Intent: Create the Lighstaber that was once owned to the Sith Lord that enslaved the Shahku tribe
Development Thread: Hidden Secrets of an Old Master
Manufacturer: Dead Sith Lord
Model: Custom
Affiliation: Adzatsmam
Modularity: Yes; Can change crystals (but is incredibly difficult)
Production: Unique
Material:Classification: Sword

Size: One/Two-handed
Length: 1.5m
Weight: 2kg

Special Features:
  • Handle is mildly resistant to high temperatures
  • Phobium Blade Emitter
  • Sword Shaped Blade
Description: An ancient blade by a crafty and aesthetically pleased Sith Lord, this Lightsaber was the custom weapon that was wielded and used by the individual that enslaved the Shahku Tribe. Once a symhol of power and domination over the Shahku Tribe, it signified the leader as almighty, making the Shahku Tribe believe the old Sith Lord to be the greatest of Lords, a God, in fact. The significance of the blade was lost and forgotten after their false god died of old age in front of their eyes, now, perhaps... A new symbol of power can rise from it. The blase is old and well used, but the crystal staying intact for so long while being sealed in its hilt, which was sealed in a room for over five-thousand years. With the combined effects of the lava crystal and Phobium emitter, it causes the blade to look like flowing lava. Along with the specialized focuser, the blades shape is more flat and that of an ordinary blade than a thin, stick-like shape.