On the subject of Korrasami I will say this.... one of the main reasons I shipped it so hard was because Mako in season 1 was so lame. Asami the creators said was originally a spy, meant to join the team and betray them which I can see but they liked the idea of her being a part of it and Mako with Korra was always the goal of season 1... The main problem was Mako was so bland no one liked or cared about him. Korra and Asami had these personalities, had actual substance. They also said by season two Mako and Korra were going to break up and season three onward wasn't going to have romance. I actually didn't mind that idea, that all four developed a deep friendship was a great idea without romantic overtones... then they had Asami be the only one Korra wrote to, Asami was the one with Korra when she was hurt holding her hand through the pain and her being injured.

Which only reinforced the idea of them being girlfriends but it being a kid show it could only go so far as "good friends". The ending when the creators went all out, they had Korra and Mako talking and for a moment it seemed like they were going to have them end up together well that would have been playing it safe. They took the risk they gave Korra and Asami holding hands and that final scene showing that over four seasons the two had went from rivals for ones mans affection to friends to something more (they did confirm it for everyone afterwards so there was no debate they are together). It was a wonderful and great thing because the characters developed, they grew over four seasons into that point.

Which is why I like it more then Aang and Katara's who while no less valid and actually fits seemed more forced. In Last Airbender it is hinted at and barely touched on except in a few episodes that they like each other. Then it evolves in season two shoing their relationship where she can calm him down and bring him out of the avatar state until it finishes in season 3 where they kiss before the exlipse and again at the end. The main problem is they are kids and this only love for me was silly and not going to be the one and only... it can happen but very rare.

Korra and Asami on the other hand started as rivals for Mako, they both wanted him, then they both realized they didn't need him in season 2... Becoming more friendly with each other. Season 3 there was really no romantic interests for either of them and instead their friendship got to grow and change from rivals to friends. By season 4 it showed how much things had changed with Asami being the only one Korra talked with and wrote to... Their relationship developed naturally and organically until it reached that conclusion of them having more romantic feelings... but they had to become friends first.

They are still friends, they might be together, they might be in love but the show played with and tried to show relationships as a things you always worked on and acknowledge feelings. This would be something new for Korra, this would be something new for Asami, the world of avatar might be different in many ways, might not care about same sex couples, but they might now know what to do. They might be scared or nervous. It is something to explore in the comics or the games if they make more in the Legend of Korra universe part which I hope they do. I hope they keep up the level of quality with the characters rather then just "yeah they're together now and everything is perfect"

The fact the show can get that level of feels and thought for things is one of the reasons why I enjoy it. I mean the only other really big american animated show I had thought about like this was Gargoyles or even Carmen San Diago. Because both of those were written smart not treating their audience like idiots. (and is why I do own the complete series of those)