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Darkwire Storyteller

Always Watching
>> * --xING! COMM\ \\
<\Darkwire, I have need of your services once more. Belazura has rich mineral deposits beneath its surface.
<\The Mining Union wishes to begin immediate operations on the planet. This has the consent of the ExO.
<\Unfortunately they refuse us licensing.
<\You will deploy at the Belazura Spaceport, wherein a cloudcutter dominates the small town.
<\Break into the tower, on the top floor is a vault. Make your way inside.
<\Slice into the central database and alter the will of the planetary governor.
<\State in his will, that in his death, governance will be turned over to myself.
<\Failure will result in the immediate termination of this illicit Darkwire Network.
<\Do not fail me.

"Shadowrunners, you know the mission," the Darkwire Storyteller sent in binary across the Darkwire network via the encrypted CryptNet. "The Corpos have hired us and will be paying us handsomely." A visual feed was sent to each Shadowrunner operating on the mission. It was a hologram layout of the spaceport town of Belazura, with a short sixty-floor cloudcutter looming over the tropical paradise. The top floor was highlighted red and zoomed in, revealing the personal quarters of the governor and the layout. A large vault door was nestled against one wall of the lounge room, while throughout the rest of the building was a small army of local security, and an elite squad of CorpSec.

"CorpSec officers with Marlene Starlight are on site acting as security for Corporate Authority negotiations currently ongoing with the Mining Union," the Storyteller warned, "Do not harm Starlight or CorpSec, evade and avoid her officers." An image of several ships with powerful tractor beams came into view on the hologram, as well as construction droids. "We have contacted the underworld and hired pirates to assist with the mission." The image began to display the droids cutting into the building just below the top floor, while the ships hovered above. "A bounty has also been placed on the Governor, be wary of any hunters. Do not let them kill the governor till his will has been altered."

"Hacks and Enigma will be running lead in this operation. You will be deployed from the ships down into the building while the droids work on separating the top floor. Once the floor has been cut free the ships will raise the floor with the use of the tractor beams and carry the vault, and the entire top floor, away. Take out the security, glorified mall cops, and break into the vault, alter the governors will, and when done, terminate the governor. You know your mission, now tell the story."


Almost Human
There was a hum that echoed throughout the room, a thrum that you could feel down to your very bones as the ship cut through the atmosphere, homing in on its target. At least, it was the kinda hum that could get down into your bones if you had any.

The HRD's crystal blue eyes snapped open, eyes glowing in the dim light of the chamber as she reviewed the mission data that had been provided to them, numbers and plans streaming across her vision. It didn't seem to difficult, didn't seem too hard for them to pull off. At least, if you know the plan survived. The platinum-haired woman closed her eyes again for a moment, taking a deep breath before turning her head to the side, eyes flicking open to stare out of the window.

She could see the lights of the city twinkling beneath them, like a reflection of the stars scattered through the sky above them, as if the concrete buildings and roads beneath them were a sea that stretched out as far as the eye could see. From all the way up here the city looks so calm and peaceful, the twinkle of the lights moving back and forth looked relaxing, the curtain of the night disguising the grimy, the underbelly she was only all too aware of.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as her eyes flicked down, to star at her hand, the petite digits closing into a fist, flexing it open and closed, the muscles moving under her skin. It looked real, looked like it was flesh and blood not some artificial construction put together in a lab or workshop somewhere. Another deep breath, and another, forcing the thoughts out of her head as she tried to focus on the mission coming up as the ship started to slow, swinging around towards the skyscraper they'd been approaching.

"Go time."

Ewan Mansvolk

Prex of the Corporate Authorities of Denon
Location : Belazura
Objective : Secure the Governorship of Belazura
Tags : Darkwire Storyteller Darkwire Storyteller Binary Binary

Ewan Mansvolk's shuttle landed at the landing platform of the personal quarters of the Governor of Belazura , as the Prex of the Corporate Authorities of Denon , it was Ewan's job to ensure negotiations with the Governor of Belazura continued and that Direx Manfloon would be able to operate freely on the Planet. However that was nothing but a cover for the real objective. Having been elevated to the status of Prex with the help of an organization known as the Directorate , Ewan Mansvolk's real objective was to ensure that the Goveronorship of Belazura fell into the hands of a Directorate Proxy as a means to secure the planet in order to seize control of the Corellian Trade Spine

Recently the Republic had begun investgations on the Directorate and with the Grayson's kicking Maracel out , the Directorate needed a new permanent shelter to further conduct their activities and Denon was a perfect place. Not only would it allow them to operate freely beyond the borders of the Republic and the Grayson Imperium but it would allow the Directorate to expand their influence in the Core without being vulnerable to any inter-planetary government , and Belazura was only the beginning. Soon many worlds would fall under the indirect control of the Directorate if things proceeded as planned and when the time was right a New Order would descend on Denon

As Ewan came out of the shuttle he was greeted by the Governor of Belazura who had grown paranoid as a bounty had been placed on his head. Ewan had come to ensure that his security could be assured through the Directorate and it's Proxies and if everything went as planned the Governorship of the Planet would fall under the hands of the Directorate. "Greetings Governor it's a pleasure to meet you" Ewan began. Hopefully things could go just as planned but unfortunately for Ewan more sinister forces were already on the move.

