This last month has been quite something, where out of character conduct has been concerned for what I've seen across Discord and the Board itself. It could well be that I'm the only one that has noticed or gained this impression lately, though I'm pretty certain others have as well; There's been an awful lot of drama, smack talk and blame being pointed at others...
Before I go too much farther into my personal thoughts on the matter, there are a couple points that are nothing less than simple truths when it comes to SWRP: Chaos...
  • This is the Internet, where we will meet people of all types, from all different kinds of backgrounds and world-views/upbringings.
  • Everyone has the right to hold and express their own views. It is natural in life to find people that you do not always see eye-to-eye with.
Now, I'm pretty sure most of the members on Chaos are somewhat familiar with me (in the sense that you've seen me around the board). By no means am I myself a perfect example of positive social regard for others, as I too can become frustrated with people just as much so as the next person. We're all Human. However, while I know that not everyone may hold a kind opinion towards me, I do my best to treat others as fairly as possible.
I don't judge other members based upon the opinions of my friends on this board, I don't like the idea of cliques but I do have my obvious social circle (Commenor/Formerly the Jedi). This doesn't stop me from wanting to write with more Jedi and Sith writers today and I've often expressed the desire to get to know others outside of my active Factions...
The reason why I'm writing this, and why I've made this blog is because I've been seeing a lot of people being hurt by OOC mistreatment lately. Both friends of mine and members of outside groups I'm not so close to. I don't like to see people being bullied or abused, as much as it's bound to happen and far more frequently on the internet for the above bullet-points I made, it still bothers me as I'm the type of guy that likes to support and help others.
I'm a 30 year old Father (1 Daughter, 3 Step-Children), and full-time Student doing my Social Work diploma. I've been writing on Chat Sites and Role-Play boards since I was 14 years old and I've always had a great love for these sorts of communities, Chaos especially as it's hands down been the best one I've been a part of. Like many others, I come here to enjoy myself and to do something I find relaxing, away from the stress of my "In Real Life (IRL)" side of things.
The fact is that abusive behavior, received or given between our member-base is hugely detrimental to a writers ability to enjoy the Community, often eating away at their incentive to continue writing here until things have cooled down. This isn't going to stop happening, and I'm not expecting people will suddenly be the best of friends simply because I'm writing this; but it's my hope that I can raise a little bit of awareness across the board, and encourage further consideration towards your peers for how you might interact and treat others.
Diversity can be a wonderful thing, and it's sure as hell doesn't make you a bad person if you disagree with another, but how you voice your opinions and respond to your fellow writers can make all the difference in how you're treated, and in the enjoyment you find from being a member of Chaos.
Not everyone will agree with me, that's also completely fine! Like I said, we're all different and Drama's are inevitable, but if you could take one thing away from this, hopefully it will discourage others from gossiping about other writers. You don't truly know someone until you take the time to get to know them yourself. Try to treat each other with a bit more respect and consideration. We don't all have to be the best of friends, but being friendly to others isn't such a bad thing.
Be a good example to new Members coming in, and be good to each other!
I love this Community we have, and I want others to be able to appreciate and enjoy it as much as I do.
That is all.