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Your Character's Voice

If your character was going to be in a animated Star Wars media (ae video game, tv show, or movie) who would be the voice actor to play them?

I have two...

Onyx (pre-burns) would be voiced by Troy Baker

Onyx (now Burned Man) would be voiced by Keith Szarabajka

Steph Zenima

Probably me.

If I was super drunk.

With a mouth full of marbles.

While pretending to be a cross-breed of Glaswegian and Aberdonian.

Steph Zenima

I like to think gargling marbles will add that effect without ruining years of dentistry. :p


Mr. Dizzy Man
Sorin Vanado: Voice of Jeff Nimoy when he voiced Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Dumah Zohar: Voice of Richard Cansino when he voiced Legato Bluesummers.

Vuk Geroya: Voice of Richard Epcar when he voiced Takeda Shingen.

Eruna Delmarra

Twi'lek Sith
I can't remember her name but she did the voice of Lil and Dil from Rugrats and she did a lot of SWTOR voices, she'd be best for Eruna.

Azara, of course, would be voiced by Tara Strong.