The room was slightly under-lit and damp as the circle of woman sat around her. The woman was straining and being told to push as a rigid woman stood up with a towel wrapped around a bundle and she wiped the baby off. Gently the child was placed next to the mother and the woman's turned to see her.
"A daughter Oshida you have a daughter."

"Matsu.... my child..."

Slowly the woman frowned as her hand came up and touched the face of the baby. Her hand lightly glowed a golden light while she spoke more.
"You were born innocent Matsu but soon shall have your soul stained. It started nearly two years ago on Dantooine, me and your father came to teach at the local school. We didn't know what they had done what he had planned. He wanted to make money wanted to make a profit and exploit the people so he did, he told them the sith were returning and they could be excluded from the local militia by paying the Alliance. It was a scam and for the price of one thousand credits they could get someones else to fight."

"The farmers quickly went about it paying but still he wasn't done to sell the con he needed someone to take the blame. So he told them your father was from the Alliance and there to draft them the others worked them into a frenzy so when we arrived they attacked. Your father Matsu was taken with your brother to a shed and killed while I was taken with him. He kept me locked away in their ship bound to a wall with my grief while they counted their blood money. The youngest he wanted my body so he took it with his share but I learned their names, Micah Zeeman, Quinn Callahan, Rhoan Jefferies and Meng Die the queen of the group."
Slowly Oshida looked around as her face was contorted in anger and she spit the four names as in her eyes their faces burned.
"After they finished with the planet they fled left to Coruscant to separate and disappeared. Rhoan kept me his slave in his shop he opened and made sure I knew I was his to have nightly. He didn't know I had stolen the knife from your brothers back. Didn't know until I had it sticking out of his back and was looking into my eyes but I got caught trying to escape and was sent here."
With a look at the baby Oshida smiled a sadistic grin. She hadn't gotten what she wanted she wanted another son to preform her revenge.
"My daughter you were born for my vengeance such a sad fate but you will avenge us... your brother... your father and me. Your nothing more then a Child of the Netherworld."
The woman around her gasped at the thought as Katagiri stood there in her armor and spoke.
"Do not say that Oshida she is your child she is innocent of your madness."
Oshida made a face that was a sneer and then contorted in pain as her spoke her words coming out like venom.
"Katagiri you thought me a whore when I came here karking everything like a mad queen in heat. I saw it in all your faces my daughter will be my vengeance or I will find a way back. I will come back and kill you all."
Then there was a sound as Oshida broke into a cold sweat and screamed in pain. The woman went to work trying to stop the blood loss as Oshida spoke grabbing the woman and leaning up to stare in her face.
"Swear to me she will be taught Katagiri. Swear to me you will teach her how to do all I cannot."
Katagiri nodded and looked at Oshida as she laid back and was panting the blood loss too much. She didn't know how to refuse a dying woman. As Oshida died outside the window the dust floated and went from white to red coloring as the baby held her hand up towards it. Katagiri looked down and held her up as she spoke.
"What wipes injustice from the world is not pure snow Matsu, it is the blood soaked snow of the Netherworld. You will be trained but I will find out if these people are guilty. Then I will teach you to bring them to Justice."
Slowly the baby fell asleep with a red glow on her face as later that night Katagiri left the prison with the child and went to Rhen Var. There the Imperial Knight climbed a staircase into the mountains and came to a large frozen forest with a temple in it where a bell sounded twelve times. She walked in the snow and came to look at an old man who wore a white robe and black hat he spoke looking at the woman and gave her a colder gaze then the landscape.
"Why have you come back my granddaughter?"
Katagiri flinched at the mans gaze he still put fear in her heart as she spoke finding her voice looking down at Matsu.
"The baby girl her mother asked I train her, I can't take her to the Knights but your dangerous grandfather. Please help me keep a promise to a person on her deathbed."
The old man made a face and came down the stairs so he could look at the child and he gave a small grin. It had been awhile since he had a pupil his granddaughter being secreted away from his teachings in the middle of the night by her mother. He didn't speak just motioned them along and gave them both a warm room and bed. As the time went on the temple livened up with the sounds of a playing child who was made to run through the snow barefoot until she could do a lap without stopping.
Matsu was born in a prison ward on Kessel to her convict mother and a prison guard who would not be named. As she sat in her mothers arms something happened and her mother hemorrhaged bleeding to death as she recalled a tale of deceit and murder that landed her in prison and slowly as her mother died Matsu was carried to the medical wing of the Imperial facility where she was checked. Later that night an Imperial Knight named Katagiri carried her away as her adoptive daughter to train.
For the next several years until she was a young child Matsu trained and was taught by Katagiri and the warrior priest Dokia how to fight and serve the Imperial knights. In exchange her master would do all she could to find the men her mother hated and tried to kill and deliver justice if they deserved it. Over the years Matsu was made to endure daily exercise and sword training in the heat, snow, rain and dust-storms as she was stripped naked and made to endure not just the strikes from her masters but the elements.
As she was trained Matsu was told over and over almost daily by Katagiri the story her mother told. She was a child of death something made for only one goal and would be trained as such. "You have a destiny; forget joy, forget sorrow, forget love and hate, forget everything except vengeance!" Those were the words that got drilled into her head daily until she could repeat them on queue and until she was ready wouldn't be allowed to leave and hunt down the men.
"Matsu you have done well but your training is not nearly complete. We must make you into your destiny so that your families killers will be punished.

