I emptied my tears many moons ago, all hatred, all emotion it matters not. I have immersed myself in the river of the force and forgone my dreams.
NAME: Matsu Ike (called Snowflake by Chora)

FACTION: Silver Jedi

RANK: Former Jedi Master/ Silver Jedi Knight

SPECIES: Human (Atrisian)

AGE: 30

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5 foot

WEIGHT: 105 pounds

EYES: Dark honey brown with flecks of pale blue light from the force

HAIR: Black and long going down her back

SKIN: Alabaster white that doesn't seem to tan making her look like pure snow.

  • Tattoo
    • Tattoo of a dragons across shoulder and down arm
    • Tattoos on hands
    • Tattoos on forearm and shoulder
    • Tattoos across back
    • Tattoos down length of ribs
    • Tattoos on pelvis and hips
    • Tattoos on thighs
    • Tattoos on ankles
    • Tattoos on feet
    • Tattoos on her stomach
    • Tattoos across underside of chest
  • Scar
    • Scar across back from left shoulder to mid of spine
    • Scar under right rib from saber
    • Scar down thigh
    • Burn across forearm and hand
    • Scar across back of head
    • Scar in center of chest
    • Scars at wrists
    • Scars on feet
    • Scar at back of neck
  • Piercings
    • Navel piercing (synthetic blue crystal)
    • Upper earlobe piercing (synthetic green crystal)
    • Upper chest piercings (opila crystals)
    • Lower Pelvis Piercings (rainbow crystal)
    • Tongue piercing (baby lambent crystal)
  • Hapes (With Hanna)
  • Shri-Tal (Unknown Private)
  • Coruscant (Lower City)
  • Temple Quarters
    • Vaynai
    • Voss
    • Malachor
    • Raxus
  • Her different Ships