At any point, a Major Faction may “invade” another Major Faction's occupied hex. This involves one Major Faction's members fighting for control of the hex(es) against another Major Faction's members. New Major Factions may not be invaded for the first 30 days after their application is approved unless they initiate an Invasion first.

  • Label your faction's name, the hex, and the opposing faction in the topic title.
  • A Major Faction may only start one Invasion at a time.
  • A Major Faction must give one week's notice of their intention to Invade a hex in a Declaration thread in the Roleplay Discussion forum. When this thread is created please tag an Admin so they are aware of the Invasion.
  • Hexes invaded further than two hexes away from a Major Faction's border will not increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud.
  • Starting on the day of the Invasion Declaration OOC thread, Major Factions may not claim nor Dominion a hex bordering any hexes of an Invasion until a Victory Declaration is provided and the Invasion has been added to the Map Update Request thread. This period of time may not be longer than one week prior to the Invasion roleplay.
  • Hexes gained in this manner will be given in accordance to the shortest path available, but Major Factions may annotate a hex from which the Invasion starts it's path.
  • Hexes rewarded in this manner must be empty or belonging to the target hex's Major Faction Influence Cloud.

    Stampeding is prohibited. Stampeding is when several members of a Major Faction post repetitively without waiting for a response from the opposition.
    Stalling is prohibited. Stalling is where a defending faction deliberately seeks to under perform.
    There is a moratorium on Invasion and Annihilation threads between the 1st of December and the 8th of January. Invasions and Annihilations must be submitted for judging prior to December 1st, and may not begin before the 8th of January.


1. All Major Factions in an Invasion thread may request assistance from Factions not involved in the thread.

2. Allies must be accepted by the Major Faction they are assisting.


1. The thread must have a minimum total of 100 posts between both factions.

2. Both factions must have a minimum of 5 faction members per side. If either faction cannot meet this requirement within 72 hours of the beginning of the invasion, that faction forfeits.

3. Invasions typically run for two weeks.

4. At any time, Faction Owners may request an Administrator to review an Invasion for the purpose of forcing an early concession due to inactivity from any offending or defending Factions. If the claim is found valid, the Administrator may initiate an early Judgement deliberation.

At no point during the Invasion may a Faction Owner be requested to submit or voluntarily submit a summary of the Invasion for the purposes of the SWRP Administrator Team's review.

Once an Invasion nears it's completion, contact an Administrator. If either faction does not concede, site Administrators will decide the victor.


Once an Invasion has reached its conclusion, the thread will be judged by a panel of Site Administrators.

This is a review and judgement on the entire thread, including the faction stories, individual plots and cooperation between groups. An emphasis in this judgement is on teamwork, good writing and collaboration. The results of individual battles and duels are less important than the means used to get there.

Once this judgement has been decided it will be announced by one of the Administrators.
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