Slowly the man sounded the bell as a woman in red armor stood off to the side and looked on. Slowly Matsu heard the man as the bell chimed for the third time.

"Tell me Matsu, as a child of the Netherworld what is the first thing you remember?"

With a look Matsu tilted her head up as her face was slack and her eyes fierce. She remembered much mainly the mans intense training as her words came out and she kept kneeling in the snow.

"I remember my birth, I remember a room with woman looking at me and my mother as she spoke." "Matsu my daughter you were born to fulfill my vengeance. Such a sad fate for a child..... a child of the Netherworld.

Slowly as she spoke the bell chimed for the final time as Matsu looked at the man who motioned for her to continue.

"I remember master Katagiri bringing me to you after she was released. She and you have told me what i am everyday since I was a baby."

The man looked at Matsu as he walked forward and stood over her and took out a wooden stick. Slowly he held it over her shoulder as he brought it down and spoke until she had welts but didn't cry out and the man held a rope out to her. Slowly Matsu tied it around her waist as she stood and felt the bite of the snow before he struck at her again. Quickly she dodged as he struck at her again and again each time faster and faster.

"You have a destiny; forget joy, forget sorrow, forget love and hate, forget everything except vengeance!"

As the man spoke Matsu looked up at him and dodged his strike with a roll and he caught her lip with a splinter that drew blood dripping it into the snow as she looked up and her eyes showed a resolve to defeat the man. Slowly Matsu stood up as he struck at her and she kicked up cracking the stick and she watched the broken end land away in the snow. Slowly Matsu circled and ran at the man pounding on his stomach as she silently screamed. She wasn't ever supposed to make a sound as she felt Katagiri's arms around her and pull her away.

At other times she would jump into a barrel and be kicked down a hill to teach her how to remain calm and if she fell out of the barrel she was forced to do it over again until she was able to do ten in a row. Soon she was trained in how to use the force minutely unless she attract unwanted attention from outsiders. For her tenth birthday she was given a lightsaber hilt that would be used to get both her mother justice and serve the Emperor and the force; but all was not well as late at night a raiding party descended on the farmstead and the prison warden called for aid from the nearest forces before he was shot and Matsu fought with her wooden stick until Katagiri secreted her away again to a tree stump where she hid until her master disappeared and several robed men picked her up after the fires burned the farmstead and they took her to Tython.

Then something happened as from the sky fire came and ships. Matsu was ten years old and she stood in a kimono and ran with Katagiri and Dokai into the woods. She was placed under some fallen trees and made to be safe while they fought. But that wasn't all in the vision there was something else there a woman in gold who radiated heat and angry behind Matsu who was crouching in the trees and Oshida watched as she protected her daughter with all her strength. Nothing would stop her vengeance and when the skies cleared of ship and the sun broke through to show the ruined temple. They came the jedi in their robes and found her clutching Katagiri's lightsaber.


Matsu didn't know what to think about her new surroundings, she was a year or two older then the others around her but some people said that her previous training helped. As she clenched her lightsaber hilt and looked around as a few people tried to befriend her but she just gave them a silent stare before a tall man entered and divided the younglings into three groups. They were to be taken to the different people and she stood in her white and brown tunic holding a training saber as her combat instincts kicked in. She managed a single strike to her teachers head as she jumped up and over, his head coming around. Matsu tilted her head to the side as she got some applause and cheers but was told she was using aggression and that was dangerous.

Over the next few years Matsu continued to train never speaking a work to the other students but on the few moments when she was with the masters she would speak a brief word when complimented or project her thoughts in surrounded. Her shyness never ceased the entire time she was there as she was given at the age of sixteen to a master and taught several force powers but she remained ever the silent sentry projecting her thoughts to her master on mission and typing out her reports for the council if needed as she trained with her new lightsaber and a dark midnight blue blade from a crystal she had found that nearly matched her tunic and leathers she had for training purposes.

When Matsu was able to have alone time she trained herself in speed and agility often to painful ends that got her sent to the medical bay because she would never cry out when it got to be too much and slowly she developed a high pain threshold as she continued and pushed herself to be the fastest of her class of padawans. Slowly as she trained Matsu began to get less and less bruises and cuts as she at the age of twenty she still continues to train in preparation for her trials.

Nine years after she had come to the temple Matsu continued to train and attend classes, she developed a friendship with Adonia, a fellow padawan who had been working for years to befriend Matsu. Slowly they became and acted more like friends going into the mess hall after Adonia received a broken rib in a class. Matsu met several other padawans including a friend of Adonia's named Chora. The green skinned padawan was angry and upset about something but Matsu didn't know what. Slowly she met a jedi knight named Makara. After the dinner Matsu visited the library to learn about being a jedi shadow something that interested her. She researched the powers she would have to learn to be considered a shadow, slowly Matsu also looked at how to fly as she wanted to impress Adonia.

