Image Source: http://enterprise-e.deviantart.com/art/Sith-Holocron-90052742
Intent: Give the Shahku their most sacred item, their Holocron
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Shahku Tribe, Ishinae, Adzatsmam
Model: Sith Holocron
Affiliation: Adzatsmam
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Sith Holocron materials
Description: It had been a long time since the Shahku Tribe could return home, and once they did... they realized how much had changed. The Sith (Purebloods) were nearly extinct, and their allies far and few, the Shahku realized they had to keep their heritage, culture, and history preserved and protected. Tomes and Scripts, while sacred to them, were not enough to keep them protected. But they were still lacking the understanding the technology of this era. However, with the efforts of an ally, who was also a Sith Pureblood, they were able to uncover a Holocron that helped them understand everything they needed to know. Along with an additional Holocron they received through kindness of another ally, they were able to compile a great record of everything they had learned before and after coming back to the galaxy. And with this information, along with their Sersaarai, they believe they can protect their knowledge and offer it to those they teach.
The Shahku Holocron holds a massive amount of information, and due to this, the size of the Holocron was slightly increased. It is not too large that it needs two hands to hold, but it is large enough to make a distinct difference from other Holocrons. Its shape conforms to the common Sith Holocron, in remembrance of their kind. The rituals used in creating this holocron created etchings on all the sides that resemble or translate to "Truth," "Strength," and "Sith." But it doesn't relate to Sith Lords or the Sith Order, but more towards their species.
- Contains the Rituals and Rites and other information to create Holocrons
- Contains the Force Powers Mind Trick, Force Speed, Memory Walk, Invoke Spirits, Telekinesis, Force Lightning, Tutaminis, Sith Fire Ritual, Dark Side Tendrils, Odojinya, Memory Rub, Spell of Concealment, Aura of Uneasiness, Enhance Force Sensitivity (Non-Permanent), and Waves of Darkness
- Contains the Sith Alchemy that Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow had (Item Alteration/Improvement and Sithspawn) and knowledge on creation of Sith Runes
- Explanations on the original One Sith, their beliefs
- Instruction and lessons on Niman and Jar'kai lightsaber combat
- Contains all history of the Shahku Tribe
- Contains the Sith Language, but not High Sith
Gatekeeper: Ishinae the Viae of the Shahku Tribe
Protection Type:
- Completely refuses access to any individual that is not a Sith Pure Blood. Hybrids are also excluded.
- Able to identify user alignment and deny access to Jedi
Primary Source:
- Shahku Tome
- Holocron of Darth Krayt *
- Freedon Nadd's Holocron
- Ishinae
- Shahku Head Priests