Shahku Tome
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Intent: Give definition to the Tome in which Ishinae, the npc, carries
Development Thread:
Cultivating The Massassi
Hidden Secrets of an Old Master (i.e. Ancient Sith Lords Book)

Manufacturer: Shahku Tribe
Model: Tome
Affiliation: Shahku Tribe
Modularity: Yes, multiple upon multiple blank pages for adding things
Production: Unique
Material: Metal from the Shahku Battleship for spine, Dried leather/skin from dead Massassi
Description: The Shahku Tome was created from part of the ship which they called home, and single, small patches of dead Massassi skin from their chest. Because of this, dark side energy can be felt from the book. While being in the hands of the top Priest, enveloped in Dark Side forces, and in combination to the Dead Massassi, it is tainted by the Dark Side, but in no way a Dark Side Nexus. The book itself the only written script of the Shahku Tribe, and contains necessary information for the Priesthood, Massassi warriors, and the Shahku Zuguruk to continue, history of the tribe, and minor other things which are mostly Sith Powers handed down.
  • Contains all history of the Shahku Tribe
  • Contains the Sith Language, but not High Sith
  • Contains the powers Telekinesis, Mind Trick, and Force Speed
  • Contains all Sith Information and History from the Darth Krayt Holocron (Allowed to study by owner)
  • Minor Fragments telling about in detail of the Thought Bomb. but instructions had withered away and are un-retrievable. (From the withered Sith Lords Book)
  • Contains Sith Fire Ritual, Dark Side Tendrils, Smoke Demon, Odojinya, and Waves of Darkness from the withered Sith Lords Book
  • Contains Weapon Sith Alchemy from the withered Sith Lords Book