The next day Matsu met with Adonia for a training session and the two competed in a race as the two ran through the temple and the streets of Coruscant. The two free ran for an hour or more throughout the city and got onto a transport that was bringing supplies to the academy. Slowly as they returned Matsu and Adonia began to see who was better with a blade and Matsu tied by deactivating her saber and holding it to her friends chest as Adonia stopped near her neck. It was a double death blow and after that they talked a little mainly about what they wanted to do as knights and what adventures they might go on. The day finished with Matsu attending a class about Politics and Negotiations. She learned a lot but half way through it seemed to stall out.

Matsu made a major move though and relocated to Tython and studied aboard the Will of the Force more the Floating Meditation. She practiced with objects and herself for days and nights until she was able to float somewhat at will after concentration. When she went down to Tython Matsu experienced a world rich in history she enjoyed the serene landscape and the people there. Slowly Matsu attended more classes and trained her powers, she met several more padawans. Finding a friend is Saia and even in Chora who seemed to open up. Matsu also met another padawan named Kelly Cross who had been on Tython for ten years. The padawan seemed angry about it which Matsu didn't understand completely. She had been picked up and kept on Coruscant for ten years only really being allowed to leave now to study.

For several weeks Matsu studied on Tython and got to know the people more. Mainly Chora and Saia but she met a plethora of other padawans including a wookiee who spoke through the force. She also met a Selkath who came out into the snow to meet her and Chora. Saia soon joined them and a snowball fight began with all sides except Matsu being in bulky clothing. Matsu also met a jedi padawan named James Blackwind who's master was killed in a crash and joined him on a mission to Hoth where she encountered a dark jedi and soldiers who were after a pirate named Dantell. When Matsu returned to Coruscant for her studies and to relax she journeyed around the city and found a nice tattoo parlor where she saw a beautiful image and entered. She got it put on her back and shoulder and thanked the artist and left with high spirits.

Matsu undertook a mission to capture a CEO who was selling secret and weapons to the Imperial Empire. She went with padawan Sera and Jedi Knight Christian Noble. The two Matsu would admit were strange Christian seemed to have an air of not being serous but Matsu saw him be serious. Sera on the other hand seemed to be too serious but she was skilled with her staff. After they caught the CEO Matsu returned to Tython for further studies. She attended a few classes but mainly studied to become a shadow. She made a check list of the powers she would need to learn to be a successful jedi shadow.

Matsu signed up for a large padawan field trip. They were going to go to a planet with saber crystals for the ones who didn't have a lightsaber. When she arrived at the transport she saw a lot of padawans she knew and Master Christian. As well as Saia and Chora and Matsu's heart skipped a beat as she sat down in the ship and expected Saia to join her but instead happened upon Chora who she held the trip. The Falleen fell asleep on her shoulder and Matsu smiled holding her close. When the transport arrived Matsu revealed to the others her new tattoo as the desert planets heat was high and she removed her coat and tunic leaving her sarashi. She also tried to make sure she was with the two girls who meant the world to her as she took Saia's hand and smiled at Chora. She didn't know how they would be together but Chora had an allure that was hard to resist.

As they marched through the desert Matsu remained by Chora's side until she saw Saia stop and could feel her brooding. Akacen still wasn't getting it and as she walked over with Chora offered her friend some encouragement. Akacen would come around eventually or he was an idiot or third option if he couldn't figure it out. Matsu would take him and make some it was pounded into his thick skull. As the three girls continued through the desert next to each other they came across the cave and it was surrounded by a market place. Matsu and Saia stayed close while Chora and the others went through and Chora went shopping. Saia stopped by a stall and was squealing like a girl at the sight of the cutest Voorpak that Matsu would admit had her excited too but she was well a little too rigid to say it. Slowly Matsu explained to Saia they couldn't afford it at the moment and Saia held her hands for the first time.... it felt good and Matsu noticed her skin glistening with sweat. Then quickly Saia was off running taking Matsu with her to the cave entrance where Matsu felt the cool breeze on her skin.

The entrance to the cave was fine but inside there were a bunch of Gran mercenaries. Matsu and Saia tried to be calm as Christian walked forward to talk with their leader. The other tensed and were ready to attack and when Christians force signature went into distress. The other began to run forward while more mercenaries swarmed them, their weapons were set to stun and Matsu and Saia both attempted to keep things calm while Chora, Kemp and Akacen began to fight the Gran. Saia took off to try and find the Gran leader as Matsu followed her, she didn't want to kill the creatures but she could knock them out. So Matsu used her body to knock out the gran and her saber to deflect the blaster bolts back at them.
The conflict was pointless and as Christian came running back with their leader the fighting stopped. Oneof the padawans had attacked and killed the mercs who were using stun settings. Christian called the rest of the expedition off and returned the padawans to Tython.


Matsu had prepared herself, the mission when she accepted it was simple find out if the guards were corrupt and turn them over to Alliance authority. What she hadn't told her masters when they allowed her to go was she had another motive. She was confused and felt strange but when she saw it posted to go to Kessel something called to Matsu. The prodigal daughter returns home and she checked where she was going. Jailhouse 41 was where her mother had been she worked with the Alliance to give her the same cell but they didn't know why. "One cell is as damp and bare as the next." They said but Matsu needed to be there she needed to learn her past. Katagiri was a good person but she hadn't told Matsu anything other then the story her mother told her. She wanted to find out information of the man who was her father.

