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The Monstrous One




Social Information

Name: Zhai'ellev
Alias: None
Homeworld: Dathomir
Current Locale: Ryloth
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Alignment: Dark


Physical Information

Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 114
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Pigmentation: Tan






I...don't actually have any.

I've had a handful over the years. None worth naming, though.

I don't believe I have any left.

Strengths body is a temple...

And I treat it accordingly with a strict regimen of training. Even without the aid of the darkness and hatred that sustains me, I am a force to be reckoned with.

...hell hath no fury...
My rage is my ally, I just need to learn to harness the untapped potential of it.
...don't remind me about my past...
I am a former slave, and sometimes I forget the former part. Returning to manacles and slavery is an exploitable fear I cannot yet let go of.
I've lived so long as a slave that I've become an emotional eunuch. My heart still beats, but it doesn't function like everyone else's. I have trouble forming emotional connections to people and it is painful...and not the good kind of painful, either.


Blonde hair falls down to her waist, in a combination of soft waves and tiny, intricate braids she taught herself to do. Blue eyes peer out of soft, pretty features that belie the two decades she's spent in slavery, transferred from one owner to another. She bears no brand or tattoo of ownership, but does carry the scars of a life lived under manacles - the skin of her wrists and ankles are marred from having manacles welded closed around them, and across her lower back is the long twisted scar from a lightwhip. She prefers to remain as covered up as the weather will allow, and will rarely, if ever, allow her scars to be seen, never mind touched.



Born on Dathomir to a clan she cannot recall and a planet she only barely remembers, Zhai's only solid memory of home is the sensation of comfort and warmth she felt amidst the rancors and their young. She remembers being kidnapped, though the faces of her abductors are indistinct in her memory, and the feel of the first set of manacles that were fitted to her tiny wrists and ankles.

She spent two decades as a slave, traded and sold from owner to owner, being sent from world to world. Some few treated her well, most treated her as the chattel she was and used her as they saw fit. There was little she wasn't forced to do and endure, and it led to her shutting most of herself away in her mind in an effort at self-preservation. Upon the death of her current owner, she was shipped off to Ryloth to a slave camp to discharge his debt. It is here that she's been for the better part of a year, keeping to herself, and waiting for an opportunity to escape.


The Monstrous One
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The Monstrous One
Quietus said:
I love meeting more me’s. Nice bio.
Well, clearly more of your style of perfection can't be a bad thing, right? ;) And thank you kindly.

Darkhold said:
Being honest, because I drink so much I see doubles of [member="Quietus"] all of the time. Nice bio [member="Zhai'ellev"], I could never make a bio look that pretty. :)
Thank you for the lovely compliment ^_^


The Monstrous One
-nods politely at [member="Kamon Vondiranach"]- The gentleman makes an excellent point.

[member="The Matador"], Master Vondiranach is correct. There are many kinds of strength. I am disappointed that you seem to insist that my stature is a detriment to my strength in any way. I would have thought one such as yourself to be more enlightened...but alas, it seems I am mistaken.
I was speaking on purely physical terms. Low weight is factually detrimental to strength.
I have no doubt you are quite formidable in various other ways.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]
And, the force has its limits. It is the same as any other muscle, all of which are important. Shouldn't substitute one for another when you can just have both.

Has nothing to do with 'enlightenment'.

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
*shakes head* Musculature is also tied to body structure, and quite frankly that weight at her height isn't that low. And given the serious strength of the Matukai, she can more than compensate for your perceived lack of physical strength via the Force. She's not substuting. Shes Dathomiri.

[member="The Matador"]