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After the fight with the Grunt, we leave the forest and head to Rustburrow city. First, the Scientist gives us the EXP. Share. Which is good for grinding up pokemon that aren’t of level. Such as Birb and Goony. A couple fights to get to the City, my first stop, is a house on the left side of the city. He gives you the HM Cut, which I need to progress in some places, but it also allows me to find secret areas that can have items. I go ahead and teach it to Goomy since he gets stab with normal type moves, and its better than any other moves he currently has.

Now to the Gym. The other Gym trainers use only Geodudes, which are easy to just one or two hits with a water gun. Some of them have Sturdy which prevents moves that would kill them from full health in one move. Now onto Roxanne.

She has Geodude, and a Nosepass. Geodude is easy with a Watergun and will probably only hit us with a tackle or a Rock tomb. However, Nosepass, while weak to water, is only rock type. My game plan is this. Using Mud-slap, to break Sturdy on the Geodude, and then water gun to finish it off. Results? Works great. However, I get Crit-hit by Rock Tomb and take nearly half health. Roxanne brings in Nosepass. While I could gamble with hitting it with Watergun, I instead opt to use Mudslap again. I crit with Mudslap, and reduce the accuracy of the pokemon. The gamble worked because then Rock Tomb missed. My next Water Gun knocked out Nosepass, and the battle is over.

After getting Rock Tomb T M from her, I teach it to Squirt. A good coverage move that I can use against Flying pokemon, as well as bug pokemon. In the process of the Gymbattle, Squirt Evolved into Marshtomp. Learning mudshot, which I replace Mud-Slap with.

Then right outside, Team Magma decides to run away after stealing something. Well, two things. Some kind of Science project, and then Peeko, a Wingul that belongs to an old man sailor who is retired. A quick fight with his Poochyena, and the problem solved. Along the way, I catch a Nincada. A really good pokemon that when it evolves, gives me two pokemon that will be big helps. “Ninja” will be great for my team. As well as a Whismur named “Shush.” which I box. Its not that great of a pokemon, and its evolutions aren’t so great either.

After giving the Science project back, the Devon Corp CEO wants us to deliver a Letter to Steven Stone. Coincidently, it’s just down the street from where the second Gym is. So we visit the old sailor and ask him to take us to the next town. Dewford Town. From here, we grab the Old Rod, and go into a cave to visit Steven. The encounter here is a Zubat. While it seems frail, later on it can become Crobat, and is a good type For now, Her name is “Batgirl.” I go ahead and box her for now, because I need to keep one open spot on my team.

What I forgot about the Omega Ruby game, is that you can’t skip the Fighting Gym in Dewford like you could in the old game. So to the Gym I go. Leading with Birb since she has super effective flying moves against the fighting types. I also give her an Oran Berry because she is a little frail right now, and any healing I can get without using a turn is best. The Gym Trainers were all defeated easily with Wing Attack one or two times each Pokemon.

Brawly. The Gym leader has two pokemon. Machop, and Makuhita Machop should be fairly easy, but it's Makuhita that I am worried about. It’s pretty bulky at this point in the game, and gets the move Bulk Up. Which raises your Defense and Attack stat by one. It also has Vital throw which does a bunch of damage. So I am hoping to be able to take it out as fast as I can. Otherwise, I can swap into Squirt to take some damage and just use Mudshot.

The fight went as planned! Birb came in and two hit the Machop, then two hit the Makuhita. The only damage Birb took was a Knock Off that brought me down to below half health, but because Birb is much faster and it took Makuhita down to orange instead of red health he didn’t heal with a super potion. After getting the badge, and getting the T M Bulkup, I can now go find Steven.

Going into the cave, he talks about some story plot points about a Pokemon that created land masses, and was super powerful. After giving him the letter, he gives us the move Steel Wing. I teach it to Birb right after. Having it for coverage against Fairy types is great as we will start to run into them soon, and it replaces Peck which I already had covered by Wing Attack. Next, we talk to the Sailor and he notifies us that we need to take the Science Project we got earlier, and deliver that to someone in Slateport. So, I agree cus I can’t say no, and we make our way to the Beach of Slateport!

Next Episode? Slateport and Team Magma.
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