Alright since well a few have heard these ramblings and I am bored I shall commit them to a post on the internets.
What is falling?
  • Falling to the darkside is a dangerous thing and should not be taken lightly. So many just do the base "Give into anger I'm darkside now." Thatcheapens a good fall filled with turmoil. Analyzing the darkside you know there is more then anger, and greed. These are symptoms and after effects, yes falling you'll feel anger but it comes from more then just a few things and we'll discuss them.
How does one fall?
  • From good intentions, all good darkside falls have started from the best intentions. The sith manipulating you finds what you care about, what you feel and takes it. Prods it with pain and loss until your caring, your love for it becomes obsession with keeping it. Allows fear to creep into your mind. Yoda said it correct, fear leads to anger, anger to hate and hate to suffering.
The Fear
  • The fear of loss is the most powerful weapon here, it shouldn't be taken lightly and is where the ground work and the turn happens. Working from the fear the darksider or sith manipulates you into doing what you believe is right and just. Your not gaining power for the sake of it your gaining it to protect this and that. It is a Faustian bargain that is made in personal greed. So that no matter what you do, no matter how much to say you are doing the right thing.... You are also only thinking about how this will empower you, how this will strengthen you.
The Crux
  • The final and true expression of falling is what happens and has to happen. A sith cannot have attachments, their chains are broken and the force that which they command has freed them. This means the weakness that led them to seeking power must be destroyed, must be taken out of the picture. Your greed and obsession has driven you to the point you have to kill that which you love and became afraid to let go of.
The Aftermath
  • Self loathing, hatred of yourself. There are many things that come from doing what you did for your pursuit of power. Unrelenting rage at your actions that you unleash upon the galaxy (example Malek), vast depths of sorrow that cause you to sever all ties to the galaxy (example Ulic) or will you be broken, regretful of what you lost but seeing yourself forever as the villain (example Vader)
These are all possibilities and you can make your own. That is the beauty of storytelling and you can make your own path but don't think because you have gotten angry that it means your going to fall.
  • It wouldn't be a complete guide without the other ways a jedi or person can fall. There are several and it is a cheat usually a compulsion that can't be helped.
  • Taint: A powerful taint can slowly manipulate and increase negative emotions, cause paranoia. When resisted it makes the person sick but can be purified from objects with a wall of light. (example the soulsaber)
  • Possession: A common trait of sith lords was binding their spirit to objects, holocron. Their very souls are able to overtake the persons and the sith lords lives again. (example is Exar Kun on Yavin IV)
  • Sith Poison: A sith poison can be corruptive, deadly and somehow sever the force all at the same time. If your infected seek a strong healer to sure you. Effects if it doesn't break your connection to the force are that negative emotions are easier to feel, your quicker to anger and it is harder to use lightside abilities. (Example Ashin Varanin)
  • By force: Another way and less thrilling, akin to a kidnapping and only as dangerous as the person allows it. IF they tell and get help or if they don't say anything and try to reason they are doing the right thing regardless. Usually the darkside effects are minimal compared as the victim is not being seduced into something but forced.