This message would be found on the holonet a day after the thread of Unending Wait. It would be on several news broadcast stations as well as news articles. Only way around this is if found earlier is if Galactic Alliance personal on board the Screamer Fast Assault Battlecruisers or the Sphere of Refugee were to receive this message since these were personally built by Haon Hafey.


A holographic image of Haon Hafeys figure would be presented in front of the recorder, he spoke with conviction but at the same time, had the look of when a person knew the time was coming. His eyes looked heavy, his hands were clasped together yet looked dignified, his left hand holding his hat to show his unmatted hair. He would then speak with that conviction, looking towards the holo-recorder.

"This is Haon Hafey. My home world of Ord Mantell had come under attack by those of Dorian Sevanar and his invasion forces along with Kenth Berik. These men...had not only stripped my company into pieces, but had claimed over ten thousand civilian lives in an effort for not only revenge, but to prove a point over a government whom is slowly collapsing. I am referring to the Wild Space Exiles, the man, Dorian Sevanar attacked Ord Mantell when it was their most vulnerable."

"They have decimated their people by ripping their families apart by destruction and death. Before you are images and videos of...Dorian Sevanar destroying the people I know...I find hard to even look at myself.
The Restoration-class Repair Dreadnought, a civilian vessel docked to meet with their families on board, destroyed along with an entire shipyard to prove that apparently, Dorian Sevanar is not to be trifled with his massive fleet. Images and video of Kenth Beriks men destroying not only my factories, but risk civilian lives throughout his campaign of destruction in less than a few hours. Not only was it not warranted, but had also trespassed on government capital ground."






Images and videos shown would consist of the fleet Dorian Sevarans fleet would be using from Conquistador-class Star Destroyers, a Glory-class Battlecarrier, Warhammer-class Star Destroyer, and the Malice, a Admonitor-II Class Super-Heavy Battlecruiser. This was accompanied with a Lucrehulk X-II-class Supercarrier and twin Alveare-Class Star Destroyers. Multiple starfighters would clog quickly the screen several times, as well as a Shipyard exploding with several starships going with it, including the Restoration-class Repair Dreadnought. Among them was the destruction of a missile frigate shooting directly into one of the Conquistadors, sacrificing itself at close range to take out a horrible threat.

On the ground, several images of pit droids for some strange reason would be fighting against walkers and several armed mercenaries. Each one bared the old symbols of the Metal Lords of the Void. One old veteran of the wars gone by seemed to assist a pit droid pinned down in combat. Other images would be videos taken by several personal of Have Gun Will Travel and those of Ord Mantell, factories being destroyed in the distance as well as parts of the city caught up in missile fire on the outskirts of the city with walkers destroying buildings around them, all the while civilians attempted to defend themselves.

"I may be soon...right after this message is sent, meet my end. My only hope is this message exposes what kind of people Dorian Sevanar and Kenth Berik are. Mindless killers. I ask before this message ends, support for Ord Mantell during this crisis. Affiliation and government be damned, these people are suffering due to this. I ask the galaxy as a support what refugees are leaving and also, assist those displaced during this mindless campaign of destruction from Dorian Sevanar."

There was a shake in the holo recording footage as people would be screaming in the background as something seemed to spark, he looked to the side then back at the camera, almost whispering a plea to whoever was watching.

"Dak...Metallum...please watch over my son."

The message would end. It is saved on all Have Gun Will Travel starship creations. In addition, it is unknown the fate of Ord Mantell at this time. The message towards Dak and Lord Metallum would be personally sent to their datapads.