When she arrived at the ship she was met by Chora who was coming also. Matsu didn't know that her friend was coming but she was glad for it. Chora could help her out and keep Matsu from making a mistake if she found what she was looking for. As they sailed through space Matsu mentally prepared herself for the planet many called hell and did everything she could to get ready. for a month her and Chora prepared exercising daily and getting booster shots. The spice and heat, mixed with poor food and constant wet floors would play hell with their systems. Matsu also marveled at Chora the woman was doing this to help her out, willing to walk into hell itself for her. She was beautiful more so then ever and Matsu would have to find a way to thank her when it was over, a simple thank you didn't seem to match the weight of gratitude she would have on her shoulders.

Soon they arrived after a botched prison break and Matsu was placed on the same cell as her mother. She even had the same style outfit. She was home where it all began. Slowly she regaled a tale of anger and woe. How she was born with a purpose to carry out the vengeance denied her mother. She told this to Chora who listened like a true friend. Matsu's head was swimming and her temple was pulsing, it seemed like something was there beneath the surface and on the way in she had felt something. A presence in the back of her mind that was angry and full of rage but also so familiar, Matsu guessed it was imprints of her mother left on the wall and in the halls. She had spent nearly a year in Kessel and stewed in her own lust for vengeance. So Matsu observed and tried to feel as she did, occasionally she would get a look from the older guards like they knew her face. They would comment and point but not speak then she saw the Warden and he stared at her long at processing. Slowly they were sent to their cell her and Chora.

As Matsu and Chora stayed in their cell waiting to be called into the mines the Falleen used her pheromones and charms to comfort Matsu who was feeling uneasy. For the few hours they had until their shift they made love on the damp and dirty floor of the prison cell her mother had been in and Matsu had never felt more happy. As she laid there nestled in Chora's arms Matsu jut breathed deep the scent of spice and Chora, Matsu relaxed and stayed there for the time until she remembered to hide the lightsabers and beacon. Quickly Matsu moved to hide them and she made a hole in the stone wall, she rejoined Chora and embraced the woman as they got dressed and listened for several minutes to the beats of her heart before a guard came and disturbed them.

Slowly Matsu and Chora were led from their cell to Jail House 41 an entrance to the mines and main prison of the asteroid. Matsu tried to sense but her senses were dulled by the overwhelming scent of spice and sweat and decay. Kessel really was hell and the smell of death hung in the heated air, Matsu then entered the airlock a room that separated the cells from the prison and she changed into a thermal suit. Her and Chora were in it now and learned the rules. They would work the mines for their shift and bring what spice they can. If they failed to bring in any they would be beaten and thrown in their cell. With a passive face Matsu walked with the other prisoners and felt her ass be smacked by a guard as she walked by.... then she felt Chora get angry and was glad she held her temper. There would be time and Matsu had learned the guards were armed. She slowly coming out on the other side realized how the temperature was shifting. in some places it was hot and in others it was cold.

When they got to the main mine Matsu stood with Chora and reached out with the force trying to sense the med bay, she didn't know which way to go but the other prisoners were going to the left so she decided to follow. A hapless prisoner died going down another path and Matsu didn't know if they could fight the spiders off and maintain their cover. Slowly Matsu and Chora walked hand in hand and came upon the other prisoners, they decided to make a break for it and Chora began a fight to distract the guards that were there as she and Matsu ran off down a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel Matsu stopped and stood looking around the maze like mine and reached out again. It was quiet here and she thought she felt something.... like a ghost or memory. Now she is on her search for the medical bay.

The search for the medical bay continued as Matsu and Chora went through the tunnels. They encountered a sleeping energy spider and slowly walked past it as they went on their way. Matsu could feel something and continued to see flashes of her mother throughout the prison mostly it was images of what her mother did in her quest for vengeance. When Matsu and Chora got to the older sections of the mine where the prison used to have a sub station. Matsu found where she was born. The room was how she remembered with rough rock walls and dim light, a high window that showed dust floating across it that looked like snowfall in the light. As Matsu felt something deep in her chest she looked up and saw the dust change color like it had when she was born and look like snow stained in blood. A fitting sight for her. She explained to Chora with tears in her eyes for the first time since she was a child why she what she was called growing up. A child of the Netherworld born for one purpose and no future. Chora held her as Matsu sniffled eventually regaining her composure as she looked around the room.

After Matsu regained her steely gaze she began to search around the abandoned facility. The place was in shambles but stuff still worked and Matsu slowly explored. She found a few journals and some information on a computer. When she heard a sound her head shot up and stared into the face of a guard who walked away. He either had seen her and didn't care or hadn't seen her there in the dim light. Chora went after him and Matsu followed stumbling and finding a holorecorder as she approached the man who was being manhandled by Chora. He seemed scared mostly towards her, like he had seen a ghost and his file said he had guilty feelings and was easily scared. Matsu didn't know what to do but she could press him for information.