Enigma Iuda

Script Kiddie
Location: Gunship above the skies of Belazura
Post: One
TAGS: Hacks Hacks Binary Binary
Music: All the things- Dual Core

Sitting up front, Enigma barely noticed the beautiful skyline that went passed below, from gorgeous beaches that were the toast of the core worlds through to the gardens that were tended to by gardeners with a retainer fee higher than many CEOs. To the slicer, these were all boring trivial pieces of data, to be recorded merely as a sign of how much the planet changed when they were referred to again in coming years.

The gunships engines we have supposed to be engineered towards stealth but as to whether the engine design towards the uppermost part of the wing really did deaden the noise to the ground below, Enigma couldn’t confirm. What he could confirm was that he wasn’t able to get any real work done with suck a racket, which was problem that needed to be tended to.

Plus, gotta get the crew in the right mindset.

Opening his augmented hands, he admired the beautiful work that had been done in them, the palm opening into a veritable playhouse of slicer tech. Feeling a rush of binary through him, Enigma interfaces with the shuttle directly, the cyberjack from his finger creating a flowing link of telemetry and data from his ride.

Grinning beneath his mask, the speakers throughout the ship began to blast Music louder than even the deafening engines. While their target was of a more physical nature than what he as normally used to, it was Enigma’s job to ensure this went as well as it could, considering what the end goal was.

From his position without the ships electronics, he briefly exulted in the waves of information that were accessible from within the ships system. Letting out a gasp, he detracted the cyberjack, his hands returned back into their normal shape as they projected his holopad back into the air. Since getting the upgrades, his slicing work had increased in speed and quality hugely.

I give it a month before damn near every member of the crew ends up getting some sweet chrome work. Now, what’s on today’s menu for the corpos...rootkits, bugs, Trojans? We have a 2-for-1 deal going where a nasty little worm gets you some upgraded ransomware, what’s on today’s agenda?

Legs crossed, he remained sitting in the cockpit, the digital projection flashing at extreme speeds as he input code from his datapad that was now a part of his body, the slow countdown appearing on his clock entering its final phases.

Almost show time kiddly winks.
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Four hands curled into fists, two of flesh and two of durasteel. Hacks was uneasy, usually far behind the lines or sometimes even in her own bedroom during operations but she needed to be in the vault, give Enigma a hardline to the database. She was the only one slice-savy enough that should that fail she could slice into the database herself from inside the vault. A small fireteam of deathstrike drones would be available to her as backup, as well as other heavys that would be joining her.

She tugged at her leather jacket, spikes covering her shoulders and arms, white paint lettering on black leather represented a variety of bands she enjoyed. Her hands were gloved in further leather, also sporting a number of spikes. Her pants were cut short with ripped black stockings and knee high boots covered in graffiti. Midnight hair was tied back in a ponytail, slim frame glasses rested over her eyes, feeding an endless stream of data to Hacks.

As the gunship closed in on the building the bay doors opened, hot summer wind whipped at her face and clothes. A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead and she quickly swiped it away. The mod-junkie stepped forward to the edge and looked down far below. An air-limousine was parked out the front on the ground floor, CorpSec flanking a small group of corporate figures including the stern and proud Marlene Starlight, and the gothic alien Diviak Manfloon. "Time to get a move on," Hacks said, stepping back and grabbing a nearby harness, climbing into it and clipping herself in. They would be lowered down onto the roof of the tower. Droids buzzed behind the gunship ready to begin dissecting the top floor from the rest of the building.




The shout trailed from the girl's lips nearly until she hit the water, she closed them at the last second before she plunged under the surface of the clear, purple waters. The mix of water and the pool's cleaning agent produced the colored spectacle, which the BelWay Resort & Stay boasted was a time-tested secret formula unique to them. That didn't matter to the curled-up teen as she sunk a couple meters into the water, then unwrapped her arms and legs so she could swim to the surface again. Crisp, refreshing air flowed into her lungs as she breathed in, the scent and sounds of the resort pool coming into focus again.

"That was great, Daiya! You got pretty deep," the other girl cried when Daiya swam over to her again. They bobbed in the water near the deep end where the resort's diving boards stood, treading water clear of the splash zone that radiated out every time another diver hit the water. BelWay's diving boards weren't the draw of the resort's pool, or really any big thrill-seeking devices. The pool was big and expansive, but mostly intended for parentbeings to feel assured of their youngling's safety without directly supervising them.

Which was probably why the Belazura's governor had chosen this resort to let his daughter roam free.

Daiya flashed a grin at Zenie, her newest companion by design, not necessarily by choice. The governor's daughter was watched closely by her set of bodyguards stationed around the pools, appearing as casual as they could, but if Daiya hadn't known they were here for her new friend, she'd never have paid them mind. Tawrro, on the other hand, stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Is he your nanny?" Zenie asked, tipping her head of wet hair towards the shaggy Wookiee, whose fur was not responding well to the pool's humidity. Daiya giggled at the question, half-swallowing a snort as she glanced over to her frizzy-haired companion.

"He kind of was, a long time ago," Daiya said, turning back to Zenie. A lock of her hair floated in front of her in the pool, and the girl frowned at it. She strengthened her kicks so she could pull her arms out and run her hands back through her hair, funneling the dampened curls back into an approximation of a straight ponytail. Wherever her hair-tie had gone, it was no longer in place, so she tried to twist the locks into a sort of haphazard rope instead and laid in her shoulder. Good enough for now, the girl decided, and continued with Zenie's answer. "Now he's just a friend. And he thinks he's my bodyguard."

