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Character Zak Dymo

Squid Kid


Name: Zak Dymo
Wanted For: Noise Violations in 12 Systems
Silver Jedi Concord
Race/Species: Nautolan
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 150cm
Weight: 40 kg
Skin Tone: Moss green, with emerald green speckling
Eye Color: Black, with smokey gray swirls
Hair Color: N/A
Build: Youngling (Slim/Athletic)
Caer Reef, Commenor
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force User Ranking: Padawan Menace
Force Order:
Commenor Jedi Enclave
Theme: Whatever It Takes [Miss Congeniality Mix]
Voice Sample: Jacob Hopkins

[ + ] Child Mage. Able to use the Force. Not well, but able.

[ + ] Amphibian Adaptation. Excels in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

[ + ]
Theme Music Power-Up (In-Universe Soundtrack). Zak finds his connection to the Force through music, as a result he frequently has a music player with him, and his style of combat closely resembles artistic dance.

[+/-] Curious as a Monkey (Tactile Learner). Zak doesn't learn by reading or observing, he needs to physically participate in the learning experience. This actually causes him to get into a fair bit of trouble in traditional Jedi education systems based on meditative introspection or philosophical debate.

Ace In A Black Hole. Knows how to pilot. Not well, but has a learner's permit.

[ - ]
Don't Stop The Music. Anything that interrupts or separates Zak from his music will have the effect of breaking his concentration.

[ - ] Attention Deficit...Oh, Shiny! A nerf has a better attention span.

[ - ] Just a Kid. He has no idea what he's doing.

An amphibian boy with moss green skin that is marked by a speckling of emerald green spots across the bridge of his nose, rather like freckles on a human. He has 14 tendrils that hang from the crown of the cranium, decorated with reed rings. He prefers to go barefoot when practical.

Alignment: Light
Class/Subclass: Jedi Guardian
Lightsaber: Riptide
Crystal: Greater Krayt Dragon Pearl
Blade Color: White
Primary Form: Form II Makashi
Influences: Form I Shii-cho | Form V
Djem So
Known Masters: Nefertari Sovint Nefertari Sovint Matsu Ike Matsu Ike
Philosophy: Zak is an active, tactile learner who has difficulty with sitting still, inside voices, or quietly observing something. He wants to be a participant, or to be doing something. Thus, he more readily finds his connection to the Force when engaged in a kinetic activity, such as lightsaber practice, vice a relaxed activity, such as quiet meditation (in which he's more likely to fall asleep or just be bored). Zak's exposure and interest in the various styles and forms of lightsaber combat, and his inherent imagination, give him a unique insight into what applications of form and theory may be best applied to a particular weapon.

Notable Inventory
Padawan Jet Robes
Riptide, the Lightsaber of Zak Dymo

J-2 Jedi Interceptor Whãnau

A young Nautolan born into the diaspora caused by the devastation of Glee Anselm at the hands of the Sith, Zak hails from the refugee city of Caer Reef on the planet Commenor. Discovered to be a Force Sensitive at a young age, Zak was apprenticed to the Jedi Order and was cared for by the adherents at the Jedi Enclave of Commenor. He has recently begun his training as a padawan learner.
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