As Matsu and Chora attempted to mind trick the guard, Chora went angry and attacked him. Matsu hadn't expected it and as she got memory flashes from the man and realized who she should have been really after. Slowly Matsu spoke to the man who was her father and wrapped his hand that had severed an artery. He gave her a journal that he had recorded what the warden had done. Matsu knew she would have to arrest him then and worried about Chora, the darkness and anger of the planet seemed to be getting into her. Matsu could even feel it in her pores as she and Chora carried her father back to the central chamber and ran down a tunnel. They encountered one of the energy spiders and Matsu and Chora ran the other way as they got in with the returning prisoners and were brutally sent tumbling into their cell.

As Matsu and Chora sat in the cell, Matsu embraced the woman as she tried to make sense of what had happened. She had found her father who wasn't the villain she thought. Chora had embraced the darkside at least for the moment but she could save her. Matsu got up and went over as she looked at the journal and spoke to Chora who had went to meditate. Matsu could feel whatever Chora was meditating on. The emotions washed over her like a heat and curled around her as she got up and walked over straddling her lover and pleading with her to stay in the light if for no other reason then to be with her. Matsu hoped her plea would work as she looked on and listened kissing Chora and pressing her head to hers as she tried to reach the part of Chora she cared for the good she had seen and the friend in the snow of Tython.

Matsu and Chora were taken back into the mine, the pair needed to find evidence of the Wardens corruption and so they headed for the offices. When they got there Matsu incapacitated the guard before Chora could kill him and went through the vents towards the mans office. Chora took some armor and weapons and caused a distraction as Matsu got the warden and began to search his office. She heard the fighting and opened the door using the warden as a shield. Matsu got Chora inside and used what skill she had with force healing to help. As Matsu got Chora into the room she and her both prepared to run for it. They had failed in their mission to infiltrate but as Matsu rushed through the vents and back to the cell it didn't matter. They had gotten the evidence and Matsu activated the beacon to get them retrieved.

After the Alliance arrived and Matsu and Chora helped arrest the Warden and Guards. The two spent the return trip in a room just sleeping in the bed and showering. It had been nearly two weeks from start when they were in the prison cell on the Alliance ship to now and the two were happy to be free. Matsu had waited while Chora showered and later she took hers. It felt good to get all the dirt and grime off her body as she finished and breathed deep the smell of Chora now no longer intermingled with the scent of spice and sweat. Matsu also had a number of things including the holorecorder and information about her mother. She had her father there and he was cooperating with the Alliance. Slowly Matsu prepared for the return trip to Coruscant and she was content to lay there in the bed with Chora holding her. She had kept her prison uniform as a reminder of her mother and got it cleaned enough to be kept in her closet.
Spoiler: Matsu 10


A week after Matsu returned from Kessel she found herself on a planet in the outer rim, it was a jedi stronghold world. There she met a woman in a veil named Lamia who was a Sith, not the religion but the actual species. She seemed strange but Matsu was willing to trust her. She wanted to prove her people were more then their past and that made Matsu agree. She wanted to prove she was more then just her mothers vengeance. She wanted a life beyond herself. This thought brought her to Kara Vaalki who was teaching a class. Although teaching may have not been the choice word. She seemed rather open about her own past and encouraged the others to share. She was strong and sassy was the best term to describe her. Matsu didn't know what else to think as she listened to the lesson. She still had what she learned from Kessel and decided it was time to explore its implications.

So Matsu returned to Coruscant and began to train more openly but still by herself. She hadn't seen Chora for awhile or Saia but when there was a big event planned she helped out in organizing it. A large padawan run through the undercity of Coruscant and all the way to the temple to learned the art of movement. When she arrived in the morning Matsu saw Saia but her friend was concentrating on the moment and playing music in her headset to run too. As much as Matsu wanted to just embrace her friend she didn't and began the run. They went through the undercity to a building parking garage and then through the Coco and senatorial districts of Coruscant until they came to the great expanse around the jedi temple and ran at it.

Soon Matsu's time on Coruscant was done and she returned to Tython on the Will of the Force and was asked by Saia to join her and Akacen in a duel. The three met in a room and the fight began, Matsu wanted to see how much Saia had improved since their first duel on Tython but she had to get Akacen out of the way first. She also wanted to talk with Saia and needed to do it in private. Their bond was strong and they seemed to be able to predict each other, Matsu could even feel at times Saia's thoughts as they went about the fight. What Matsu hadn't counted on was Akacen knowing how to block her Malacia but he did and even tried to reverse it. So when the fight actually started Matsu took flight she knew Saia could predict her technique with Falling leaf but she had a few other thoughts mainly after seeing Chora fight on Kessel her lovers temperament and fiery spirit had led her through hell and now she used that to her advantage mixing in flowing water and her speed. She might not be the strongest but her and Saia were the fastest there and if only she could coordinate with her friend that.

As the fight on the Will of the Force continued, Matsu and Saia became more coordinated in their attack on Akacen. While Saia was pacing herself Matsu was using the force to fight, she would throw out a push and Akacen would negate it with his own. Slowly her chest burned from exhaustion but she kept pushing cause she knew how to endure where Akacen was a kid and had been matching her force power for force power. He would be just as if not more then her thanks to his other powers augmenting his strikes and defense. When Matsu and Saia both got close enough Matsu jumped at him with her knees and elbows ready to knock him out of the fight so she and Saia could fight. Turn a three way into a two way duel as it were and Matsu wanted to see how they would both do, she could feel Saia's attacks same as Saia could feel hers.