Daiya laughed, and Zenie joined her mirthlessly, and it wasn't lost on the girl. Zenie had no idea that she was the subject of the dossier Daiya had been given earlier that day.

"Mine are over there," Zenie said in a low voice, pointing with her eyes instead of her head this time. Daiya nearly had to swim closer in order to hear her. She nodded, not looking where Zenie had pointed, but she knew it was the corner where a man and woman were lounging on chairs. She was reading a book and he was pretending to nap, but Daiya knew it was a facade. Guard duty was an easy thing to spot for someone who'd grown up around the twitchy, on-edge folks of the Denon lower levels. Daiya noted that Zenie had only pointed out half of her entourage, too, and she wasn't certain if it meant that the other girl was being cautious or if she truly didn't know how many bodyguards she had.

Daiya rolled her eyes in Zenie's view, shaking her head lightly as she muttered, "Grown-ups. They're always afraid we'll just poof out of existence if we scrape a knee or something."

"Right?!" Zenie's laugh was genuine this time, and Daiya grinned at her new friend. She could call her that, right, a friend? Now it was Daiya's turn to join in mirthlessly. Lucky for her, Zenie interrupted the train of dialogue with a new boast, and swam quickly to the side of the pool so she could get out and pull it off.

Daiya watched as if interested, but took the time to check on the bodyguards. Bookworm was still invested in her holonovel, but Napper was seemingly awake now, stretching for a moment before stepping out to take a stroll. A patrol, rather.

Zenie graceful form stepping up to the diving board brought Daiya's attention back to her. The slender Human girl was tall for her age, probably taller than Daiya was at eleven. She bounced a few times at the end of the board, testing it, before coiling her legs to launch for real. Zenie jumped as the board reached the bottom of its bend, flying up into the air with her arms outstretched, purple droplets scattering off her as she went. The younger girl twisted as she arced, spinning as she tucked in her arms to gain momentum. A few strands of her wet hair waved free, but the rest of Zenie was a torpedo spiraling down towards the water.

As she hit, Daiya aimed her eyes down into the water, watching as the girl sank farther, faster than she had. Bookworm paused before turning the next page of her story, gazing out at the pool as she ran a hand through her hair, but neither Daiya nor the submerged Zenie took notice. A purple mask broke the surface, washing away into the face of Zenie as she emerged, a giant grin on her face. Daiya returned the grin, shouting to her friend as she swam back, "You're A-MAZING, Zenie! I loved that twirl you did!"

"You liked that? Yeah, if you pull your arms in, you spin way faster!" Zenie's grin was a sunbeam radiation forth from her face, and Daiya basked in it. A job or not, this girl was starting to mean something to her.

"I'm gonna have to try that!" Daiya said eagerly, and then peered over at the line of divers waiting to jump. The line had doubled since Zenie joined, and she felt her heart fall a little. "Probably later, that's way too many people."

"Yeah, I wouldn't wait that long. I was almost shivering by the time I got up to the board," Zenie admitted, and the girl nodded at her new friend. The pool was cool at first, but it was easy to adjust to it once you were in. Getting out was another story entirely.

"Let's go to the shallow end, then!" That end was warmer, kept more comfortable for the smaller kids and casual swimmers. Zenie didn't respond right away, though, and Daiya looked to see what was wrong. The other girl nodded, and then turned to Daiya with a dour expression.

"I can't. I guess my time's up in the pool," the younger girl said wistfully, the corners of her mouth turning down. "I gotta go now. Daiya knew only a little of how that felt, even before Tawrro she'd been far less restrained in her freedom, and had been expected to work to help provide for her family. Eiko had been a strict boss, but he'd usually send her away if she wasn't behaving or he got busy. By the time Tawrro had taken her in, Daiya was old enough not to need constant supervision anyway. As carefree as Zenie had seemed a moment ago, Daiya saw now that it was all a facade, much like the one her bodyguards —who were now pretending to be focused packing up— put on as well.

All of them just acting only within their limits, what an awful existence!

"You can't leave me now, we just met!" Daiya cried. Some part of her really believed it, really willed it. It wasn't any fear of failing her job here, more of the desire not to lose a friend.

"We just met, I can't leave you now." The other girl's voice had an eerie tone to it as she parroted back Daiya's words, her eyes a little unfocused. Then they brightened again, and Zenie's voice grew with delight again as she said, "Yeah, you're right! Wanna come back to my place? Well, it's my dad's suite at the resort, but he's not here now, so we'd have it all to ourselves!"

It took a moment for Daiya to register what had just happened. She didn't really understand it, it was as if Zenie's newfound willingness to continue their time together was her doing. She blinked, and then nodded in response to the question. Who was she to pass up good fortune when it came her way? "I'd love to!"

As the girls swam to the edge and exited the pool, summoning their minders after a fashion while they dried off, Daiya couldn't help but check herself. The girl before her wasn't a friend, she was the governor's daughter. She was just a job, someone to get close to and get information from.

At the end of this day lay either failure, or payment.

Not a friendship.

