The time had come, Matsu had gotten her request granted and gathered Lamia. The two went to the high council on Tython and met with the grandmaster. It had been a long time coming but Matsu wanted Lamia to be allowed in the jedi order. Beric was stern and eyed them both but Matsu had come to far and trusted too much in Lamia to let the pureblood down. As beric talked and excused Matsu from the chambers she meditated. As the doors opened Matsu watched as Lamia told her she was allowed as a padawan to Matsu. Matsu felt an excitement that could not be contained and began to plan as she ran off to get Lamia her things. The two womans exited to the Harlequin to leave the planet and were joined by their jedi watchdog who Matsu guessed had orders to kill Lamia if she showed any signs of the darkside.

During the time while Lamia was undertaking a crash course as an initiate Matsu explored the temple and came across a number of students training. It was here she met a younger initiate named Tessa who was leagues ahead of her class. Matsu was impressed and talked with the young girl for hours offering her some training. As they progressed from blade work to stance to force powers and finally to knowledge.

Matsu never saw the little girl falter and take everything in stride and as they had a small contest to see how many droids she could disable in sixty seconds Matsu applauded. Then they started on her studies and what she wanted to learn. Matsu gave her a few pointers for Ateru with a single blade but didn't understand the mechanics of a saber staff at the time. They continued to speak while the girl relaxed and rested, when that was over Matsu asked her to preform a very dangerous and complicated routine. It was optional but she hadn't said it and when the girl Tessa did it flawlessly Matsu could not allow talent like hers to wither waiting for a master.

She plucked the ripe girl and made her the offer to be a padawan on board the Harlequin. When Tessa accepted Matsu was happy and let her go and get her things as Matsu smiled to herself. Tessa would hopefully be with her for a long time and she could teach the girl what she knew. The small things she told her about late night visitors on the ship was suspicious to her but the little girl while questioning didn't push. Matsu wanted to present a stable home on the ship and it wasn't time for her padawan to know that she was sometimes visited by a lover when they touched down on certain planets. or when the moment arose, Chora was busy with her own padawans.

Matsu found her way to Taris and into a dueling arena. It was strange she had gotten a feeling like a voice was crying out for help. So she came and observed a young girl fight. Her stage name was the Blind Bandit and she was strong in the force. Matsu approached her after the talked with her. Afterwards they were approached by a sith and he wanted the girl, it was rather strange and Matsu gave him the chance to leave. When he didn't she refused to draw her blade to fight him and instead used her parasol to protect herself and Ophenia as that was the girls real name. When she saw the chance Matsu phased herself and Ophenia into a lower level and ran to her ship across the upper city.

They arrived at the landing pad and Matsu put the girl in the ship before returning to the arena cause Chora arrived. On the ship Kelly was waiting and had come pending her trial and judgement from the jedi council. Matsu returned to help Chora and observed her lover using the darkside much to hr shock. As Matsu moved to intervene another sith came in and attacked after Chora attacked her. Matsu moved quickly grabbing Chora and using their bond she calmed her enough to phase them both through a wall and into the ship as it flew past over head. As they phased into the ship Matsu collapsed the strain of phasing people too much for her and Chora carried her to her bunk and held her hand. Much of the memory for Matsu is forgotten. She cannot recall watching Chora use the darkside or what happened to the sith but she awoke with Chora near her bedside and there had been an attack. They stopped to get the ship repaired.

Matsu got the ship repaired by the Engineer Grace and upgraded to new specifications. The cost was high but she needed space for all of her new padawans. The process was long but eventually the repairs were underway and fully paid for, it might have costed a pretty penny but as Matsu watched the engineer work she was impressed. Graces bots stripped it and refitted it adding more rooms and floors. and storage for the food. After a few days the engineer deemed it ready and Matsu smiled going off to Kessel. She had an appointment to keep.

It was important now, Matsu went to Kessel to meet the man she knew as he biological father. He was serving his time and they had talked a little more. Their talk was uninformative but Matsu still didn't know if she got to the heart of the matter. Something was bothering her and as she walked back to the ship came up with a plan. She sent a message to Saia and Chora asking them to come. Matsu also went into her room where she found strands of hair on the pillow that belonged to Saia. She set it into the computer and began a check to see if Saia's DNA matched any on record. As she waited for the test to conclude and the ship to arrive on Tython Matsu was alone with her thoughts. She loved both women and there was also Halo to consider in the equation she hadn't told the two about Halo. As the test concluded Matsu reeled a little weak in the knees. Her DNA matched Saia's on the side for their father and her world shattered while trying to think of what to do next.

