Completed Diplomacy threads allow Major Factions to peacefully exchange hexes.

  • At any point, a Major Faction may negotiate for hexes from another Major Faction.
  • A Diplomacy thread’s title must include the name or acronym of both Major Factions, and the name of a planet visible in one of the transferring hexes.
  • Upon consent of both Major Factions to exchange territory, a Diplomacy Thread may be initiated.
  • A Diplomacy Thread is considered completed when the story of the thread has reached its conclusion.
  • Any number of hexes may be exchanged between the two factions, with a general guideline of 30 posts per hex. A Diplomacy Thread may not reduce a faction below 3 hexes total, and may not include a capital hex.
  • The hexes gained by a faction must be adjacent to each other.


Once a Major Faction has posted a completed Diplomacy thread to the Map Update thread, an Admin will assign an RPJ to judge whether the thread meets the following criteria. The RPJ will sign the ‘Approval’ field in the Map Update template, or will contact the submitter if further work is needed.

  • STORY - Does the Diplomacy thread have a story (or group of stories) that makes sense and that comes to a reasonable conclusion?
  • REPRESENTATION - How well are both Factions represented in the Diplomacy thread? For example, if two members post the bulk of the thread back-to-back, the Diplomacy is unlikely to be approved without more work from other Faction members.
  • EFFORT - How much effort has the Faction put into the thread? As a general guideline, 30 average posts is an acceptable effort per hex. A lower number of posts may be acceptable if clear effort has resulted in solid stories that reach a natural conclusion. Spammed posts with minimal effort will count against the Faction.


Initiating Faction: (Insert Name Here)
Negotiating Faction: (Insert Name Here)
Name Of Each Faction Owner: (Tag Initiating Faction Owner, Followed By Negotiating Faction Owner. Whichever faction does not post this template must reply to this thread to confirm acceptance of post)
Name Of Planets Initiating Faction Is Exchanging: (Insert Planet Names Being Given Here)
Name Of Planets Negotiating Faction Is Exchanging: (Insert Planet Names Being Given Here)
Link To Diplomatic Exchange: (Insert Diplomatic Exchange Thread URL)
Number Of Posts The Diplomatic Exchange Has At The Current Time: (Insert Post Count Here)
RPJ Assigned: (Leave this blank, an RPJ shall insert their name and the date / time when it has been approved)
RPJ Approval: (Leave this blank, an RPJ shall insert their name and the date / time when it has been approved)
Changed on Map: (Leave Blank, Admin will add name when added to map)