As the fight continued on Saia and Matsu went at it while Akacen backed out exhausted. Saia and Matsu kept at each other until Matsu leaned against a wall when Saia didn't want to press with Akacen out. Her affection for him let Matsu rest as the fight went on, when Saia leapt at her and tried to hold her to a wall Matsu reached out and sensed nothing major as she remained still and trusted Saia to not harm her. As Saia landed the saber deactivated and Saia fell on her but as Matsu felt the heat of the saber and smiled. She had been correct and sat down helping Saia up as she held her friend. She smiled because in her mind she had won and showed Saia there was more then one way to win. Saia then told Akacen something and stayed there with Matsu for a while longer. Matsu on a small return trip met with Lamia again and was happy to see that the others were accepting her. She hoped the woman achieved her goal of showing her species wasn't just evil but had the capacity for good as well.

The next few weeks were eventful, Matsu helped another padawan build his lightsaber, she was taught by the battlemaster and she gained a master in Remy. Her master was going to teach her saber skills on Tython and Matsu was eager, she had been told that several others were being trained so she waited on Tython in the forest until her master arrived. Then on the Will of the Force Saia and Matsu trained together on the trip to Coruscant. They practiced control and Matsu explored her bond with Saia as she floated and held the girl. She had earlier in the session admitted to Saia how she felt and kissed her. As Saia cuddled next to her she had a force vision and Matsu felt it through their bond. Saia lost her place and fell to the floor where she kneeled and asked Matsu to meet her later on Coruscant. Matsu agreed and just held her friend until Saia left. She hadn't been rejected and Akacens actions were wearing Saia down. He either didn't get it or he didn't like her and wouldn't say it either way Matsu was the one he was driving her too and the small kiss she had on her neck was cherished as well as the scent and feel of her pressed close just floating.

Matsu eventually got a master in Remy, the older knight was mysterious and strong. She had come out of no where and taken up several padawans mainly Matsu and Saia. Matsu met her in the forests of Tython where she talked with her master and trained her better to use her saber. Remy was strong and fast but surprised when Matsu used Malacia in the fight, it wasn't strong but it had shown she wasn't just an average padawan. After their fight Matsu and Remy talked about a few things, mainly her connection to Saia, her past, James and how he sacrificed himself for her to escape on Hoth. They talked about how Matsu's past was a dangerous thing to reflect on, her mothers vengeance was like a poison. Slowly Remy sensed something in Matsu but didn't comment as they walked more through the forest.
Matsu was homesick if one can get that in the jedi and she returned to Coruscant where she rested up. Saia came to visit her and the two shared something more, the vision from the Will of the Force was stronger between them and Matsu saw Saia's dream while Saia saw Matsu's force vision from Kessel. The pain they felt from it was minimal as they awoke from the vision and slept, Saia was worn out and Matsu just held her friend who had curled into the fetal position. When they awoke Matsu and Saia got dressed and went out on the town, with a monthly stipend Matsu received from Katagiri's death she bought for her and Saia pet Voorpaks. The pair mused about getting something for Akacen but thought better of it as they left and went towards a droid shop. Inside Saia looked at a shield gauntlet and had thought of something but wouldn't say. As they continued Saia talked with the Neimodian as she haggled for a droid that was in Matsu's opinion scrap but the droid made Saia happy so Matsu bought it. She wanted her friend to be happy after her dealing with Akacen who still seemed to ignore her.

Later that night the pair stayed in Matsu's room and had a late night, they talked and tried again to share a vision. It failed but they could feel their bond open more as their bodies attuned to each other. They slept the night away and in the morning Matsu got up early and got them both breakfast. As they ate Matsu and Saia both decided to go and practice, Saia wanted to try a new idea she had for a weapon and Matsu just wanted to be with her friend. If fighting let that happen then so be it, as they entered the room Matsu locked it and stripped down to her Sarashi. She wanted this to be an even duel and both girls wore a full body wrap. Saia started with a sword and shield and Matsu stayed with a training saber, as the match went on Saia and Matsu dueled through the day. They went for over twelve hours and when it was dark Matsu and Saia were still going using only the power of their bond instead of the force. Matsu seemed to have Saia on the ropes who was working the defense, then she switched up her tactics as she ditched the shield and grabbed a spear style weapon.