It was simple she should tell Saia... No she would not tell Saia... No what if she found out? She could tell Saia in secret yes that would work no one beyond the three of them would know. As Saia and Chora arrived Matsu hid the results and greeted them both with a kiss. So she was a little minx who enjoyed the strength of Chora or the silky touch of Saia. She was allowed too and that was how she broke it to them. Saia and Chora both took it well and Saia went after being initially upset to meditate while Chora asked Matsu to be and maintain monogamy. It was a request and Matsu agreed promising to only make love to Chora. When they parted it was happy and joyful with Matsu looking forward to the future.

Matsu was sent a strange request, a padawan of another master wanted her to teach him. Matsu met with Varrion and began his training anew. He was slightly skilled and socially awkward. As the training began Matsu found herself working twice as hard not because Varrion was bad because she had never actually been around a Miraluka before it was difficult at first Matsu continued to nod her head in disapproval and approval but eventually she got into a rhythm with Varrion. As they practiced saber techniques Matsu found herself working to keep up but continued to quiz Varrion. Then it came time to test out his force training. He was good but was lacking something and Matsu figured it out. Her padawan was too concerned with strength and attacking where the enemy was when he should have been looking at the entire battle field like a chess game.

He continued to attack and come after her getting better as time went on but he was still slow and sluggish allowing Matsu to get the advantage. Later that day they entered the garden and talked with Matsu teaching Varrion about the plants and some force powers. As time went on in their training Varrion went on a vision quest to build his lightsaber and this led him to Tattooine and then back to Tython. It was a long journey but eventually he had completed it and Matsu and Varrion tested it out. He was better with it but still relied on his sight when Matsu robbed him of that she saw him working on different ways to see. Varrion proved her was doing well and Matsu was happy to call him her padawan.

Matsu finally had gotten clearences for Lamia, her new padawan a Sith Pureblood was training with her. They went to the Harlequin and were met by their jedi watchdog. Matsu began from the beginning with the jedi code and rules of engagement as they went over them and meditated letting the ship sail through space towards their destination. After meditations Matsu and Lamia had a light spare with Matsu pushing Lamia to her limit while Lamia made Matsu have to work for the draw, her size and weight disadvantage was apparent to most of her opponents and needed to get stronger or more powerful in the force.

They kept going and talked as Matsu felt the intense stare of the jedi watchdog, when Matsu asked Lamia if she knew where they were going and her padawan answered correct. Matsu came out as they dropped out of hyperspace at Nar Shadda and when they landed and paid for docking their watchdog had mysteriously disappeared. As they explored around Nar Shadda port Matsu and Lamia went into an obscure shop and came across a few trinkets. The antique owner was smarter then he looked and after he learned what Lamia was he tried to make her and matsu pay more for an old sword. It was worth what they paid and Lamia reactivated it claiming it was the sword of Kressh and her family sword.

After the shop they went around and searched for more artifacts finding a translation amulet that Matsu worked on purifying the amulet as they walked and met an old woman. She was strange a point in the force Matsu had not met before and this intrigued the jedi knight. They all went into a diner for a meal and Matsu had her first taste of blood soup and a hearty beef stew while they talked. The woman was an old jedi who left and order and came to Nar Shadda, Matsu had been partially correct in her assumptions but didn't know the reason why she was ousted from the order.

Matsu returned to the temple on Tython and met for a brief moment a padawan. He was strange but determined and slowly as they went on Matsu changed her mind. The man wasn't focused and lacked the will to do anything beyond boast she she sent him to the council of reassignment for a new station. With her time wasted Matsu found use for it and began to study lightsaber combat forms and powers. It was enlightening to know what she could gleam and slowly Matsu began to practice the forms for herself. She wasn't an expert but she loved the idea of knowledge and wanted to know all she could to better teach.

As she trained in forms 2, 3, 5, 7, and some of the more unorthodox Matsu began to understand the strengths and weaknesses but also knew she could teach her padawans should they desire to learn such forms. She began to study more exotic powers to alter the environment and area around her while also focusing inward. The final thing she did was gather more crew for her ship and go over padawans who were in need of a master. She saw a few and took interest sending them messages of where to meet her for training.

Matsu met one of the padawans she had researched named Jael he was the one she met on Bakura with Naisa. It was a strange thing seeing him again but Matsu began training him, his anger was disconcerting as he fought and came at her not to spar but actually seeing to want to do harm. After a small talk Matsu acknowledged him and sent him to the reassignment council, it was strange the second padawan to be sent and she had little else to do while the other ones trained.

She spent time with them and taught what she could but furthered her research into the force and saber combat. She was mainly interested in her ability to bond easily with others and gathered her padawans who had bonded with her. She taught them and trained them and together they seemed to have enhanced coordination and skill. As time went on Matsu's bonds with her padawans and fellow jedi became something interesting and she seemed to get personality traits of them and some of their talents.