Location: At the BelWay Resort & Stay
Objective: Befriend the Governor's daughter, Zenie
Allies Nearby: None

The Bounteous Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt
"Likewise President Ewan Mansvolk Ewan Mansvolk ," Governor Kjell Chuma stated with a nervous twinge to his voice. The man was older, perhaps in his late 50s or early 60s, perhaps a bit larger than he should be, but his broad shoulders exuded executive confidence.. if not for the anxious slouch he found himself in.

"Except I'm afraid I have lost my appetite for pleasure, you've come at an unfortunate time for me. For reasons unknown a Bounty has been placed on my head. I have full faith in my security of course, but it weighs heavily on my mind, particularly for my daughter... speaking of" Chuma looked at his watch, and quickly keyed a button on it, telling Zenie's guards to end her free time and call her back to his suite.

"Anyway, forgive my memory, remind me again the reason for your visit?" The governor braved his biggest smile, but the wrinkles in his face betrayed his worry, while stalking Hunters surveyed their query...


Almost Human
As the gunship doors swung open Binary could feel the wind outside buffetting her, pulling at the ponytail she'd wrapped her long hair, almost pulling the breath from her very lungs. Well, if she'd had to breathe. The young woman let a smile pull at her lips, reaching out with one hand to pull at one of the ropes, feeling it buck and sway in her hands. A half turn brought her hips close enough to snap the rope into the harness as she offered the rest of the crew a jaunty salute.

"See you all on the other side."

And then she was gone, the doorway she'd been standing in empty as she slid down the line. For a moment, she was flying, for a moment she was free. And then the harness kicked in, the whir of a motor slowing her descent as the woman flipped over in the air, landing on the rooftop with a small thump.

For a moment she'd been free.

Pistol out she slammed the quick release mechanism on her harness, slipping away to crouch in the shadow of a nearby wall as bright blue eyes flicked forwards and backwards over the rooftop.

"You know, you'd think they' post someone up here, or at least sned one up to investigate all the thumps of people landing. So not impressed."

Ria Misrani

It's a New Day
Darkwire would serve its purpose Ria thought, at the moment they were busy, very busy. She let out a puff of smoke from the drag in her mouth before she plunged it into the ashtray. Cantinas were loud, noisy and in this particular case very, busy girls walked around offering drinks and smokes. Others offered dinner and a little dessert, tonight Ria wasn't interested in either. Instead, she quietly rose from her seat and slipped her waitress a credit chip before heading out of the cantina. Belaruza was a nice place, but Froswythe was nothing but farmland with cities so far apart you needed a shuttle, or a very, very worthy speeder to cross the distance in under two hours.
She was greeted by the harsh Kenai winds, bringing in the bitter colds from the Aialik mountains. If Darkwire was gonna hold the sector, they'd need more than a pretty face and a chunk of change. The ycaqt she'd rented for the week was snug up on the rocks, Ria planted her feet on the stones. Snow had painted the area the night before and coated the nearby rocks in dense powders of white death. The snow was wet, sludged into the dirt, ice stuck out here and there at best. Ria humphed herself over and toward the pocket of warmth the yacqt had found. "Alright." She soothed calling toward the creature.
The blonde managed to saddle up with the same amount of grace as a Hutt does falling down a set of stairs. Her hand haphazardly wrapped around the reigns as the wind howled through the rocks. It must have sounded like the native panthers because that ycaqt took off without a second look back. The creature took Ria along with it, Ria who had only just situated herself into the saddle now found herself along for the ride. The sharp cold wind felt like tiny daggers on her skin, it bit right through the jacket she wore. Her goal now was to try to not only survive the trip, but to get the ycaqt back on track toward Durs Ranch.

Enigma Iuda

Script Kiddie
Location: Gunship above the skies of Belazura
Post: Two
TAGS: Hacks Hacks Binary Binary Ria Misrani Ria Misrani Cassus Akovin Cassus Akovin Daiya Daiya
Music: All the things- Dual Core




When the timer in the corner of his gear hit 0, a whole host of applications began to run, subroutines blasting and a million moving parts all started their processes as the raid officially went live. 30 custom datapads, enough computing power to take down half of Coruscant, ten kilometres of unique wiring and cable, 32 off the market upgrade droid parts, a 1.5 million credit bounty and a simultaneous Corpo Infect job, Bounty Hunt, interrogation and extraction as well as some industrial level building remodelling.

As the ship lowered to the designated height, the slicer gave a nod to the pilot, entirely aware the droid neither noticed nor cared for the encouragement. Pulling up the various camera views onto the crafts screen, Enigma tapped his chrome fingers nervously, awaiting.

One by one, the floor team leapt from the belly of the ship into the night air, the various cables tying them like some parasitic fish to the larger host above them.

First was Hacks, the leader of the crew and Enigma could have sworn one of her four hands threw a gang sign as she headed towards the rooftop. While many of the crew specialised, (He himself was a slicer extraordinaire) Hacks was one of the unique ones in that her skillset was more of an umbrella, allowing her a wider view of what her people could and couldn’t do, allowing her to plan raids like these.

Next was one of the newer ones, Binary she referred to herself as. Binary….That’s a bit on the nose…Although with a name like Enigma….although I swear if we get anyone named Cipher/Cypher/Sifer running with us, I will 86 him out a window so damn fast.

Once they were all on the DZ, Enigma went to work.

The first step was projecting a hologram of the buildings schematics and blueprints up and with a satisfying beep a group of small logos appeared, representing the ground team. Beginning to worm his way into the buildings systems, Enigma uploaded the map to the various teams and opened up his comm channels to them all.