The weapon was impressive and Saia's skill with it surprised Matsu but she had thought of something new also. Matsu grabbed a sword with a line taken out of the middle and they fought more, the battle went on until Matsu caught Saia's blade and had her again. Then Saia surprised her again. Saia tackled and punched her to the floor and Matsu took her opportunity and kissed her friend. As she laid there on her back looking up at Saia, Matsu could feel her conflict and then Saia kissed her back and Matsu's breathe caught when Saia pulled back. They were both sweating and the sarashi wrap was clinging to their bodies as Matsu got up and Saia went back to her room after grabbing some food. Matsu asked Saia to help protect her as she laid on the bed from her vengeance, Saia said Matsu was different and that she would be safe. Both were wearing their robes but nothing else. Their clothing was being washed by the housekeeping droids and Matsu laid Saia back straddling her she looked down the length of Saia's body and her breath caught in her throat. Her heart was beating so fast as Saia nodded to her and Matsu opened her robe spilling her sun-kissed flesh on her bed. Matsu opened her robe and led Saia to the head of her bed and kissed her plunging her tongue into her mouth. They didn't do more then that beyond stripping the robes off, Matsu was to nervous about scaring the woman who only now was letting her kiss her. So Matsu just caressed her skin and enjoyed the touch of Saia's warm body pressed against her.

They awoke in the morning and Matsu decided to do something with Saia about Probie her droid. They would try and get the parts to fix him at the temple but he would need more. Matsu watched as Saia got up in her room and she felt contentment. Chora was still her lover her girlfriend when they could sneak away together but Saia she had in her head. So Matsu watched and decided that she could love more then one person in her life. She got what she needed from both girls and after they got dressed Matsu and Saia went to breakfast taking Probie, R7 and their pet Voorpaks named Karma and Fluffy. As they ate Matsu and Saia talked more about what they would do and when Saia was going to leave for Tython. She and Saia only had one more day together unless Matsu was going to leave for Tython also, Matsu decided she would if only because there wasn't much she needed on Coruscant and Chora was on Tython also. After their food they went to the hanger to find the parts from the maintenance people who worked on the temple astromech droids. Matsu also brought a cloth and the paint she had bought for Probie.

After Probie was fixed and painted Matsu and Saia went to the garden of the temple where Matsu tried something. She wanted to spend time with Saia on a date or at least the jedi equivalent. She wasn't very good and rather clumsy with her words when she admitted she wanted to be with Saia more. They may have slept in the same bed but Matsu wanted to... wanted to... She wanted to take Saia out to a meal, she wanted to feed her strawberries and whip cream and hold her hand. Saia seemed sorry for Matsu, she seemed to feel the same way but didn't want to do that. Slowly they went back to Matsu's room and Matsu gave Saia her gift. It was the hilt for a lightsaber club that was nearly half their size and Saia was happy about it. Matsu had polished it to a silver shine and as she set it between them went to her knees on her bed. She and Saia talked a little more and Matsu cradled her face wishing she could be with her friend, Saia let her and slowly over the course of the day and night until they went to sleep Matsu and Saia made love. They explored each other with their lips and hands but also with the force through their bond. It was a sensory overload as Matsu fell asleep in her bed holding the younger woman and she buried her face in the scent of her hair. In the morning Matsu didn't wake up until Saia had left her room and departed on the Will of the Force

Matsu after several weeks of intense training under Remy was taken to the council chamber on Coruscant. There she was led into a dark room and surrounded by the jedi council. The grandmaster talked to her and severed her padawan braid from her sea of hair. As she exited the room and got to stand before Remy. She embraced the woman who was no longer her master but instead her friend. As Matsu left the temple she didn't tell many people she had been promoted. The first ones who would find out would be Chora and Saia. After she sent them the message Matsu used her free time to train as a jedi shadow. She also trained in the more unique techniques of Crucitorn and remain conscious. She was going to be able to endure under stress and pain. Matsu with the help of a few jedi taught herself how to properly fly with levitation and soured through the streets of Coruscant at night feeling the wind in her hair. Slowly after a few weeks it came time to pick a padawan but Matsu was disheartened, Chora was already a knight and Saia had a master. She decided to get a small cabal of padawans under her to train. So she picked five from the ranks and told them to assemble on Tython.
Slowly Matsu had begun as a knight, oh so slowly. She didn't choose a padawan at first but instead watched and learned. She went onto the Will of the Force and wanted to observe the padawans. There she met Cat again and Haloburner also. Matsu and Halo had become friends after the trip with jedi knight Mitya and the three observed Akacen and Sorn spar. It was going well the two seemed evenly matched. Until a newer child entered the room, Matsu barely noticed him until he began to attack the others. As Matsu sprung into action and ordered him to stop he attacked her and the padawans again. He was like a madman and this forced Cat to intervene stripping the training saber from the boy. The antics of the child seemed finished and then he attacked Cat drawing the brawlers attention more. Then Matsu felt it and moved aside, she could feel Kelly Cross anywhere and the knight stopped the padawan roughly pinning him to a wall. This finally got him to calm down long enough to explain his actions and they were idiotic. He wanted to impress the battlemaster and be his padawan. What Matsu had not expected was the battle master to actually show and demand why they did what they were doing. It was made more difficult when the battlemaster showed up, he was angry and was dead set to punish all three knights.

When Matsu returned to Coruscant she met back up with Haloburner and began to train her old masters padawan. Halo wished to build a lightsaber and learn how to properly use it. The two spent time together and Matsu enjoyed the woman's company, the trip had been fun and cemented their friendship she had hoped. If not then this teaching moment while Remy was away doing jedi business was helpful. After Matsu got the supplies she and Halo spent four days in meditation while the saber was built. After three days Matsu got up to eat and silently meditated outside the room. She was happy to see Halo later come out with her saber and then Matsu began to show her the basics of fighting with a lightsaber. When they finished with that Matsu planned on what to do with her student and had a few things. They could practice with the force and play a game but what seemed to at least her mind was mutual attraction. Or Halo just loved paying her the same type of compliments.