It was a peaceful time and Matsu entered the room of a thousand fountains as she looked around. She saw Cat for the first time in a long time since their punishment at the hands of the Battlemaster and she kneeled greeting the man who had taught her Teras Kasi. He was cute but she didn't want to lead him on and as they talked about her padawans and his new one she smiled offering him a chance to join her as she went home to Rhen Var.

The day ended with them training in the moves he had taught her on the Will of the Force. It was an intense training regiment but Matsu was taught the full range of Teras Kasi moves and techniques including the Steel Hands move which was hard to master. They finished and Matsu thanked Cat with a small kiss on the cheek as he went off to be with his padawan and she returned to her.

Rhen Var she was home and as they departed the ship. Her padawans were going to ascend the stairs and train for three weeks, when they reached the top Matsu told everyone the game plan. Cat, Chora, Melira and Lamia were all there to help train the padawans in their skills. The first day was a success as Matsu and all the knights and primes began teaching the students. She trained in force powers while Melira taught Niman and Cat taught Teras Kasi. Matsu spent a little time with Chora and was happy as she rolled her shoulders and practiced force techniques away from the temple learning how to properly alter the environment and kinetite energy balls.

The three weeks were a slow process but rewarding for all in with Matsu creating her first set of lightsabers and deepening her relationship with Chora. She had also been made to turn down Cat who had a crush on her. It was sweet but she didn't know how to explain that to Cat. It took her some time to think after he said he wanted to try a relationship with her. He seemed to take that she was a lesbian and in love with Chora, afterwards things were slightly awkward between them but smoothed out. As the three weeks came to a close Matsu felt stronger and it showed in her knowledge of saber forms and force powers. She had also learned techniques from Lamia about her peoples alchemy and history.

It was a strange feeling, almost like a twinge of guilt as Matsu sat in her ship and it sailed through space towards the ship. A senior jedi had called them all here to the ship and she was curious that none of the council had been asked. As Dai began to speak he made the intentions clear. They were gathered to discuss asking the council to step down. The Sith threat was quickly escalating and the council wasn't preparing for anything.

He asked them to hear him out and he made sense as then he provided a ledger and one by one they all went up and signed. Matsu agreed things had to be done with the thread looming but didn't fully know if this would be the best way. As the group departed Matsu returned to her ship and took it in for service. She had contacted the Mandalorians and they were willing to upgrade her ship for a favor owed to them. Seemed their admiral liked the idea of having a jedi owe a debt to the Mandalorians and Matsu wasn't one to argue after she saw what he could do to her ship and how much it would be altered and improved. As the altercations went underway Matsu spent time practicing with them in the battle circle. She didn't win many of her matches but she competed on their terms and without the force. She garnered respect and some cheers. As the altercations finished Matsu bowed and said one day she would return.

Matsu met with Kaji a younger jedi and began to train him. he was talented and she was lucky to have him after the several other padawans who seemed to flounder and need reassignment. Her training with Kaji proved beneficial and his skills well done enough to strike out on his own. He is her padawan and reports back to her but has reign to partake in missions. She spent the rest of their training time making sure he could handle situations and was pleased with his progress. The council was for the moment only two members and things were in turmoil with the Alliance as well. The troubles the padawans and knights could help out with was needed and several missions to keep the peace and protect people were underway.

Matsu had been tasked with finding an ancient jedi tomb. The jedi may have buried a holocron in the tomb and Tessa along with Lamia both of who have had expressed an interest in history. As they explored the three sensed something, it was a Sithspawn and going for the tomb. Matsu made haste with the two and caught sight of it as they came to a bridge in the large cavern and confronted the sithspawn.

As she fought it Lamia and Tessa went towards the tomb to search. Matsu used her powers to draw his attention and began to collapse the bridge. As the stone broke for the bridge Matsu flew around and got to the other end as the Sithspawn came at them. She and Lamia unleashed a blast of electric judgement from her family sword. It wasn't the cleanest but as the sithspawn fell into the abyss Matsu, Tessa and LAmia all went back towards the ship. Matsu flew the two and they returned to the ship with a holocron in their hands. Tessa was the first to use the holocron and discovered it was for an ancient jedi healer named Wisteria. As Tessa learned its data Matsu watched and followed coming in when it was over and they talked and practiced the techniques on the holocron.

Matsu had heard the news, the trial of Kelly cross came and she hurried to Tython. It wasn't because she thought she could make a difference but more she wanted to show support to her friend. It was a small gesture but Matsu was there and as Kelly exited the council chambers she ran after her friend, Kelly avoided her until she got to her room and asked. The news wasn't good and Kelly wanted to be alone.

Matsu obliged and stood with Delta as Kelly left, she didn't follow instead went back to her ship and left a note for Kelly. She didn't know the fate of the padawan who had caused the trouble but her friend was being exiled for... For what? For stopping a fight that had been taken to far. Matsu left for her ship and met her crew at it the ship and headed off. She went out to meet the rest of her padawans and begin their training.

