Grand-class Loaded Cruiser
Image Source: http://www.1zoom.net...462996/z2549.5/ (Owned by Star Citizen/Roberts Space Industries)
Affiliation: Shahku Tribe
Manufacturer: Justice Yards
Model: Grand-class
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel
Classification: Heavy Cruiser
Length: 950m
Width: 425m
Height: 300m
Armament: 9
Defenses: 14
Hangar: 4 Fighter Squadrons, 2 Transports
Special Features: Standard Shields, Advanced Sensors, Advanced Scanners, Standard Critical Systems, Advanced Navigational Systems
Maneuverability Rating: 15
Speed Rating: 15
Hyperdrive Class: 2
  • Command Suite: Designed to command a fleet, the ship has advanced sensors and scanners to take better hold over the battlespace
  • Low-Average Cruiser Weapons: Specializing in Long Range and anti-fighter weaponry, it is unsuited for direct ship to ship unless covered by other ships
Description: Original design created with the combined thoughts of the Zuguruk of the Shahku Tribe, Adzatsmam, and inspiration from the Interdictor-class Cruiser which the Shahku tribe resided on for so long. It is designed to be the leader of the pack with thick armor, good defenses, command ability, and able to coordinate with large cruisers like the Interdictor and others. The command Suite giving it a much easier way to track battles and provide long range support.
Development Thread: If Needed
Intent: Create a Command Cruiser
Who Can Use This: Adzatsmam