“Ladies and gentlemen this ride is brought to you by Enigma Eyes in the sky, now todays first topic, the housing market on Belazura, how do we deal with the rising prices, the constant skyscrapers being erected? Well, fear not folks, for in todays episode, our team of experts will show you how to handle this problem in only a couple of hours! Now, the owners don’t quite know so let’s keep that a surprise, lets watch closely as our team go in to surprise them!”

A green light appeared on the map as Enigma deactivated the maglock on the rooftop access for the ground team.

“One of the most important things you need when remodelling is finding out just what is it those who live their really want? A pit to throw away captives and force them to rub lotion on their skin? Maybe a cupboard to a mystical land with magical lions and such? Well, we have our very own looking into that right now!

Now, one of the hardest things to deal with is when you’re dealing with a crotchety neighbor. Ol’ Mr Peterson doesn’t like the sound of construction? Mrs. Jensen from 2B getting grumpy from the smell of sawdust and the like? Well that’s not a problem, just ensure you hire yourself some quality contractors. For today episode, we’ve chosen to go with our friends at the Bounty Hunters guild. We’ll hear from them shortly, but now baaaaaaaack to you at the studioooo!!!!”

Cybernetic hands shifting and modulating as the implants within went to work, Enigma chuckled again as he began the first real phase of his job.


One Bad Mamajama
Location: Floor 48 - Security HQ
Post: 1
TAGS: Hacks Hacks Binary Binary Ria Misrani Ria Misrani Cassus Akovin Cassus Akovin Daiya Daiya Enigma Iuda Enigma Iuda

So far his ruse had worked, Sinder had effectively infiltrated the high security building with a little help from his guild friend, Enigma. It had appeared as though the slicer wanted to dip every finger he had into the operation, hacking into the security while also providing the Bounty Hunter’s Guild with the resources to cash out on his investment as well. As an invitation, Sinder had received an anonymous email that smelled all too familiar of his new friend. Even with the encryption he put over the message, Enigma was a showoff and it was hard to hide. Something else that was hard to hide was the Trinaii’s need for credits, and this score seemed too large to not take up in a heartbeat.

The bounty hunter had a mission though, in exchange for cashing in on the bounty, Sinder would have to use a bit of discretion and subterfuge to get where he needed to go. Enigma’s first mission seemed to be to secure the planet and he made it clear this could not happen without the governor. This was a concept although not lost to Sinder was not his specialty. Believe it or not, it was very hard to hide a seven foot tall feline with three ear piercings and a ruby colored jewel placed in his largest fang, and a somehow even more outrageous tail, in plain sight. However, in a security force where your face is covered ninety percent of the time, it was easy to blend in. This is where Sinder would play his part. Enigma had forged a pass for the Trianii to get an interview as one of the security leads for the troops stationed inside the large building, this would also be where Sinder would start his hunt for the bounty of the governor of Belazura.

The promise of a government issued heavy repeater with a blast shield was already enough to get Sinder in character, but where the mission would get interesting was waiting for his turn to be called. He was used to the humid and musky scent of urban landscapes, so it was quite the vacation to be stuck in what would equate to an office building. The slicer had given him access up until the interview for the position. Enigma had even gone through the effort of clearing an alias for him to use, ‘Vigoth Bluth’ a name that was probably as ugly pronounced in Basic as it sounded pronounced with a Trianii accent. The story was he was from Republic specops, specializing in heavy weapons, explosives, and interrogation. Sinder would roll with this ugly cover until the time came to get his bounty.

Granted his security clearance, Sinder was able to bypass usual metal detectors, meaning he was able to carry his small blaster on his side and his lightsaber tucked under his unassuming clothing. Most people gave a small side-eye as they passed, but none were brave enough to question the validity of the hunter’s credentials. All Sinder had to do was make sure he didn’t out himself too soon. The security system would still pick up on his weapons on any level above him as his clearance stopped at level forty-eight.

For the rest of the applicants, this was one of the last rounds of interviews, the culmination of their careers- serving the governor directly. They had likely gone through weeks of field tests and background checks, even a few of them having their personal correspondences checked in on. “Vigoth B.”‌‌ The man called out over the room of large rough and tough types surrounding Sinder, half of them had the body of a rancor, but he was able to tell they had the brains of one too. It would be easy to blend in and appear superior in the presence of these people, something he needed to progress to the next round of interviews, which would likely take place after the short lunch break they all took.

“Present.”‌ His voice was heavy with his natural accent as he stood from his already cramped chair., extending to his full seven feet “...and ready.” The Trianii walked toward the interview room, chest held high.
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Darkwire: Enigma Iuda Enigma Iuda Binary Binary Ria Misrani Ria Misrani Sam Rodarch Sam Rodarch Soloman Priest Soloman Priest Daiya Daiya Ewan Mansvolk Ewan Mansvolk
Bounty Hunters Guild: Sinder Sinder The Bounteous Hunt The Bounteous Hunt

Hacks took a cord that ran from a large spool located on the gunship, its other end jacked into one of Enigma's custom datapads. Her goal was to physically link the Belazura central database to Enigmas datapads so that he would have unprecedented access to its files and there seamlessly slice into the governors will and alter it for the benefit of the Corporate Authorities, and therefore, the benefit of Darkwire pockets. She clipped the cord to her waist and leapt from the gunship, throwing a handsign to the rest as she fell. Binary was next, quickly descending to the tower below. The line tugged on Hacks' harness and began to lower her, then she unclipped herself from the harness and fell the last two meters onto the rooftop, landing with a thud.