Matsu returned to the Will of the Force and met Naisa again, the padawan was to be hers and she greeted her. They began their training and Matsu learned how much Naisa knew of hand to hand combat. Naisa was good, better with her hands and feet then with a saber or even force strength. Matsu had to work at it a bit but she knew what her padawan was doing and began to use Teras Kasi to duel and counter. When the fight concluded Matsu and Naisa talked and began to discuss what her padawan held dear.

It was an interesting conversation and Matsu learned a lot about the woman from her past to her hopes and dreams. As they meditated her force knowledge allowed her to offer the most basic boost and help to Naisa's training and the pair sat for hours just silently meditating in the training room aboard the Harlequin. The training was time consuming but as they went through it got better and easier as their familiarity grew. Naisa was talented and Matsu proud. As the first week ended Matsu found herself in the outer rim on a merchant planet. She found a decommissioned droid and a talented mechanic named Remy. It was a strange thing but the failed jedi padawan was there with her friends and fellow students.

Matsu met with a new padawan and was surprised, the twi-lek was beautiful and she was happy to see her. It was short lived her training would be cut short and the girl had to be sent back. It wasn't her fault she was just recalled and Matsu used what spare time she had to visit other failed padawans. It wasn't very appealing to the masters who watched them but as she looked upon them and saw potential in each Matsu nodded her approval.

She gathered eight from this planet of Padawans who had not been able to cut it and made them her crew. An all force user crew could come in handy for defense and helping out. The ship was three times bigger and had plenty of room for each of them including a forth level that was her room and the primary training room. With her crew gathered and the droids Remy brought along Matsu had a full ship and her padawans a home that was designed to function for long periods of time in space. They set off to have fun and adventures.

After her last padawan Matsu began teaching Qyv, the man was older then her and seemed insulted that she was his master. As they talked she couldn't get to the root of his problems but he wanted to learn and they dueled. It was a strenuous duel not because he was her better but he wanted her to use a style she had never used before. It was difficult to wield two blades at first and Matsu had wished she practiced more. The duel lasted a descent amount of time but Matsu was out classed she hadn't been ready for this and didn't know her own techniques as she fought.

It ended with her losing true but the mans concern is what cinched it for her. He was peaceful and calm in victory and offered to heal her as they went to meditate. He was troubled with visions and Matsu again was unable to help him, her visions were hers and sharing them hard to do. His were of terrible things that he could not shake. Matsu tried to get him to let go but he refused and left the training room. As he left Matsu remained silent and allowed him to leave as she gathered her things and returned to the ship.

Matsu found herself drawn back to Coruscant, Remy had been missing after Tanaab and Halo was left to her own devices. Matsu returned to see her friend and offer her training. It wasn't much of an offer Halo was very well trained, Matsu would only work to complete the training. Together she and Halo went to eat and talked about all they had done and the last time they were on the planet together and got tattoo's. They continued to eat and Matsu offered to take over training Halo until Remy returned, the blonde agreed and Matsu with her new padawan prime went back to the Harlequin. They set off towards the outer rim worlds to help people and train but also so Matsu could meet with Myra Subach at a ship yard and see the status of The Harrowing her cruiser the woman was restoring. It was nearly done and crew had been found but still she needed officers and put out the call through Myra. She needed a proper bridge crew and eventually she would have one.

Matsu took Melira to an unknown world that she found in the jedi database. It was a strange world but thankfully not near sith space as they landed. The darkside was strong and after some directions they found their way to a triple set of pyramids in the jungle. They went to the top where a destroyed alter was and was going to be a place for Melira's trail. Matsu pointed to a cave and Melira entered undertaking her trail, as time went on Matsu meditated outside and practiced mental techniques for calming herself in a fight or just to regain a connection to the force when fatigued to help. It took some time but eventually Melira came forward and rejoined her master outside they talked a little but what transpired for Melira was deeply personal and Matsu respected that.

They returned to the ship and made way as the crew finished with the rest of the accommodation. Now the Harlequin was fully operational and made ready for training Matsu's padawans. With the several droids wandering around able to help. The last thing needed brought Matsu all the way back to Kessel prison and the charge of Asami Asaki a prisoner who was at one point a jedi. She was violent and dangerous but skilled and able to help out on the ship. Matsu believed in her and so she was given the prisoner and acted as her warden retraining her in the jedi initiate arts so she could use her abilities and saber if needed.

The time had come Matsu had been summoned by a senior jedi and was one among others who listened. the Threat from the Sith was coming and the jedi were ill prepared to protect the people. Worse the grandmaster and council were not doing anything. As she listened it was something she could agree with and willingly signed the ledger with a number of others. She wasn't allowed to join them as they went to the council chambers but hard the news and how the grandmaster and battlemaster left the jedi order.