After her session with Halo Matsu rushed to Tython to meet her first three padawans. Sorn, Gin and James were a varied assortment of students and the first thing Matsu did was ask them questions. Then they moved onto a practice spar and Matsu stayed on the defensive. The two Sorn and Gin worked well together while James sat back and watched. Eventually Matsu moved from using just her blade to incorporating the force and her blade. Sorn fought smart and tried to outmaneuver her but Matsu's ability to fly and different force techniques kept her making the padawan on edge. Eventually Matsu phased behind a tree and jumped on the branch where she sat while Sorn destroyed a tree. Matsu finished the spar her padawan was becoming angry at her using the force in a fight but Matsu wanted him to understand that not all fights were just with a blade. It was her first lesson but then later they moved onto talking about the force and jedi conduct. Sorn seemed to be zealous an attitude that could be dangerous given what he witnessed when she took him as her padawan on the Will of the Force.

Matsu while she was out exploring came upon a small jedi conclave where they were healing the sick of a Mandalorian world. There she saw a female Togruta and began to work on healing her. When the woman was able to talk Matsu introduced herself and learned the woman's name was Akira Ven. Matsu talked with the girl and learned all she could about her. Akira was from Shili and had been a hunter. Now she was on the run from her clan who had hired bounty hunters to get her back. As they talked Matsu continued to work on the poor girl who wasn't used to used to the viruses of the galaxy. What for most was a common cold was debilitating for her and Matsu worked to get her as many vaccine shots as she could. She wanted the girl to be healthy and safe, she made the girl an offer to come with her to the jedi where she could live and be safe.

It was the day of her first class, Matsu had done a lot and getting the masters to approve it but it was here. Matsu got everything set up and ready, she was going to teach the padawans and knights if they decided to come in how to manage pain. As the students filed in she told them what they were doing and the point of the course. The student took to it and as they went through managed to get the jist of it and learned to overcome their physical limitations. Andreus was the one at the top of the class, followed by Haloburner and Fanai. The small Kushibar was hurt beyond belief by Hal who while victorious in the combat didn't feel the pain and push past it. He didn't fail as he learned force body but didn't learn the other techniques like his fellow students. Near the end of the course Matsu participated in a final duel with Hal. It didn't matter if she won or lost it the point was to show she was in it just as much as them. Matsu ran the course and took the hits then moved into the duel with Hal. After the class Matsu congratulated everyone and gave them all some finishing words of advice.

After the class Matsu was preparing to leave. It was at this time Andreus after partially healing approached her and offered after overhearing her. He was offering to teach her to fly and Matsu was thankful. He asked her if she wouldn't mind bringing Akacen along and he was invited as well. As they waited for Akacen to arrive she prepared herself getting dressed and hitting the refresher while healing her small wounds. When Akacen arrived she and he got the full course. Andreus was thorough and taught them to run over everything on the checklists. As they went outside he made lists what what needed to be replaced and he made it for JH-41. Matsu went and talked sending a message to Grace an engineer on Coruscant. When she couldn't get a hold of her Andrues suggested getting the parts from Empress Teta and she agreed. The upgrades from Grace could wait while she got the ship repaired. As the parts came in she and Andreus with Akacen repaired the ship into operational order and Matsu got her first experience with Andreus as her co-pilot. With the seating she was behind him but he walked her through it as both her and akacen learned to properly pilot.

Matsu met with another of her Padawans a Kushibar named Fanai. The small girl had been in Matsu's class and been hurt so after that Matsu accepted her as a padawan. She was talented and Matsu saw her more as a blank slate she could teach. As they trained Matsu tried to get through to the young girl and made some of the training into a game. This seemed to upset the girl and as training continued the Harlequin flew through hyperspace and Matsu gave her padawan a tour of the ship. Then it was back to training as Matsu taught Fanai force skills and later after Fanai got frustrated and upset Matsu talked with her. It was strange that she used a motherly tone and set her to bed without dinner. Matsu left the plate of food out for Fanai should she decide to eat and went to bed getting up the next morning to continue their training.

Matsu landed the Harlequin at Bakura and exited while Fanai slept. The little padawan had been exhausted and Matsu let her sleep while she walked around. A disturbance caught her attention and Matsu made haste to a hotel where a man named Jael was with another Padawan she knew. Naisa had appeared on the world and Matsu wanted to get her back to Tython lest her master miss her. She gathered the two the man and Naisa and was about to leave when a woman attacked them. She wasn't a very good assassin announcing herself and using wasteful attacks. Matsu watched her flee in a puff of smoke and brought the two to her ship. She talked briefly with Naisa and discovered the young Trandoshan had a lacerated head wound. As she stitched it up and applied Bacta Matsu spoke trying to help her. As the time went on Naisa after being patched up went to lay down and Matsu talked with Jael. He was a wandering jedi and had lost his master now she was taking him back to Tython to rejoin the jedi.