"Get those drones moving," she ordered and as quickly the construction droids flew out en masse, swarming around the sides of the tower like an angry hive of hornets. The noise from their plasma cutters was deafening as they all simultaneously opened up on the tower. The loud buzzing drone from dozens and dozens of these droids. "Get those tractor beams lined up, we need them to keep the top floor steady and on the move once those droids are done." Hacks looked to Binary and commented, "Don't jinx us," just as a solitary security officer emerged from the rooftop-access stairwell.

In seconds Hacks was upon him, bounding towards him with unnatural speed, two mechanical hands reached out for his hands as he drew his weapon. They smashed the blaster out of his grip, shattering his wrist. Before he could scream she held her third hand over his mouth, muffling his cries. She gripped both his hands and held them down as her other last free hand withdrew a vibrablade and slashed across his throat. He crumpled to the ground. The distant sound of footsteps could be heard echoing up the stairs.

"Uh Binary, take the lead," Hacks said, tossing her a concerned look. She flipped the vibroblade, cleaned the weapon on her coat and slid it back into its sheathe.

Ewan Mansvolk

Prex of the Corporate Authorities of Denon
Location : Private Quarters of Governor Kjell Chuma
Objective : Secure the Governorship of Belazura
Tags : The Bounteous Hunt The Bounteous Hunt

Anyway, forgive my memory, remind me again the reason for your visit?
That was a good question. Ewan was here on Belazura for many reasons , to curb the ever growing influence of the members of the Direx Board. Ewan was aware of the true nature of the Bounty placed on the Governor and knew that Diviak Manfloon was the one who placed the bounty. The CEO of the Mining Union had his request for a license on Belazura denied and now he was after the Governor ready to do whatever is necessary to gain the rights his company needed and already Manfloon had a reputation of strip mining planets and laying waste to them. Something the Prex could not allow.

My visit is mostly critical for everyone who stands on this planet and you too Governor. With the bounty placed on you i suspect that Diviak Manfloon the head of the Mining Union is perhaps seeking to take over the Governorship by having you killed and worst of all he might haves eyes on this planet in which is bad as he has a reputation of strip mining planets and laying waste to entire ecosystems all for his Mining Union. Under my protection can you prevent that and with the help of my allies within the Directorate this planet could be safe from Manfloon’s Greedy Ambitions. So what do you think Governor do you want to save your planet from the hands of Manfloon or die at his hands and achieve nothing. The choice is yours and there isn’t much time left”.

Hopefully the Governor would choose the former with that being the only way Belazura would be spared from the greedy ambitions of Diviak Manfloon and if he did so both the Governor and the Prex could profit from such a decision. The Governor would be safe from any assasination attempts and Ewan’s influence within the Corporate Authorities would grow furthermore. However like Ewan said , there wasn’t that much time left as his enemies and those of the Governor were moving against them and it was a race against time.
Son of Triam
What sort of mess did he find himself in this time? A youth trying to kill someone for money... oh yeah, and while he tried to do that apparently a few of his benefactors were trying to literally steal the top shelf of the "Corpos" as Enigma Iuda Enigma Iuda would call them. It was certainly... a plan, but it remained to be seen if it was a good plan. Sure, rather than crack the vault at the site location we'll just steal the vault and the floors its on and crack it later. Yeah, just swell.

Hopefully this would fare better than Geonosis...

The biggest trouble was finding a way to get in to the building without being noticed. The obvious choice was to walk in as one of the guards... but his disguise matrix was inop, and he looked far too young for the part (partly because he was) and he couldn't hide behind a mask.

Who knew that a monstrous tiger person would be a better infiltrator than the human with all of technology at his command? The irony was not lost on Cassus as he kept an eye on the Governor's daughter utterly naked... err, unarmored rather. Despite the way he felt about it, for once Cassus declined to armor himself for this Bounty and instead found suitable civilian clothes for the activity. Swimming and lounging.

What trivial nonsense, he thought to himself, disgusted with his childish appearance in nothing but swim trunks and a tight fitting short sleeved shirt, loathing every second he went without the ability to survive a blaster to the chest.

It would seem Cassus had inherited more from his mother than he had initially thought, at least in that regard. The woman hated going without armor in any place that wasn't home, wherever that happened to be. It seems her constant conditioning had caused him to share the sentiment.

Nonetheless, this was part of a job, with a paycheck large enough where even a small cut of it would satisfy his mother's needs. At least for a time, it was hard to say.

Suddenly after some time keeping an eye on the girl, and her companion, they got out of the pool. Cassus observed several bodies who must be security personnel get up and begin moving with the pair. Cassus decided to get up too, and tried to casually walk up to the pair.

"Hey, your diving was a amazing," Cassus said and looked to each of them individually, "Are you two headed out now?" Already the anonymous security personnel were very close to him, probably to remove him for being male around the Governor's daughter. He hoped he sold his innocent youth well enough, and that his more mature appearance for his age didn't conflict with his attempt to socialize. Though perhaps that could work to his advantage, too. Security might not like him, but maybe Cassus was Zenie's type? The boy didn't know anything. He figured, he was born on accident, so then it must be easy to find someone's attention and interest by showing up and not looking terrible. After all, his mom was a mercenary cyborg with more scars on her body than years of her life or stretch marks combined. Surely a fresh youth similar in age would be enough for a simple social encounter with a girl(s)?