Later news had them popping up in Sith Space under a new banner and with the failure of the Jedi at Tanaab Matsu focused on her padawans and the few that were approaching knighthood. With her crew of jedi trainees and padawans Matsu continued to travel around the galaxy and remain mobile to avoid unneeded attention when they got close to sith space. The others were happy to travel and get a full experience and her lessons with Mitya about travel had been taken to heart. Matsu began to train herself is force techniques like call and navigation, her flying lesson had been on par she learned with back water bush pilots and with the help of Serin and Kelly Cross, Matsu learned how to properly fly and handle ships. The lessons were valuable and Matsu was glad her friend was doing well the jedi exiling her was a stupid decision and hopefully with the new regime it would be reversed.

The meeting was set, Matsu with Tessa and Lamia were meeting with the Loremaster of the jedi Leech something it didn't matter to her. She wanted to get the objects to him as soon as she could and leave to continue training her padawans. As they entered Matsu got the distinct impression of ignorance. Kelly had told her all about the class she had had with the Lore Master and how when she made a good point and actually made a revelation he brushed it off and proved his ignorance.

So he was unimpressive but propriety called that she respect him for his rank and title as befit him. The opening words of the conversation showed his feelings when mention of Lamia came and she sensed his disgust. Matsu didn't care for people like him who judged a species based on their past. She hadn't and believed her padawan faster then a master who let personal feeling get in the way. As the conversation went on Matsu tried to hold back her lunch at the way he ignored Lamia and when it was over she had relinquished into a case Lamia's family sword as well as her translation talisman.

Later that night Matsu under the cover of the shadows broke a rule and entered the reliquary retrieving her padawans family sword with case, her talisman and several ancient holocrons with other items. It wasn't greed at the knowledge but the few scrolls and tomes she got out had stories and histories that could prove valuable to a proper teacher about the past and history of the jedi.

The ship was complete, with the help of the Mandalorians, and Myra Subach the Harlequin and Harrowing was finished. The ships had been repaired and upgraded to Matsu's specifications and requirements. As she displayed the new ship Matsu met with her padawans and crew on board the Eclipse station in the deep core and invited more to look at it. Ebberla came and the pair shared a drink. For the first time Matsu got intoxicated and watched her padawans Lamia and Varrion share an intimate moment while she curled up next to Chora.

It was a strange site all of her friends there and crew with Varrion being the odd one out and the only male. As she got more to drink Matsu was asked and force persuaded to do several things by her padawan Lamia all in good fun but Ebberla kept her safe while Chora looked on and even got Matsu to loosen up enough to preform a table dance for everyone. It was fun a relief of sorts for Matsu to let her hair down and have a little fun. Then Halo showed up and scolded the others that they shouldn't take advantage of her in this state and Matsu watched Ebberla leave rather then argue. After Matsu was put in hr bed and left to sleep it off she awoke a day later and began to continue her training with the scrolls and in the use of alter environment.

We met a large cat on a stop over, Samantha and Risty came across him and brought him back to the ship. It was strange but I didn't sense anything bad from him and he knew Jedi Master Christian. He asked to use our communications to contact him and we agreed letting him contact the jedi to get a hold of him. After sometime we got a place to drop him off and took him saying farewell and Matsu getting the name Delun. After they dropped Delun off Matsu made way to Ossus and explored with her crew.

They were looking for anything they could find and found several scrolls and lightsaber crystals. As the time passed Matsu etched out a small section of the library for herself and gathered what intact and partially intact items she could for study and to adorn the Harrowing chamber. Several of her padawans helped and were trained as they restored what they could of the pottery and banners. It was an interesting history lesson one that taught what needed to be done in times past and the nature that had overgrown the buildings their use of plant surge and talking with the plants to move and reveal their secrets helped greatly find a small cache of holocrons some blank and ready to be recorded upon.

Matsu with a small contingent of jedi made their way to Nar Shadda to find a Doctor who was offering to sell Sith secrets to the Jedi and Alliance. They arrived and met up herself and two crew as well as Arek and a younger padawan she didn't know the name of or species. While they made their way to the doctors office Matsu sensed something and made haste for the office. When they arrived they found bodies and saw the person who killed them there, Matsu gave chase with her padawans and the others followed. As the chase intensified Matsu unleashed the storms fury and called down lightning to stop him with the others cornering him in an alley.

He was stopped for a bit and when he escaped to a building top Matsu took off going after him and chasing while the others navigated down below. he was chased from the roof and injured when the others surrounded him. With no where left to run the man attacked them forcing Matsu and the others to defend themselves. The fight was fast paced and quick with the numbers game taking advantage and with enhanced coordination from Matsu they subdued him and caught the killer. He was taken to the Harlequin and under the constant guard from the jedi crew awaited transport to an Alliance ship. As they flew towards the Alliance space Matsu continued her training.

