Image Credit: Meiko Kaji cigarette circa 1970 something. Edited by Corvus Raaf​
Corporation Name: Sasori Research & Development Umbrella
Headquarters: The Harlequin
Asobi System:
Shri-Tal (Planet Based Headquarters)
Sekirei Kazahana Asteroid Field
Silver Jedi Space:
Rhen Var

The Dark World
Eol Sha:
Seoul V

Operations: Developing Jedi force artifacts and techno force items, research into exotic technology and design of advanced technologies for different divisions. Employment of advanced technology, construction of weapons, armor, vehicles and small space craft, development of medical technology, cloning facilities, agricultural farming and water purification, mining facilities and equipment repair, construction.
Research Divisions:
  • Aeronautical Research:
    • Aeronautical Development:
    • Aeronautical Design:
    • Aeronautical Acquisitions:
  • Metallurgical Research:
    • Metallurgical Development:
    • Metallurgical Mining:
    • Metallurgical Acquisitions:
  • Biological Research:
    • Biological Development:
    • Biological Containment:
    • Biological Acquisitions:
  • Agricultural Research:
    • Agricultural Development:
    • Agricultural Employment:
    • Agricultural Samples Acquisitions:
  • Stealth Research:
    • Stealth Development:
    • Stealth Research:
    • Stealth Tech Acquisitions:
  • Anti-Force Research:
    • Anti-Force Development:
    • Anti-Force Design:
    • Anti-Force Acquisitions:
  • Weapons Research:
    • Weapon Development:
    • Weapon Design:
    • Weapon Technology Acquisitions:
  • Armor Research:
    • Armor Development:
    • Armor Design:
    • Armor Material Acquisitions:
  • Clone Research:
    • Clone Template Development:
    • Cloning Technology Design:
    • Cloning Technology Acquisitions:
  • Artifact Research:
    • Artifact Recovery:
    • Artifact Restoration:
    • Artifact storage:
Rationale: Matsu's love of research and developing small bits and bobs for use by her fellow jedi led her to seek out Baktoid owner Alli Wren and with her help and donations. Sasori was able to for a tax write off as a charitable organization that demands no money for their products was setup.

Tier: 4
A small company created to equipment jedi with useful equipment needed in the field for battle, negotiations and exploration. Utilizing the Explorer's corp a group of padawan's who have failed to find a master and the other researchers in the order. Together they worked on making safer and more durable equipment the jedi could use and that Republic soldiers could benefit from if they wish it. Then some good fortune struck for the group when the message from the ancient Je'daii world led them to the ancient structure built to mirror the ancient Prism.

Since then the group has churned out new equipment as needed for battles with enemies of freedom and the lightside. Providing information as needed and creating a new Expeditionary suit for jedi to use in exploring and fights if needed. The rare and hard to find Murr earrings that while fashionable aren't easily made. When the silver jedi order formed Matsu was contacted to make items discreetly and worked to create the synthetic silver crystals they could use for their sabers. Then slowly worked on custom robes to provide them a distinct image.
The expeditionary suits useful in providing until a proper robe can be fashioned protection for them. Several more products created for the members of the order and others upon request. The researcher teams moving around and working setting up varies labs and areas to work on research and development. First on Zygerria and Voss, then moving to Malchor, Mayferria and setting up a main station on Shri-Tal. Matsu's work and thoughts to get to worlds like Almania, Toola, Vaynai and Raxus gave her hope for what it could become in the end.
Then slowly as time went on, the jedi knight Bellalika looking to change up and focus on her studies worked with Matsu, to put her company to use with the jedi as it brought its research divisions and some of its locations to her. Combining the two companies working to make things for the jedi and force orders as it came to be expanded. With hard work and a dedication to providing honest practices to its people. Matsu was glad to see that they might be able to work and create a brighter future. The future of Sasori Reseach and Development was looking brighter as they began looking at mining operations.
The company itself slowly expanding but not aggressively, they weren't something that needed to be seen or felt in the galaxy. If people wanted their things then they would see the people got it and building ways to access it across the galaxy became important. Small storefronts and warehouses slowly started springing up in makeshift areas offering to take scrap and junk from both people and the companies. The companies direction of recycle becoming a mantra as they could make millions of products but companies came and went while junk and garbage collectors stayed eternal.
Mining Operations:
  • Ura-Hata:
    • Obsidian
    • Force Crystals
  • Dariya:
    • Tydirium
    • Platinum
    • Aurodium
  • Shri-Tal:
    • Force Crystals
    • Fish
    • Aurodium
    • Animals
    • Vine Silk
    • Vine Coffee
  • Cazador:
    • Crystals
  • Sekirei:
    • Meleenium
    • Aurodium
    • Anthracite Fuel
    • Hexophilenine Ore
  • Kazahana Asteroid Field
    • Stygium
    • Aurodium
    • Force Crystal
  • Gallos:
    • Cortosis
    • Lambent
    • Sithspawn
  • Seoul V:
    • Seoulian Crystals
Sasori Research
  • Personal Armor
  • Personal Weapons
  • Personal Lightsabers
  • Jedi Gear
  • Vehicles
  • Force Gear
  • Artifact Recovery
Praestigiae Shop
  • Shipbuilding
    • Construction
    • Design
  • Cloning
    • Personnel
    • Organs
  • Armor
    • Armor components
    • Armor Design
  • Weapons
    • Weapon Design
    • Weapon Production
Wey'lan Dyu'tani
  • Shipbuilding
  • Farming/Agricultural
  • Armor/Weapons
Chai La Armory
  • Weapons
    • Weapon Components
  • Armor
    • Armor Components
  • Beskarworkers
    • Personal Beskar'gam
Phenex Industries
  • Starships
  • Starship Components
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Space Stations
Sakura Welfare
  • Medical Research/Development
  • Medical Teams
Satochi Preserve
  • Animal Research
  • Hunting
Shinra Disposal
  • Recycling
Saeko Extracts
  • Mining