Well, he was about to find out one way or another.

Daiya Daiya


Almost Human
"You know, Darkwire always ends up sending me to the most interesting wonderful places. Go steal a skyscraper they said. We've got a plan they said. It'll go off without a hitch they said."

The tones of sarcasm heavily laced the woman's voice as she moved up past Hacks, drawing a second pistol as bright blue eyes peered worriedly at the door, and the stairs behind it. She could hear the thump of boots pounding on the stairs, feel the vibrations coming up through the souls of her feet as she sucked a breath in and rolled her shoulders.

"I swear, if I get shot, I'm petitioning that we start getting paid hazard pay."

Binary knew that when it came down to it she had less to fear than her colleague, while Hacks was heavily cyberized, and could obviously hold their on in a fight, there was something about having an entirely non-organic body that gave her a wonderful feeling of detachment at times like this. Only, well she wouldn't want to admit to that, or even admit to anyone that she wasn't human. She wasn't quite ready to share that secret with anyone just yet. A custom modified body, that was her story, and she was sticking to it so far.

"Well...stand back boss. And drinks are on you after this."

A final breath, a nervous habit, one last roll of her shoulders and the woman took off running at the door, launching herself into a flying kick as she brought her guns up, blaster bolts impacting the hinges and the handle just before she hit it, sending the heavy door tottering backwards onto the heads of the security detachment who had been pounding up the steps. Their bodies held it, just for a moment, just for long enough for Binary to ben her legs, launching herself up into the air, diving past the guards, twisting in the air as she opened fire, blue blaster bolts falling into the tightly packed unit as she hit the floor, skidding backwards with an exuberant cry as she ground to a halt as the bodies fell in front of her.

"Hi guys, I heard something about a party and figured I'd drop on in."


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"Petition with the Corpos'," Hacks replied, a smirk forming on her lips. She took a step back as Binary had warned, placing her hands up in the air as a mock show of submission. With a running start the Shadowrunner leapt and slammed into the door, throwing it into the security behind it. They tumbled to the ground and were quickly dispatched in a brilliant and sudden light show of neon blue. It ended as quickly as it had started. "Damn," Hacks said, "I guess I am buying drinks, hey."

"Enigma, we're moving in," Hacks said via comlink, grabbing at the lead by her belt and making sure it was still unwinding from the spool within the gunship hovering above. The mod-junkie tenderly climbed through the doorway, stepping over corpses and stepping on someone who was still breathing. When she heard a grunt from the man below she realized he was still alive, her eyes darted down and found only a grazing mark on his shoulder. Not enough to put the quit in him, Hacks thought. A mechanical arm curled back and slammed down with incredible speed and strength, crushing flesh and bone beneath her fist. He fainted, his shoulder shattered. "That should do it," she said.

"The governors floor is right below us," Hacks said to Binary, "Just need to get in and secure the room." The floor beneath them seemed to suddenly drop an inch, causing a sick feeling in the womans stomach. "Droids must be almost done, we should get a move on." Heavy boots raced down the stairs, turning right then right again as the fire escape door ahead beckoned them to the governors private residence. The penthouse. Hacks went to open the door, handle didn't budge. "Locked," she said, then swapped hands to one of her mechanical ones, again she tried to the handle and the metal crumpled under the pressure. "Guess not then," she sighed, then punched a hole through the door to the right of the door handle. Her hand reached in and over, unlocking the door from the other side. She then kicked it open.
Dyre and his men walked down a sidewalk near a street located in a business district surrounding the Belazura Spaceport. They had expected something… honestly anything… to try and stop them… but strangely enough they were only delayed briefly by a handful of inebriated women who had wanted a picture taken with them and in turn given them fifty credits. As they approached a bank Dyre sighed, his hand resting on the entrance.

“You seem upset sir” one of the men asked “Is something wrong?”

Dyre shrugged. “Not really, it is just that back in the day, people would shit their pants when they saw us coming and all of a sudden everything was ‘yes sir, no sir and so on, but now we are apparently just some idiots in costumes.”

“Yeah… I suppose you have a point Captain.” The trooper said.

“I would sympathize if it was just us with guns” he states sullenly “But we brought those things?”. Dyre points behind them at the two AT-STs which he had brought expecting some kind, any kind really… of resistance.

The trooper laughs. “Metal chickens those women called them sir… I still don’t I see it…”

“Well” Dyre stated. “No sense in waiting… lets do this…”