Time was short she was preparing herself for the trials and had seen a number of her padawans knighted. The others that had failed she counted in her totals but they failed for other reasons then just her early teachings. They failed form their personalities and actions. It was sad but needed to help her improve and as she delved deeper into the jedi lore and histories, things started to come together and between what Kelly showed her she silently agreed with her friend.

When the time came for her trials Matsu was denied on the basis she was two young. Something she disagreed with as age wasn't the only factor in things. There was skill and she had plenty enough to go around. As she sulked and went into the library on Tython Matsu continued to read and train herself. She wasn't a fighter anymore she was something better a repository and she could remember anything she read, heard or did thanks to her force enhanced senses. This helped her train others and teach them about the light but she could never force them.

She knew that not everyone fit into the box that had been created they were unique but she could guide them and train them to follow the light cause it led to a longer life full of promise where as the darkside led to really only one purpose and result. Eventually someone came and took your position and you were no longer the sad little king of a sad little hill with delusions standing. Matsu after her study session met with Zanna a nice padawan who she was happy to teach. It all started well and good then her padawan failed as well so many of them seemed to not be able to hadle the jedi lifestyle it was very sad.

Matsu in her slump after failing another padawan andd being turned down by the idiot grandmaster went to Tython to meet with Ebberla, the talented jedi knight was skilled in Shien form and Matsu wanted to learn all she could about the style. As her and Ebberla met a few words were exchanged but mainly they got to the lesson. Matsu knew her well enough they they had jokes but were not ones to just outright dally and waste time. They spent the better part of the day getting the form correct and then striking at targets, as night fell Matsu and Ebberla headed back to the temple with some burns on her hands to which she asked Matsu to help her heal them.

Matsu agreed and showed Ebberla how to heal and after the jedi knights hands were healed she practiced on Matsu who burned her hands for the cause. It wasn't a dangerous burn just a flash really but Ebberla did well and Matsu gave her the approval for the work she deserved. As they parted ways finally Matsu took a moment on Tython to scout around and gather what extra equipment she could mainly for lightsaber construction and several holocrons on combat.

She may not have had proper access but she had seen a number of other masters go into the vaults and knew all their codes so it would look like they had went in there and borrowed a number of different things. Chief among them now was some banking information from the computers for jedi accounts that she could transfer discreetly into her own. As night fully descended on the temple Matsu made her move and began to go towards the mountains. She had a ceremony to preform.

Matsu stood after a long day ready, her crew was all standing around in a circle as three padawans finished their meditations. It was a time of reflection and as she prepared the ceremony and oversaw their transition into knighthood. Matsu was proud of Melira she had promised to help her reach knighthood and had succeeded in that promise which just filled her heart with joy. As the knighting ceremony continued Matsu made sure they all were properly conducted and then left it was there time and they did not need her and the others hanging around impeding on them.

She returned to the Harlequin and set in her room and meditation chamber the holocrons she had taken from the jedi vaults. The additional equipment had gotten there and she smiled setting in in place as they left the planet for Naboo and Matsu began to construct a new lightsaber from a few ideas she had. As the ship sailed in hyperspace Matsu completed construction of a lightsaber fashioned of ultrachrome and emblazoned with symbols detailing its use. It was the first lightsaber she created by herself and as she activated it the palest blue blade came out. For Jar'kai it would work with her midnight blue blade and be the darkest and palest shades of blue.

Matsu arrived on Naboo and decided to explore it wasn't often she got to the worlds for anything more then a mission or a job. Instead she was rather looking forward to just taking in the sites and spending a little of the jedi credits she had borrowed. A fitting things since they refused to even acknowledge her or give her a chance when it came to her master trials. As she joked and spent the credits a presence appeared and it set her on alert, a ship had passed by overhead and Matsu knew something dangerous was on it as she moved quickly and went with two of her crew members to see.

She found him a large wolf named Tsume who had come to explore. A sith this deep in alliance space was trouble and not the kind she enjoy it could herald an attack or in some cases it could spell danger to the people. MAtsu spoke with the wolf and learned why he was there as she was joined by Andre who talked also saying Tsume could be an independent force user and not be bound by the jedi or sith. A goal she supposed but a dangerous one if he was open and alone the sith would be more the tempting offering what he wanted but not what he needed which was the jedi. Slowly Tsume agreed to come with Matsu to the jedi under her protection and they left.

