To any who may read this,

As of late, there as been one extremely vocal member of the Jedi community. While some may be of the same mind set, I, in my lack of wisdom of such Jedi Codes and the like, wish to speak on behalf of Jedi in general. While it was initially directed at the New Jedi Order that has deep ties with the Galactic Alliance as of 865-ish ABY.

Multiple times now, Jedi have convened and spoke on the topics of the Brynadul and their rather... all consuming nature of the galaxy. Burning it down and performing what some consider a "Galactic Cleansing." Should anyone have room to speak of such actions, I, Kaleleon Selare, a Wayward Jedi Knight who has fought toe to toe against said Brynadul, survived, and aided all the Jedi and free beings of the galaxy against them, might be just knowledgeable enough in these topics.

Onward to the code presented by this individual.

"Understand this of me: If the Jedi Code means I gotta help fools wage war against the wrong enemy, I will reject that Code each and every time."

The Jedi code has many interpretations. Some are very simple as a poem like format, while others are a set of vague rules in which the Jedi follow that would put them at a place of moral high ground over that of common criminals or Sith. Namely, we are speaking about the code that was referenced in this statement.

"Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy."
"Jedi respect each other, and all other life forms."
"Jedi put the needs of the community over the needs of the individual."
"A Jedi must protect the weak and defenseless from evil."
"Jedi must cooperate in battle or Crisis."

All of these tenants of Jedi from around the galaxy are currently being broken by this one statement alone. In many cases, the individual is smarter than the community. So while this person may think the Jedi are fools, you are still asked to help them, or at the very least, cooperate. While you may not like it, its also servicing yourself, and your own ambitions or agenda over that of the many who may, and do need your aid.

Evil is a very vague term. Evil can be many things, and be thought of in many ways. Most typically, evil is something heinous, abhorrent, or destructive to the community or an individual on a common ground. Evil can be a man taking a sucker from a child, because its theft, or it could be a man who kills millions of people. Both are wrong, but both require different kinds of actions. The Sith Empire and the Brynadul are both "Evil" in the sense of the word. They have been known to oppress people, kill people, or straight up genocide. Both need to be removed. However, what confuses me, is the choice on who is "The enemy."

It makes me feel like this individual has a bias to fight against the Brynadul, rather than the sith. This bias, this self interest of attacking the Brynadul, also goes against many other tenants of the code as well.

Now the question of the hour. Why go over this?

In short terms? I want people to see that emotions, lack of control of them, as well as biases can cause actions such as this. Jedi, Je'daii, Lightsiders, are better than this.

Please be better than this. Please understand that while you want to go after the Brynadul, that doesn't mean the Sith are also not a threat. Like mentioned earlier, they are both evil and need to be removed. The change of New Jedi Order's focus to attack the Sith Empire, is because currently, they are posing a significant threat to the galaxy much larger than the Brynadul. Recent months, the Brynadul have slowed their advance, and there are multiple movements in which have been working to rebuild after the Brynadul have been removed from power.

While I will not say this person is wrong in their mindset, as there are many other topics I would speak of at a possible later date, they clearly have other problems than just worrying about working with "Fools."