With a single motion he opened the entrance which slid open and flanked on all sides by his men, they rushed in, weapons raised. With the blast of flashbang and smoke grenades, and the red flashes of rifles and blastercannons, the Raid of Bakura had begun.
Objective: Hooking up to the Vault.
There was a high bounty offered for the Governor’s head - and Soloman was hardly a man to turn his nose up at a few good credits. A cigarette hung from his mouth as he sat on the edge of the ship’s landing pad - and his gaze wandered back to the others inside as it hovered over the building in question;​
His ship was tasked with hauling the vault away; which made sense. He’d optimized its engines, made the thing a beast on the battlefield - it had the speed and power to make sure the building was gone; but that didn’t make it any easier to put himself so openly in the sights of everyone else. A repulsor crane was motioned for his ship to enter and connect to - and Soloman did little more than raise his finger to motion them forward.​
About to hook on.”, he called the others on the ship.​
You kids ready, or you still putting on makeup?”, Soloman said with a glance over his shoulder.​
Not that it mattered. As the ship came in - the droids did their job of tying his gunship to the building. It jolted slightly as the supports gave way - but he had to wait for the signal, for the others to be in position before he pulled out. The Bounty Hunter hopped off the edge and pulled his handgun - finishing his cigarette as he walked towards the roof access building -​
Likely not used in a hot minute.​
As he approached, the door opened suddenly - and Soloman did what he did best, planted a bullet in both of their heads. It was faster than the average eye could see, but Soloman did well to shoot straight - just wished he had a chance to finish his cigarette. Its cherry shot off by one of the two aggressors, he sighed and tossed the butt over the side of the building;​
Hacks, we’re in position. You got that will changed yet?”​


Ginger With A Gun
LOCATION: Support Craft Gunship
OBJECTIVE: Make sure others don't show up, Provide Backup to Soloman Priest Soloman Priest and Enigma Iuda Enigma Iuda
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You know, there are some things that I would rather not have to do. One of them was sitting out from the actual action. You know, a girl like me has to get the barrels of her gun hot every so often. 'n not that stupid plinking crap at a target. Nah. Actually hit someone with a bolt and see their body have a smoking hole. The adrenaline, the rush? Completely satisfying. So too is getting paid to do it.

However, I would not have thought that the entire idea, was to just completely steal the floor of a building. Looking from the controls in front of me, a timer. One that gave me an estimation to the response time of the local policing forces. Once we were spotted, it would be about five minutes before first responders showed up. From there, if something went wrong, we had ten minutes for some heavy forces. While those who were inside would have to get some shots off, and actually set the charges to legit blow the entire top section of a building off, One ship alone wouldn't be able to just carry away the weight of a building, plus that of all the equipment, and the people who were there. Plus, it never hurt to have someone provide covering fire when chite goes south.

Which was my job.

"Calm your tits Bantha Wrangler. Hacks and Binary got this. Now quiet. Gotta make sure we don't get uninvited guests joining the party."

In truth, I was listening to local police com systems. Wasn't difficult to be tapped into that. Thanks to Enigma who had that nifty stuff on my ship.


Location: At the BelWay Resort & Stay
Objective: Gain access to the governor's suite
Allies Nearby: Cassus Akovin Cassus Akovin

"Hey, your diving was a amazing. Are you two headed out now?"

Daiya had bent down to dry off her legs and feet, so her first introduction to the newcomer was a pair of hairy, wet legs that came into view. Her gaze followed them up to an older teenager who looked Human-enough. He was a head and a half taller than the girl, his lean body dressed in a pair of swim trunks and a short-sleeved shirt, and she wrinkled her nose in response as she looked him over. Why did boys have to be so ugly? This one was nosy, too, a gross look on anyone. Plus, he stole her "A-MAZING" line, and that was definitely unattractive.

Why was she thinking about his looks, anyway?

"Thanks!" Zenie answered before anyone else. She seemed eager for the compliments, and Daiya suddenly felt an ounce of concern for the younger girl's safety. The shock in her eyes must have mirrored what Bookworm and Napper felt as they stepped forward to head off the boy's advances, but too late to stop Zenie from saying, "We're heading up to my suite, just us."

Zenie grinned at Daiya, as if passing a secret between them, and the girl struggled to return the grin. No wonder she didn't know about her other bodyguards, who were standing farther away, aloof and inconspicuous to the casual observer. Zenie among them. Daiya had known girls like Zenie in her childhood on Denon. They were usually among the first to be caught up in danger or disappear.

For once, Daiya was grateful to Zenie's protection detail.

"Girls only," Daiya added in a sing-song voice, joining in when Zenie giggled in response. She threw her arm around Zenie's shoulders, standing in solidarity against the nosy teenager, hoping he'd take the hint.

Napper seemed to take the lead on this, and stepped up to the boy to stop him from talking to the pair any longer, no hints needed. Bookworm ushered the girls onward, only reluctantly allowing Tawrro to take up the rear while Napper had a talk with the boy. Daiya was lucky Zenie had cleared it with the bodyguards, but more lucky that she had been the first to catch Zenie's attention that day.

She only had to hope her luck would hold out until the job was done.

Reaching the floor of the Governor's suite, Daiya was surprised to find it on an otherwise-regular floor. They passed other resort-goers, some of whom gave Tawrro a sidelong look, but otherwise treated them like fellow guests. The girl leaned close to her younger companion, confusion apparent in her low tone, "I thought you said your father was the governor?"

"He is!" Zenie returned cheerily, not really catching the tone of the older girl's voice. "But he thinks it's too obvious to put the most important things on the top floor of anywhere. Security by obscurity, he always says. People can't find something if they don't know where to look for it!"

There couldn't be a more clear demonstration of Zenie's words than right at that moment. Even the guests within earshot were paying them no mind, not even under pretenses. They seemed to genuinely think that their party was another bunch of resort guests, here to party and relax as they were, unaware of the value and importance they were strolling casually by.

It made the girl wonder, what else did the governor keep secure this way?