Returning to Coruscant with Tsume was quickly done as Matsu led the young sith to meet the new lore master of the jedi. It was a small thing and as Matsu got there it was clear she wasn't needed but asked to stay anyways... why? She didn't know but she was going to keep Tsume under her protection as she listened to him speak and the lore master welcome him to the jedi. When they finished she parted ways with Tsume and wished him luck. She hadn't been to Coruscant in a while and she moved from the temple to the marketplace after she checked out a few holocrons and got resupplied for the ship.

Her business in the marketplace went well and she got a new tattoo on her ribs as she and Serah had started to become good friends with her offering her a permanent position on her crew cause well it was free room and board with access to jedi accounts. So she cold get the best equipment, Serah was willing to come with Matsu being on of her best repeat clients and with the help of Matsu and her crew they packed up and moved her things. The tattoo artist Matsu had known and gone to for years was now going to be a permanent fixture on her crew and she was glad it would bring a sense of grounding to everything.

Matsu stayed on Coruscant for a while, Varrion was preparing to take his trials and there were reports that an elder jedi had been killed. Matsu joined the investigation and saw Ebberla, Dartel, Varrion also there as she saw Teline Deloi again and listened. The old jedi had died of a heart attack and the entire time everyone put out reasonable answers that were shot down and told wrong by Deloi. Ebberla left first and Matsu followed after the knight was taking and using a situation to stroke his already inflated ego which was sickening. The man deserved more respect then a jedi exploiting his death for whatever reason, she left and after a small talk with Varrion entrusted him to Dartel to continue.

She would be at the ship. She caught up with Risty and Saki at the cantina across the street and talked with them about the investigation and submitted her report to the council and temple. She doubted they would handle it with Deloi being a pet at the heels of the council. It was one of the few times when she was truly sickened at the state of the new council, they disregarded anyone who didn't drop to their kness in front of them. As the night waned on Matsu saw Varrion and Dartel and invited them over to talk about it seemed only Deloi remained since no one wanted to continue to stroke him.

Turning over the dangerous Tach proved difficult despite several trips no one in the Alliance wanted to take custody of the man and it wasn't until Mitya intervened and brought a prison transport that she was able to officially hand him over to Alliance officers. The ordeal was over and she disliked it thankfully the annoying padawan who acted superior was gone with Tach and Matsu was able to go and relax. It was a small flight but they got back to a normal routine with Matsu docking on the Harrowing as her padawans with the exception of Varrion who had passed his trials.

She was proud of him and glad to have trained him and now was time to focus on the others. She worked with Naisa, Ophenia and Tessa to better teach them what to do with the force. Naisa was skillful in Echani arts and as a jedi that could prove effective. For several weeks they trained and even brought in the reclusive Lamia to help and train. As Matsu prepared her padawans or the time ahead she spared a few moments to think about her other padawans and what they were doing now that they were in the hands of the reassignment council.

In preparation for her future trials Matsu brought Lamia to her central chamber on the Harrowing and talked with her. She wanted to make certain her padawan was ready for what laid ahead and prepared her with all the knowledge she could muster and teach. It was a long training session full of energy and displays of skill then they would talk about everything. Matsu was impressed with how far Lamia had come but she knew more had to be done. Not from her padawans actions but just in general and with the order itself. She had learned a great many things from the jedi archives about the formation of the jedi and the Sith Purebloods had helped form it even stayed on Tython. That this was ignored and the jedi didn't care anymore seemed just more fuel for why the new council was as badly run as the old.

No one cared about the facts they cared about stroking their egos and their seats of power. It was sickening that she served them when all she wanted to do was serve the lightside of the force without their involvement the people could be helped a lot more and with the coming war it was required that all jedi protect the people. Instead they were just going to sit on their hill top and send countless jedi to their deaths as well as alliance soldiers. The sith wouldn't think twice about it she imagined the Emperor would be there if not leading his people then directing them but he would be there.

He had to show his power and what better way then to stand on a battle field as you and your men kill countless jedi. As she finished training with Lamia, Matsu meditated and awaited the answer, it came and Lamia was not allowed to be a jedi knight she wasn't even considered. Her species was the reason, not her actions or standing. The grandmaster wouldn't even offer a way this to MAtsu showed more arrogance and an attitude towards her as Matsu annoyed with the jedi council contemplated sending in her re-submission for master.
Aboard the Harrowing Matsu met with Tessa, the girl was skillful for one so young and it was time to see how much she had improved being the last teacher of the Battlemaster before he left the order. She was as talented as ever and Matsu for the first time tried to use a saberstaff to better understand how to fight with one. Her spar with Tessa was a joke she was clearly outclassed in terms of the girls even minor skill.

