Shahku Battleship

Image Source: http://samlib.ru/img/s/shemelin_f_n/anykey/
Affiliation: Shahku Tribe
Manufacturer: Republic Sienar Systems
Model: Interdictor-class
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique
Material: Original Material
Classification: Cruiser
Length: 600m
Width: (Original)
Height: (Original)
- 5 Medium Turbolaser Batteries
- 6 Point-Defense Light Laser Batteries
- 3 Squadrons (Sith Interceptors)
- 2 Shuttles
Special Features:
- Standard Communications
- SubStandard Shields
- Standard Life Support
- Standard Sensors
- Standard Navigational Systems
- Standard Inertial Compensators
- Tractor Beam Batteries (3)
- Gravity Well Generators (4)
Maneuverability Rating: Reduced Standard
Speed Rating: Reduced Standard
Hyperdrive Class: 2.0
Command Cruiser - Sensors and Comms were more advanced to the average back in the Old Republic, giving it Standard Sensors and Comms now.
Damaged/Disrepair - While the ship went into disrepair, it lost complete functionality to most systems, including engines, thrusters, reactor stability, shields, etc
- Crew: 5,224 (Massassi)
- Passengers: 1,773 (Massassi)
- Cargo Capacity: 11,000 tons
- Consumables: 3 years (Emptied)
The ancient and old Interdictor-class Cruiser became the home of the Shahku Tribe (Massassi) after the original owner, the Sith Pure Blood died of old age. It became their home for hundreds of generations. Due to its age and very minor repairs done by lesser intelligent Massassi, many systems are not just outdated, but less effective as they once were.
Intent: Give the Shahku Tribe a fighting ship and home
Who Can Use This: Shahku Tribe/Adzatsmam
Primary Source: Interdictor-class Cruiser