Any accommodations necessary for you to accept this honor, I will arrange.

It took all of our contributions to reach where we now are, and together we can achieve even greater heights for the world that we fought for and love.

For Serenno.

Never backward; forwards, always forwards.

- King Lucien Dooku

N E W _ I M P E R I A L _ O R D E R

Shoutout to EVERYONE who helped RETRIEVE the homeland. Hope we can all have some dope stories and lore building on the world moving forwards. Adron Malvern Dorin Nalju Silas Sunfyre Lilith Dooku Rurik Fel