So they tried to teach each other Matsu with the force and Tessa with the staff, it worked and for a few hours they continued to train and spar talking a little until it was time to eat and for Tessa to go to bed. She was still a growing girl so she had to sleep more and eat plenty. After Tessa went to bed Matsu continued to work on the saber staff techniques she had seen Tessa preforming and she wanted to if not master how to use it then to get better so she wasn't such an easy opponent for Tessa. As the night went on Matsu got better with the saberstaff but was nowhere near the level of her padawan.
The time had come, Matsu with the help of Mitya had been allowed to take the trials for being a master. It wasn't much the same as her knight trials but she was different less aggressive and more calm in the face of the dangers. They both after three days in different area's of the temple passed the trials and Matsu was so happy.

The title of jedi master had been bestowed upon her and as she left her padawans to train for a month went into the unknown regions on an inner journey. She found what had been calling to her on Emberlene and after some talking met with Ren Po Ike the wife of her master Dokai. She was a lovely woman who taught Matsu all about her family and what Katagiri had really been, a trained Imperial knight yes but also a member of a family of strong women.

They were Mystril Shadow Guards a group of highly trained mercenaries and fighters that have lived in partial secret throughout the eons and it was a family tradition. Matsu submitted herself to the clans leader Rukia the current head of the order and after showing she was a daughter of Katagiri she was allowed some of the training and secrets of the family. Matsu remained with her family and met her many cousins all of whom were like her and Yansigasawa the son of Ren Po and husband of Rukia. She was a nice man and knew he had been born with love but tradition dictated he could not be in the clan in the normal sense. He was on Nar Shadda most of the time and she could come and see him whenever.

Matsu was there for months preparing with Chora she did what was needed. Her time in the jedi meant little if something happened and as a newly risen jedi master she had the time to do this. Her great grandmother Ren Po showed her how the people of Emberlene could create designer babies and with a grin Matsu also brought forth the power of Sith Alchemy she had learned and used from Lamia. As the steps were taken and time used to prepare, she only contacted the jedi once to tell Chora where she was and even then avoided the others. No one could know about this they might think it an abomination. Chora arrived and Matsu explained the plan at first the other woman was questioning it then she accepted and agreed forming their bond even more. It would take time and Chora would be free to return to the jedi while Matsu remained behind to do this. The treatments began and as Matsu thought more and more about it she was hopeful for the future.

Quote: Step 1: Three weeks prior Matsu and Chora begin taking fertility medication that stimulates production and maturation of eggs. This fertility medication needs to be taken just before the commencement of the menstrual cycle.

Step 2: Matsu's and Chora's ovulation cycle is determined, using body basal temperature and ultrasound and, the hormone levels are closely monitored.

Step 3: At time of next ovulation cycle Matsu and chora's eggs are harvested.

Step 4: Sperm donor is found and sample obtained

Step 5: Sperm sample is washed and concentrated. This needs to be done so that the mucus and non-motile sperms are removed which will increase the possibility of fertilization.

Step 6: Sith Alchemy is used to combine Matsu and Chora's eggs into a single set of eggs carrying the traits of both women.

Step 7: The embryo is grown in the laboratory for two - three days until the cells have divided and the embryo consists of around eight cells.

Step 8: A trained embryologist removes one or two of the cells (blastomeres) from the embryo

Step 9: The cells are tested to see if the embryo from which they were removed contains the genetic make up from both women.

Step 10: Embryos are screened and altered using methods to determine sex, hair color, eye color, skin tone.

Step 11: Embryos that are properly combined are transferred to the womb to allow them to develop.

Step 12: About two weeks after the embryo transfer, Matsu is given a pregnancy test.

Step 13: Upon successful pregnancy Matsu enters a hibernation trace and focuses the force to progress the pregnancy. She is hooked up to IV's and machines while the baby is monitored.

Step 14: Ultrasounds are taken to check fetus state regularly.

Step 15: Matsu gives birth at 38 weeks to two baby girls.

The time finally came and with the accelerated pregnancy the babies were viable after thirty eight weeks more then enough time for normal labor. She pushed and screamed but they came two children as cute as a button and healthy. Matsu gave birth to them and Chora held her hand through it all, with their children born things had changed for the better it seemed and there was a laugh from the jedi master. She knew the twins would need to be secreted away and taught the jedi were many things but she did not see them being the protectors they are supposed to be. The grandmaster seemed to stroke his ego more and more the council she had helped replace became more and more the old one with new faces.

It saddened Matsu and made her glad she had found the one light source in all the darkness, Chora was with her now and slowly Matsu fell asleep holding the babies in her arms. The clinic bed was compact making it easier for her to hold them and they would be dropped. Aging was partially accelerated so the children could become kids able to receive training quickly but they wouldn't age into teenagers for years. Matsu left them with their family to be trained when they looked around three, she had bonded with them and had both of their faces in her heart and on her mind. Matsu was still going to stay on Emberlene that had not changed she had to train harder to work off the signs off pregnancy before she could return to the jedi as a master.